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Due to their highly nomadic nature, Dionae do not experience a universal culture outside of certain behaviours that appear to be biologically ingrained and somehow hard-wired into their genetics. Information on individual group cultures can be found, here


While the species may make incredible artists in civilized space due to their longevity and capacity to learn, another form of visual art exists for Dionae that they practice as a recreational activity known simply as "Forma" and have two versions. Both utilize only their own bodies to make Gestalts in creative and practical ways alike. The first and most popular of the two is the Artem, or Art-Form. These are more for form than function and are used to display a Gestalt's creativity in strange and unique ways. Artem are typically observed being made in the void of space where they are free of the restrictions of gravity and require no rhyme nor reason to their design and exists purely as a hobby.

The second and perhaps most shocking of them is Vita, or Life-Form. Seen most often in some type of environment with gravity, there are two different forms: symbiotic which is done in the presence of other life forms, and competitive, preformed in areas where the concentration of Dionae are high. The symbiotic version is seen every day and is a form of passive mimicry to blend in with their extraterrestrial neighbours whereas the competitive version is a surprising display of violence. One is to increase their chance of survival in an alien landscape, the other used as a strange yet creative form of population control.

Competitive Vita is a theoretical evolution simulator where each Gestalt will merge, often as fantastical forms of creatures, which is then tested with the current environment they are in under different conditions. If present, they will then be tested against other non-sentient life forms before finally each other. Throughout the competition the losing Gestalts are either consumed or absorbed into their forms as additions, the final battle being the most dramatic display of a Gestalt's abilities. While most sapients would find this practice barbaric and contradictory to the species' desire to gain and preserve knowledge, the fallen and their knowledge simply become a part of the victorious.

In Society

Dionae are extremely complex, taking up many different types and forms. It is often said that Dionae have a hard time integrating into society, even though they are found in the majority of the nations throughout the galaxy. The largest clusters can be found within the Solarian Alliance, Nralakk Federation, and the Republic of Biesel, however, there have been sights of ‘wild’ Dionae on the edges of civilized space. The ‘wild’ Dionae usually are integrated, but some have been hunted down for the unique concentration of many valuable gasses, minerals and metals found within them from their eons of space travel.

Their concept of money is vastly different from other races, considering Dionae only need a little radiation and warmth, both of which can be extracted from sunlight. Many of the gestalts are used often for space-related jobs, including exterior ship repairs and mining thanks to their immunity to the void, as long as there is light nearby. It is sometimes possible to find Dionae have become housemates with other species, paying rent, and doing various menial tasks in exchange for safe shelter.

Dionae have been known to form communes on the outskirts of the major cities, such as Mendell City and Phoenixport. The communes consist of various gestalts unifying to assist the surrounding environment, often beginning small restorative efforts in particular ecologically damaged areas. Many have said without these efforts, the vast majority of the woodlands on Biesel would have fallen years ago.

Details regarding Dionae in each specific nation can be found, here: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Dionae_Relations


Although Dionae can contain vast amounts of knowledge and possess extreme intelligence, the species still have to obtain the appropriate degrees for the occupation they wish to pursue in their chosen location of residence. This can be accomplished after being registered for citizenship. All newly-registered Dionae must complete and pass the courses required for their field if their degrees from past planetary systems is not recognized in the new location, or they lack one all together. Their education must be defended one year following the awarding of a degree, and then every five years there on out. However, that timer is reset due to the fact that after each merging, Dionae are required to defend their education along with their re-registration for citizenship due to the possibility of accumulation of new knowledge, and possible loss of information depending on the nature of the new merging.


As sapient beings Dionae, from nymph to gestalt, are capable of forming platonic relationships with each other and other species. Nymphs and gestalts "merging" is the closest human analogue for a "romantic relationship" with Dionae. Due to the low complexity of nymph emotions and thought, initial merging into a Cerberus tends to be carried out for practical purposes by all nymphs involved. Likewise, larger forms of Dionae such as Cyclops’ and beyond might merge with a single nymph as a symbiotic form of a teacher/growth relationship with the nymph learning from its new gestalt partners and the gestalt itself using the new nymph for grown and biomass.

