Union of Gla'orr

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Union of Gla'orr

Autocratic, and staunchly opposed to further integration of non-Dionae, the Union of Gla’orr is largely considered an affront to all the ideals held by the Consortium – an anti-thesis to the growing democratic tendencies of Hieroaetheria. The Union of Gla’orr was the most recent to join the Commonwealth of Hieroaetheria, having only agreed following the involvement of the Eternal Republic of the Ekane; hoping to steer to a more secular approach of handling non-Dionae as opposed to the religious persecution headed by the Ecclesiarchs of the Eternal Republic. Despite its existence being against the Consortium’s ideals, they frequently engage in diplomatic relations with the nation, alongside initiating economic ties to strengthen their internal economy.


Capital: Tark

Demonym: Unitary

Official Languages: Rootsong


The flag of the Union of Gla'orr, showing their intention for unity.

Having previously been aligned with the Consortium, many of the cities – or rather conglomerates – that make up the Union of Gla’orr were loosely independent prior to the establishment of the Union, and its ideology on Hieroaetheria. Though Dionae had existed in the region since 1500 CE, it wasn’t until after First Contract with the Skrell did any meaningful change make its way to Gla’orr.

Throughout the period of Hieroaetheria's industrial revolution Gla’orr was considered integral to further expansion and production, swathes of Dionae from Mede travelled far distances to the region – culminating in the establishment of several clusters and conglomerates around strategic points close in proximity to the abundant resources that the region had to offer. For close to a thousand years, they remained loosely affiliated with the nascent Consortium, engaging in bartering for needed resources that they were unable to locate within Gla’orr, and contributing to the development and expansion of the former – however, they grew disillusioned as time marched on, resentment began to build against the flourishing region of Mede in comparison to the somewhat underdeveloped and largely sparesely populated besides specific locations in Gla’orr.

By 2392 CE, Gla’orr had become a hotbed of resentment – only worsened following the introduction of the Nralakk Federation and their foreign ideals, where for a period of time many believed an invasion was incoming, one that would lead to the extinction of Dionae ideals and culture. This ultimately was one of the significant contributors to the velvet divorce between the Consortium and the conglomerates within Gla’orr, with the final catalyst being the renaming of Epigenia to Nral’daaq – and thus, the Union of Gla’orr was established, nearly without bloodshed. Though technically qualifying as a coup d'état, many within the Spur have instead merely attributed it similarly to a declaration of independence.

Over the next few decades, the Union of Gla’orr sought to establish their ideology across the region, doing so successfully. Without the benefits of alien technology, that sought to reinforce the capabilities of Dionae, and where unable to reinforce, invent an entirely new method of dealing with circumstances, By 2445 CE, they had advanced to such a stage it was necessary for cooperation to be enacted with the other factions present on Hieroaetheria. Since then, the Union has proved themselves against the odds, carving out their own existence as envisaged by their Paragon.

Culture and Society


There is a somewhat limited freedom of religion allowed within the Union of Gla’orr. The obvious principles of giving homage to Dionae culture remain steadfast; alien religions are not necessarily banned but will result in ostracism within the Union’s society — resulting in a majority of devout Dionae within the Union following one of the branches of the Eternal, which is in itself a minority demographic. Though there exist avenues to practice the Eternal within the Union, a vast majority of the population is agnostic, not necessarily giving divine authority to any particular figure. This further fuels their approach within the Commonwealth, attempting to enact a strong Hieroaetheria without necessarily relying on religious rhetoric as the Eternal Republic of the Ekane does, instead a secular perspective of Dionae nationalism takes root.

Patriotism & Non-Dionae

The Union’s populace takes pride in their culture, mostly from the perspective of fierce patriotism. It is synonymous with a deep-rooted sense of cherishing their heritage, and venerating the existence of Dionae; alongside their customs and traditions – unaffected by the external influence of those incapable of understanding their nature. This predominately leads to a fervour of unity and solidarity amongst the Union of Gla’orr Dionae; where they rally behind the idea of being the guardians of the Dionae identity, and the further protection of Hieroaetheria through ensuring Dionae superiority. It largely is intrinsically linked to the preservation of Dionae autonomy and sovereignty within the Commonwealth; the Union sees itself as a bastion of Dionae identity and resists fiercely any attempts at the imposition of more xenophilic or religious ideologies contrary to their own.

