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This is a page dedicated to notable Dioane across the Orion Spur. These are the most influential and important individuals whose actions impact the Dioane and its history at large.

Biesel Choir

These gestalts are relevant to the Biesel Choir.

Connected to the Blossoms Beyond

Supposedly born on 16th August 2368

Connected to the Blossoms Beyond (Connected to the Blossoms Beyond reaching to the Eternal) is the High-Overseer of the Eternal faith, based within the Eternal Temple on Biesel.

Connected to the Blossoms Beyond comes from quite a rather distinct lineage - one considered to be the eldest of the entirety of the SASV Ophion. Supposedly capable of being traced back almost six or seven millennia, where seniority is a species concept that is respected by all, it was inevitable that Blossoms would rise and accomplish what they have.

Their formative years were spent gather support, and funds, for the creation of the Eternal Temple whilst on New Gibson - but after resettling themselves to Biesel. The six-decade-long construction efforts would eventually come to head in 2431 CE and thus push the Argus to become the leader of the entire Dionae community of Biesel. Considered a loving, extremely respected and well-liked Gestalt, they are known to be extremely pleasant and hospitable, being well versed in cross-species communication and speaking all known common languages fluently.

Hope of Starlight

Born on 8th July 2434, died 12 December 2459

A former Sentinel of the Biesel Choir Chaa’shh’sha’shu, Hope of Starlight was immortalised as a key example of falling into the Schh’aah’shu or “Rebel Path.” After they and their fellow Sentinels discovered a pirate ship smuggling stolen sapient nymphs as well as against direct instruction from the Biesel Naval Authorities alongside Eternal Overseers, the argus Hope of Starlight split into three split partners and raided the ship, triple-handedly killing all crew and rescuing all 100 nymphs at the cost of their own life, with two split partners being killed neutralising the pirate crew and the last being eliminated by Biesel Dock Authorities for being armed and dangerous. Generally perceived as an example of Sh’shu or “Bad Blooded” behaviour by most Dioane, the more rebellious gestalts secretly venerate Hope of Starlight as getting things done when no one else will.

Rationing Knowledge of Embodied Sanguis

Born 1st June 2290

Rationing Knowledge of Embodied Sanguis (Rationing Knowledge of Embodied Sanguis spread across the Void) was necessary for the formation of the Blood Buddy Organisation - one designed to increase the knowledge of Dionae across the Orion Spur through various different methods but most notably through the use of 'Blood Educating'.

Known to be incredibly intelligent, the Argus has managed to succeed in all avenues - even going to far as to travel across the entirety of the Orion Spur to garner additional samples of the Blood Market. Most notably, they have a close relationship with Zeng-Hu President Hou Hsiao-Li.

Sorrow and Apathy

Born on 2nd February 2444

A musician and producer. Allegedly a former Dominian Harvest Dionae, Sorrow is famous for their music which is described as new wave “nymph-wave”. Usually sung in rootsong, the music tends to be catchy and somewhat mournful with the lyrics covering themes of hopelessness and loss. A citizen of Biesel, a follower of the Eternal and a supporter of Dionae rights, Sorrow has been known to take a fatalistic, cynical view towards existence and the place of Dionae within the galaxy, famously quoted as saying “[the other species] will never understand or care to understand us. We’ll always be barely above animals in their eyes. Snowdrops in a midsummer garden.”

The Spirits of the Oasis

These gestalts are relevant to the Spirits of the Oasis.

Tranquil Companion Embracing the Weeping Souls in a Blanket of Purity and Love

Born in early Versakh 2451

Tranquil Companion Embracing the Weeping Souls in a Blanket of Purity and Love (referred to as Taarazi) are an infamous legend that has reached far and wide across the Moghesian wasteland. Considered one of the first Argus' discovered in the wasteland, but after a period of study in regards to the Dionae, High Priest Unzi declared the species to be sacred to the Sk'akh followers.

Labs of Xrim

These gestalts are relevant to the Overgrown Labs of Xrim.

Traverses Through The Dank Ruins Of Fallen Cities (Cont.)

Born 12th December 2301

Traverses Through The Dank Ruins Of Fallen Cities (Traverses Through The Dank Ruins Of Fallen Cities In Solemn Memory Of The Bygone Days Of A People Whom Have Learned Much Through The Pain Of Loss) spearheaded the formation of a sub-representative class of the Jargon Federation, comprised of only Dionae. They continue to garner support in hopes of increasing the responsibility given to the Dionae sub-representatives.

They are known for their compassion, and their unique perspective to the Jargon Federation, going as far to tour the fallen cities of Qerrbalak, as well as hosting various memorials for those lost to the tyrannical intelligence, Glorsh-Omega across the Orion Spur. They currently have dedicated their entity of interest to the planet of Ouerea and routinely conduct their duties from the surface.