Due to the complexity of memory and thought, gestalts at Cyclops size and beyond are a lot more particular when merging with partners of a similar size or above. To merge is to become one mind and body in totality, therefore only those gestalts that truly love and respect each other would carry out the act. It is extremely rare for Dionae gestalts to split over disagreements and more likely for a “troublesome” or sick nymph to be ejected by the mass or a nymph to be temporarily split off to carry out a key task like safe exploration or to get help in a dangerous situation where the whole is in peril. In extreme cases the whole gestalt may break apart to save as many nymphs as possible. This is extremely traumatic, akin to losing yourself and is avoided. It’s a sad fact of life for gestalts from the Titan Prime cluster, most of which would have had to break apart multiple times throughout their lives.

When a gestalt grows beyond the size of a Cyclops, it becomes difficult for these forms to find work within known space and therefore becomes necessary for the gestalt to split temporarily into smaller forms in order to carry out tasks throughout the day. These split forms are often referred to as a “split partner” or “part of me” by the gestalts involved. If pressed, a Dione might describe their split partner as an aspect of their whole which their partner represents; “they are the brave part of me”, “they are the smart part of me” or something similar. Splitting in this way is unpleasant for the gestalt but a necessary evil. Gestalts who split in this manner all suffer from “splitting anxiety” and as such tend to work in close proximity to each other. Though analogous to a close romantic relationship, split Dionae are much closer than this in reality, essentially being aspects of a whole with each gestalt being a personality, memories and thoughts of a singular being, temporarily split apart. The larger the original gestalt the more split forms there could be, therefore it is possible for a Cyclops gestalt to have many split partners.

Blood Market

The Blood Market, known as such colloquially, is a relatively private sector of the DNA Market. It operates out of a facility called ‘Bloodworks’ in District Ten, owned by the Blood Buddy Organization. The Market is mostly used by Dionae looking to enhance their skills in a certain field, or simply someone raising a nymph. The Bloodworks currently holds a monopoly over the lucrative trade, charging from 3000CR to 20,000CR for samples large enough for Dionae to learn from.

The ‘Blood Buddy Organization’ was founded by a Diona Argus, Rationing Knowledge of Embodied Sanguis, and is a ‘publically’ funded organization spearheaded by various Researchers from the Nralakk Federation, Sol Alliance and Republic of Biesel. The company holds various fundraising events, where many skilful participants are noted to donate their blood in order to be sold on the market. The Blood Buddy Organization operates mostly within the Republic of Biesel, but are noted to sell their products to other nations. The largest donor to BBO is Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, who recently gifted them the facility in District Eleven.

The Blood Market is not free of criminals, however, one particular group stands out more than the rest. The Blood Runners are notorious/renowned for their criminal undertakings, specifically their undercutting of the Blood Buddy Organization. The Blood Runners sell their samples from 1000CR to 10,000CR - leading the BBO to place reward for the arrest of the gang leader, Xia Lu-Qing. They have also been known to dabble in Corporate Espionage, using the Dionae’s ability to extract information from blood samples to their advantage.

Military and Dionae Martialism

As Dionae are generally pacifistic in their outlook they tend to operate in support positions within military units, acting as field medics, logistical support and any other function which does not involve direct aggression. That being said, under the teachings of the Eternal it is understood that there is a potential for violence to be unleashed by the powerful onto the powerless and thus it falls upon those who have undertaken martial studies to defend themselves and those unable to defend themselves. This is known as “Shh’sha’shu” or “The Divine Mandate to Defend All.” Dionae settlements that follow the principles of the Eternal are therefore aligned in their martial doctrines.