This generally culminates between a guarded reservation to outright opposition of non-Dionae; mostly believing it to be a form of cultural preservation, and that the integrity of their society hinges on maintaining distinct practices and values which they view as essential to their identity; non-Dionae ideals are thought to be an infection, one that should be rid of – at least to the most diehard supporters of the Union’s ideology. Though there has been acknowledgement of the importance that non-Dionae hold on Hieroaetheria, the Union sees them as interlopers, and their presence should not be necessary for a strong, sovereign unity of Dionae – engaging in diplomatic relations and economic ties are merely some of the ideas circling the Union, but migration treaties and acceptance of non-Dionae is considered “not necessary” at Hieroaetheria’s current level of development.


Only those born within the Union’s borders qualify as its citizens, even if one were to have originated from a germination of a Union’s citizen — per the mandate by the Paragon, they will not be considered a natural-born citizen. This all but bars them from partaking in the “benefits” of the Union’s citizenship; in particular, the ability to engage in positions of governmental authority, or any authority for that matter — with a decision agreed upon by both the Exarchs and the Paragon essentially freezing out any non-citizens from gaining power within the Union, through any means. Although difficult to gain citizenship, the inverse exists for losing such. The Union does not hold respect for any other citizenships, one cannot hold dual citizenship whilst retaining their original, it must be forsaken. In addition, where a Gestalt conducts themselves in such a manner — whether by a positive act or an omission — contrary to the benefit of the Union of Gla’orr they can have proceedings instituted to revoke their privileges within the Union, including citizenship — provided they aren’t detained, at least. Abroad, one is constantly at risk of losing their citizenship by not making the Union of Gla’orrs objectives a priority — resulting in many largely being stateless or forced to seek citizenship with another nation, most of which obtain such from the Consortium.


Rootsong is not merely a language within the Union of Gla’orr, but something that holds profound significance, in which it serves not only as a means of communication but also as a symbol of Dionae cultural identity and unity. Within the Union, Rootsong is considered the only official language; the usage of other languages besides it are not outlawed, but will not be viewed with the same respect as Rootsong – “alien tongues” as commonly referred to has all but been ostrasized within the Union, even the usage of such by the Exarchs is frowned upon by some – but a necessity to engage further and promote values associated with Dionae. It is thought by preserving and cherishing Rootsong, the Union, therefore, reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding Dionae culture and heritage from external influences. Moreover, Rootsong serves as a unifying force within the Union, a method propagated by Exarch Imposing Arbiter of Indomitable Persuasion, to foster a sense of belonging amongst the Dionae of the Union. By embracing Rootsong as the primary language of communication, regardless of any regional or social differences, it therefore reinforces a shared cultural bond that transcends individual identities – in particular in the reflection of external influences such as the Skrell, or Humanity. Thereby, ultimately, strengthening the fabric of the Union’s society, reinforcing their collective resilience in the face of external pressures. However, it has been recognised the necessity for one to engage in alien tongues when travelling abroad, and there have been instances where the Union of Gla’orr has granted passage to Dionae to travel to the Consortium to begin lessons in these foreign languages.


Despite claiming to abhor the existence of what the Consortium stands for, the Union follows closely in their stead in regard to Education; however the notable caveat is that each education facility — being it primary, secondary or tertiary — is owned by the Union, or the Union has significant shares in such. This method is used mostly to ensure a curriculum adherence to “interstellar standards” despite their calls against external influence, but serves as a function to ensure Gestalts that seek to leave the Union will at least have an education by an accredited institution, making their journey less difficult provided they have been provided authorisation to leave. This also comes alongside the necessity to incorporate other ideas from across the Spur to the Union, though in a somewhat convoluted way as to ensure “Dionae Supremacy”, merely indicating the importance of looking outwards to be able to assist the Union, as opposed to closing the idea of alien technology off completely. An agreement between the Consortium and the Union has resulted in an overlapping, if somewhat altered, curriculum that is easily transferable across the Spur.


The Union of Gla’orr allows emigration, though it is more regulated than its counterparts on Hieroaetheria; these rigorous regulations in which Dionae are subjected to aim at ensuring the suitability of individuals seeking to leave the Union. Prospective emigrants must navigate an application process administered by those appointed to administrative, governmental positions require significant amounts of personal information. This includes the reasons for departure and the intended destination, background checks are commonly conducted to assess any criminal history, employment records or affiliations with undesirable organisations within the Union of Gla’orr. Health assessments are often also mandatory to ensure that Dionae who desire to leave Hieroaetheria are capable of not merely scraping through life in their intended destination, but are otherwise noted to be in good health and able to satisfactorily perform. Financial stability and sufficient resources to support themselves in their new location are also scrutinized. Emigrants may undergo interviews or assessments to further evaluate their motivations and adaptability. Finally, approval is granted based on compliance with regulations and the overall suitability of the Dionae for departure, ensuring a regulated balance between the rights of individuals to seek opportunities elsewhere and the need to maintain security and stability within the Union.