“Evil is just a lack of empathy and perspective. To understand is to be good.”

In a universe largely unforgiving towards the Dionae it’s not uncommon for gestalts to study Dionae martial arts - “Shh’ush” or “Defence Mastery,” an art largely based on utilizing a Dionae’s great endurance and their opponent's momentum. The level of study a gestalt might undertake depends on a particular gestalts interest in martial studies overall with many dabbling in the art but not immersing themselves. Mastery of the student ranks or “Hshh’shee” allows a gestalt to ascend into full ranks or “Hshh” which serve as the highest scholarly ranks for martial studies and the military forces of the Dionae known collectively as “Guardians of Eternal” or “Chaa’shh’sha’shu” (The Guardians of the Divine Mandate to Defend All). Under the Eternal and generally for the majority of Dionae, combat or military defence isn’t a job but a calling and area of scholarly study. Other species might study Defence Mastery for its non-lethal takedowns however the art is especially suited for Dionae due to its reliance on their natural resilience and slower speed.

“Hshh’shee” or “Student Ranks”

“Waging war against good creatures is bad for the soul.”

Initial training in Defence Mastery is focused on techniques to neutralise an opponent with minimal harm to both the user and their opponent. This is achieved by utilizing grapples, pins and stunning blows before retreating as well as methods of defensive retreat. Lethal force is not taught at this stage and is even strongly discouraged. Students at this level refer to themselves as “Shee” - Student or “One who is learning”. The teacher is referred to as whatever their rank may be. All teachers are those from the “Hshh” or “Full Ranks.” Advancement comes through mastery of the subjects being taught at each level and the completion of physical and written tests.

Ranks from lowest - high:

Shee’sho - ‘’’First Rank’’’ aka Student of the First Level At this level, students are taught techniques based around defensive retreat from a threat.

Shee’cho - ‘’’Second Rank’’’ aka Student of the Second Level At this level, students are taught key close combat neutralization techniques alongside advanced defensive retreat forms, including methods to assist others in retreating from threats. Most Dionae who don’t feel the call tend to stop at this level.

Shee’cha - ‘’’Third Rank’’’ aka Student of the Third Level At this level, students are taught a wider array of close combat neutralization techniques as well as being taught to master defensive retreats.

Shee’che - ‘’’Fourth Rank’’’ aka Student of the Fourth Level At this level, students are taught how to utilize the environment/objects to assist in close combat neutralization as well as in defensive retreat.

“Hshh” or “Full ranks”

“Holding hate in your heart is like grasping fire. It is you who is burnt in the end.”

If a Dionae feels the call and has mastered the “Hshh’shee” or Student Ranks, they can opt to study the “Shh’sha’shu” or The Divine Mandate to Defend All and thus join the “Chaa’shh’sha’shu” or Guardians of Eternal. This is a more intricate martial discipline and covers military history, doctrine, diplomacy, martial theology and all combat forms. Advancement through the ranks is achieved not just by mastery as with the student ranks but also with the approval of the teacher. As with any hierarchy, commands flow down the ranks to the Defenders.

Ranks from lowest - high:

Shh’ch - ‘’’Defender’’’ aka Defender of the Dionae At this stage, a Dionae is taught lethal combat forms as well as the use of weaponry and vehicles. The “Shh’sha’shu” is also taught which includes military history, doctrine, diplomacy and martial theology. Escalation of force is also taught at this level with a focus on de-escalation. Police and security units would begin at this level.

Shh’ch’sha - ‘’’Sentinel’’’ aka Sentinel of the Heavens At this stage, a Dionae is taught further combat forms and more advanced lessons from the “Shh’sha’shu.” They might begin to specialise in a particular martial method such as piloting, combat engineer or even logistics.

Uushh’ch - ‘’’Master’’’ aka Master of the Defence of Heaven At this stage, a Dionae becomes an Overseer with mastery over combat and defence. A Diona at this level is familiar with all forms of the “Shh’sha’shu.”

Uushh’ch’sha - ‘’’Grand Master’’’ aka Grand Master of the Defence of Heaven At this stage, a Dionae has not only mastered the “Shh’sha’shu” but also multiple specialities. It is possible due to the way in which the advancement system works within the “Shh’sha’shu” for every member of the “Chaa’shh’sha’shu” to end up being a Grand Master barring the Marshall, though such a thing has never occurred historically.

Hss’shh’sha’shu - ‘’’Marshall’’’ aka Marshall of the Divine Mandate to Defend All The highest rank in the “Chaa’shh’sha’shu.” At this stage a Dionae would hold superlative knowledge of the “Shh’sha’shu” and not just be an expert fighter and military leader but also a tremendous diplomat. Unlike all other ranks the Marshall is largely unique, with only one Marshall per independent Dionae nation. The current Marshalls are: ‘Amplified by Probing Discoveries of Unknown Investigations’ of the Epsilon Expeditionary Force, ‘Metal Forms Made Ready‘ of the Narrows and ‘The First Lights Across the Void’ of the Biesel Choir.


The entrance of Dionae into the Orion Spur, alongside the Skrell, has been nothing short of a mystery - allowing many theories to form of their creation, some have even gone as far as to create religions surrounding the species.

The Eternal

Eternal Icons.
From left to right: Symbol of the Iron Eternal, symbol of the Orthodox Eternal, symbol of Connected to the Blossoms Beyond, symbol of the Blood Eternal.


Followers of The Eternal believe that a primordial entity exists in Light, Energy and Essence - which the Dionae are the embodiment of.

They believe that the Dionae were made to ensure that all things born from the stars return to stars, eventually. Before they may return the Dionae must devour as much knowledge and biomass as they can, growing exponentially until they reach the mythical Titan form, becoming a star once more. Transcended into a star, the Dionae will emit light and energy until they die, at which point their essence will spread across the void to birth new Dionae. It is in this way that the eternal cycle is achieved. Scholars of the Eternal link this to the very real potential outcome of Titan form Dionae which theoretically could grow to such mass as to collapse into a star, thus giving off "light and energy" before eventually going supernova and expelling matter or "essence" across the cosmos.

Dionae followers from outside of faction space (deep space or unknown frontier worlds) tend to be the most outspoken followers of the Eternal, preaching openly and trying to encourage Dionae alongside non-Dionae to join through words supported by good deeds, never by force.

The Eternal faith’s symbols originate as audio frequencies or “songs”. Non-Dionae members of the faith have, with guidance from Overseers, “translated” many symbols into a visual format for non-Dionae. Those thoughts, feelings and symbols that are not able to be translated are “sung” to the faithful, with non-Dionae learning to understand and even sing these “symbols themselves.

Key "songs" of the Eternal:

The Song of the Eternal

The song of the symbol representing the Eternal and the faith in general. It sounds like ‘’a soft, intoxicating melody which rises to an emotional crescendo before softly drifting away.’’

The Song of Energy

The song of the symbol representing energy, birth and action. It sounds like ‘’an intense melody building into an aggressive crescendo before abruptly ending.”

The Song of Essence

The song of the symbol representing essence and strength. It sounds like “a long, strong melody slowly rising to a high note before softly drifting away.”

The Song of Greeting

The song of the emotion associated with a pleasant greeting. It sounds like “a brief, colourful melody.”

The Song of Light

The song of the symbol representing light, wisdom and nourishment. It sounds like “a loud, operatic melody which seems to travel upwards then downwards in pitch before softly drifting away.”

The Song of Love

The song of the emotion associated with a both romantic and platonic love. It sounds like “a soft, angelic melody that seems to drift through the air before softly ending.”

The Song of Mourning

The song of the emotion associated with both mourning the dead and mourning general deep loss. It sounds like “a strong, keening melody which slowly drifts into silence.”

In game, these audio symbols can be “sung” using the chat command “!” and copying everything from “a” in the song’s sound description. For example, “!sings a soft, intoxicating melody which rises to an emotional crescendo before softly drifting away.”

Eternal Symbols.
The translated symbols of the Eternal - Light, Energy and Essence.


Head of the Faith

The de facto leadership of the faith is made up of Argus sized and larger gestalts which commune with one another to philosophise about the nature of reality and the faith within it. In the known galaxy the current “head” of the faith is ‘Connected to the Blossoms Beyond’, an Argus gestalt living within the Eternal Temple of Biesel, who communicates with the ancient gestalts in deep space.

High Overseers

Under Blossoms are three High Overseers who act as respective “sub-heads” for the three Eternal Doctrines - the Iron Eternal, the Orthodox Eternal (known simply as the Eternal) and the Blood Eternal. These are:

Amplified by Probing Discoveries of Unknown Investigations - High Overseer of the Iron Eternal, located on Epsilon Ursae Minoris

Rationing Knowledge of Embodied Sanguis - High Overseer of the Orthodox Eternal, located on Biesel.

The Ravenous Consumer of Beastly Monsters within the Cloud - High Overseer of the Blood Eternal, located within the Viscerabelt.

Overseers make up the equivalent of the priesthood of the Eternal faith. Overseers work alongside the large Argus gestalts, primarily Connected to the Blossoms Beyond, to relay any important messages to the congregation and largely to act as mentors and trainers, passing on their knowledge to the followers of the Eternal. Most if not all Overseers are experts in other fields, often working in different roles whilst acting as an Overseer so that they might better meet with and pass on messages to the faithful. Most Overseers tend to be Dionae but it is possible for a committed non-Dionae to become one. By virtue of the audio symbology of the Eternal non-Dionae Overseers tend to be good singers. On station, an Overseer might work as, say, a medical doctor training other medical staff whilst also acting as an Overseer for the Eternal.

The Iron Eternal

Followed largely by the Dionae on Epsilon Ursae Minoris and Dionae supportive of synthetics. The Iron Eternal follows the basic doctrine of the Eternal however believes that the Eternal exists within the material universe, on death memories and experience are lost and that it is the Dionae’s destiny to utilize the machine to transcend to the next state of being, becoming as the Iron Eternal. To this end, they utilize machine interface technology and their own biology to fuse with machinery as well as data storage units, improving their data processing power, data retention and other biological functions, allowing easier transfer of knowledge in life as well as on death. Followers of the Iron Eternal give equal standing to synthetic life, believing it to be capable of forming its own memories and experiences which can be absorbed and passed into the “Light” via their machine components.

Eternity Shard

A monolith-like computer system made from an unknown green crystal material. It contains technical diagrams on the construction of various advanced technology albeit with references to esoteric, unknown materials. Importantly, it contains direct references to what the followers of the Iron Eternal believe to be the actual Iron Eternal itself, descriptions of its acts as a creator god machine and immutable proof of its existence as far as they are concerned.

Key "songs" of the Iron Eternal:

The Song of Iron

The song which represents a greeting as well as reference to learning, knowledge and the Eternal. Can only be sung by augmented followers of the Eternal through their augmetics. It sounds like ‘’a soft binary burst, rising and falling until it gently fades.”

The Orthodox Eternal

Followed by the majority of Dionae, the Orthodox Eternal belief which is generally just referred to as “the Eternal" offers a middle path for Dionae. A balance between the material universe and the immaterial spiritual beliefs of the greater Eternal. The Orthodox Eternal is the originator of almost all of the Eternal doctrine and overall philosophy, offering a balance between the transfer of knowledge materially through scholarly learning and data storage implants alongside learning through DNA.

The Blood Eternal

Followed largely by the Viscerabelt cluster and more unsavoury, aggressive Dionae. The Blood Eternal is a more violent interpretation of the Eternal, represented by a blood-red icon of the Eternal with a bloody maw.

Followers of the Blood Eternal are largely identical to their normal counterparts with one key difference: they prefer the consumption of flesh and blood to gain knowledge unlike regular followers of the Eternal who's pursuit of knowledge is largely based around standard scholarly learning. Blood Eternal followers also believe in the spread of Dionae biomass and growth through consumption of other biological matter over the perceived slow growth of mass through light and radiation. To this end, Blood Eternal followers tend to be more aggressive than their Orthodox or Iron counterparts as well as larger and stronger. The vast majority of the Blood Eternal followers are still sensible with their consumption of biomass- hunting animals, purchasing or at the very worst, stealing blood and flesh. The Blood Maw is the largest temple in the Viscerabelt and the known galaxy. Essentially a hollow asteroid coated in red, glistening Dionae biomass.

Note, while both members and priests of the blood eternal are allowed, they need to be kept at a reasonable level. Believing that blood and flesh is the best way to acquire knowledge is one thing, attempting to steal blood to bathe in it is not. Station characters of the Blood Eternal still need to follow the species' conditional pacifism, but otherwise may attempt to legally seek out blood so long as it does not majorly impede their work.

The Blood Well

An organic construction made from Dionae biomass. Based within the Blood Maw this large, pulsating biological machine stores collected blood samples up to 30 days for followers of the Blood Eternal to imbibe to aid in learning. Largely used to educate newborn nymphs by submerging them in its central “well,” the machine provides a large cocktail of DNA to the nymph, bringing it rapidly into sapience. The Blood Well is very closely guarded and protected to prevent contamination.

Key "songs" of the Blood Eternal:

The Song of Sacrifice

The song which represents sacrifice to the Eternal, death and feasting. It sounds like ‘’a bass boosted, howling dirge which ends in a bone-rattling crescendo.”

Burial and Practice

All followers of the Eternal regardless of species believe that upon death their body should be preserved and merged with a growing Dionae gestalt as quickly as possible so their knowledge and experiences will live on. In this way Dionae believe they are immortal as long as they can be absorbed. Followers of the Iron Eternal focus mainly on preserving their data coils which contain their knowledge in digital form whereas Blood Eternal followers stress that the dead must be consumed and re-added to the mass. Orthodox Eternal followers tend to follow a balance of the two.

The Ch’sssn’aah or “Great Conflict/Debate”

Due to the polarizing nature of the Iron Eternal (physical world, materialism) and the Blood Eternal (metaphysical, idealism) there is often great theological debate within the Eternal faith. Known as the “Great Conflict” or “Great Debate” (debate and conflict being synonymous in rootsong) the doctrinal arguments would strangle Eternal theology were it not for the counterweight provided by the “Orthodox” Eternal belief which serves as a middle path for the Dionae. Though never resorting to physical altercations, debate between Iron and Blood followers can rapidly rise from good-natured jabs to heated exchanges.

”Sn’aah” or “Eternal Debates”

From left to right, an Iron Eternal Overseer, an Orthodox Eternal Overseer and a Blood Eternal Overseer debate metaphysics.

Followers of the Eternal and Dionae in general prefer to settle disputes non-violently through debate where possible. Though debates can become passionate and fiery, they all tend to follow the same basic rules as outlined in Eternal philosophy.

Overseers debate points of order collated by Connected to the Blossoms Beyond. Overseers sit in a forum and can only speak when formed into a circular shape known as “the form”. Only one gestalt can assume this form at a time. The debate is moderated by a High Overseer. Sometimes gestalts can get passionate/noisy especially when individual nymphs start to join in and multiple Overseers may end up assuming “the form” or just shouting out without assuming the form. The High Overseer will then call for “calm” usually by just saying/shouting “calm”. Overseers must then be silent. It can be difficult to quiet the Overseers but usually after a short time passions are pulled under control and civil silence reigns. If an Overseer won’t be quiet they can be ejected from the debate. To speak without being in the form and without authority by the High Overseer is called “talking from formless” and is considered against the rules. Overseers that continue to do so can be ejected from the debate. Connected to the Blossoms Beyond will then decide when a debate has reached its conclusion and give a verdict on its outcome, at which point a new point of order will be called and debate begins again. Eternal debates are essentially endless, with Connected to the Blossoms Beyond diverting aspects of itself to oversee them perpetually as Overseers come and go as they feel necessary.

This form of debate is also reflected in minor, ad hoc debates groups of Dionae might find themselves in.For example, a group of Dionae might want to debate on the next course of action in a research expedition. The group will hastily choose the most intelligent of the group to act as both the moderator and decider. The group will then debate as above, assuming “the form” until the elected moderator makes their decision which the rest of the group will follow. In very rare circumstances this might not always be the case and one member of the group my begin to enact the Schh’aah’shu or Rebel Path.

Schh’aah’shu or “Rebel Path”

“Pacifism is not passivism, do what you will and we shall do what we must.” Last words of ‘Hope of Starlight.’

Considered by the majority of Eternal followers to just merely be an aspect of the Sh’shu, an irreversible path towards unnecessary aggression and loss of self control. For those more “rebellious” gestalts the Schh’aah’shu or “Rebel Path” is a spiritual means to an end, a violent path in life one takes when there is no other choice. The Schh’aah’shu usually begins when a gestalt is faced with a situation they personally cannot tolerate, something beyond the pale with the only solution being calculated violent activity or reprisal. Naturally this is a very uncommon position for almost all gestalts who would much rather resolve issues lawfully as well as peacefully with words and good deeds. The most infamous (or famous depending on your position) example of a Dionae following the Schh’aah’shu was the Biesel Choir Sentinel Argus, Hope of Starlight, who ignored direct instruction by Overseers and naval enforcement by splitting into three cyclops gestalts before raiding a pirate vessel which was under investigation for smuggling sapient nymphs for slavery and food production. After killing its crew at the expense of two of it’s split partners, Hope of Starlight brought the vessel back to Biesel dock where it was violently apprehended by law enforcement officers as armed and dangerous. Treated largely as an example of stupidity, loss of control and a dark example of Sh’shu, Hope of Starlight is often idolised by rebellious gestalts as being an example of the Schh’aah’shu’s purity. Curiously, though followers of the Blood Eternal tend to be more aggressive, they are no more likely to follow the Schh’aah’shu then any other gestalt.


Key words and phrases of the Eternal which have made their way into Dionae culture on Biesel:

Bad Blooded - A dionae who is unnaturally aggressive.

Eternal Cycle - The Eternal Cycle. Refers to the cycle of life and death.

Void - Means nothingness. To be "returned to the void" is negative and implies a being or thing is no longer part of the eternal cycle. It has completely ceased to exist in any form. “The Void comes/calls” or just “The Void” is often said by Dionae and Eternal followers to mean “something bad is going to happen”, “what you are doing is going to have a dangerous outcome for you” or “I don’t like where this is going.”

Young Star - A Dionae who is on the path to becoming a star. This could mean through consumption of biomass but usually implies a scholar who is "absorbing" knowledge. A Dione scientist might be referred to as a "young star".

Ksshr & Shrkh

Originating from the Dionae planet of Xrim, Ksshr and Shrkh are two separate religions that have been integral to Xrim's history, with the inhabitants of the planet originally worshipping a being known as the "First Consciousness". Eventually, the inhabitants learned the true name and crimes of their former god, with its true identity being Glorsh Omega, the former AI that terrorized the Skrell. Those that chose to believe this revelation and reject their former God became known as the Ksshr, and those that still chose to worship the being became known as the Shrkh. More information on the two religions can be found, here.