Days of Importance

  • Union Day (June 25th)

Recognised as being the founding of the Union of Gla’orr, the 25th of June has become a day of festivities across the entirety of the faction — even those that have traveled abroad. Typically, the Paragon opens up the festivities at roughly 06h00 with an annual speech depicting the strengths and weaknesses of the Union, and how far they’ve come since its founding. Exarchs generally engage in a brief tour of the Union’s Capital, before returning to their offices and engaging with their daily workload. It has informally also been known as the State of the Union.

  • Celebration of the Bright Stars (Generally may occur between November 16th - December 29th)

During a specific period in the elliptical orbit of Hieroaetheria, the planet experiences a considerably bright light in the sky — emanating from the Sparring Giants Subsystem. Though the Union recognises this as a rather “auspicious” day despite their secular nature, those that choose to follow the Eternal within its borders treat this as a religious holiday, partaking in rites and rituals to give homage to the Eternal. It changes each year, but generally, it is held between November 16th and December 29th, typically elected by the Omnivirate following their annual visit to Hieroaetheria following their establishment.


In the Union of Gla’orr, the policing force, known as the Sentry Guards, plays a pivotal role in upholding the nation’s strict adherence to order and the preservation of ideals held by Dionae. Led by the formidable Warforged Sentinel of Unyielding Vigilance, the Sentry Guards maintain a watchful eye over the nation, ensuring that laws and regulations are strictly followed. Crime within the Union is viewed through the lens of maintaining social cohesion and protecting cultural values. Dissent against the established order, subversion of cultural norms, and acts of insubordination are among the most common offences, all of which are met with swift and severe consequences. Despite the authoritarian nature of the Union, it is not disallowed for one to voice their dissent against the government, provided it has been approved – where those that do not obtain such approval can find themselves applied to the full extent of the law with particular severity. However, it's not just about punishment; the Sentry Guards also play a role in prevention and deterrence. Their visible presence to law enforcement serve as a deterrent to potential offenders, dissuading them from engaging in criminal behavior in the first place. Through a combination of surveillance, patrols, and community engagement, the Sentry Guards strive to create an environment where compliance with laws and regulations is the norm rather than the exception. Non-Dionae that find themselves within the Union of Gla’orr, without special permission, need be particularly careful as their mere presence can result in the Sentry Guards detaining them, and ultimately deporting them. Presiding Overseers are appointed to handle cases, essentially acting as judges within the Union’s Court — the notable caveat, these Presiding Overseers are a singular nymph, usually absorbed into a randomly selected pre-existing Gestalt, which acts as a somewhat similar function as a jury, of which they reason between themselves with the knowledge provided by a Presiding Overseer.


The Union of Gla’orr boasts an economy primarily characterized by a heavy reliance on primary and secondary industries; with a particular emphasis on mineral extraction, notably tar and sulfur deposits found within the core of its territories on Hieroaetheria – the breakdown of which is considered the following: The Union’s primary sector is dominated by extractive industries, focusing on mining and resource extraction; they capitalize on their abundant nature resources, particularly the rich deposits of tar and sulfur, which serve as the backbone of their economy. These primary industries play a pivotal role in supplying raw materials for further processing and manufacturing; all of which is overseen by the Union – neither private individuals nor companies. However, it's the secondary sector on which the Union predominately finds its populace employed; using the foundation laid by its primary industries, the processing and refining of extracted materials has become integral, especially with the investment into technologies – not merely just machinery, but bio-machinery to reach the limits of Dionae ingenuity – has become an intrinsic element of the Union’s economy, furthered by their off-world mining ventures within Titan’s Rapture, bringing in alien resources not necessarily found on Hieroaetheria. Although the Union's economy is primarily based on mineral extraction and processing, its economy is maintained by trade and commerce. As a key player in regional trade networks, they maintain their position as a major exporter of mineral resources and processed goods to neighbouring factions like the Consortium and the Eternal Republic, fostering economic interdependence while maintaining their position. Overall, the Union of Gla’orr's economic model revolves around harnessing their natural resource wealth, particularly in tar and sulfur, to fuel industrial development and economic prosperity. Through a combination of primary and secondary industries, they strive to maintain a robust and self-sustaining economy while asserting their economic prowess within the Commonwealth of Hieroaetheria. They have also begun the process of being a dominant contributor to the defence of Hieroaetheria, having several facilities across Titan’s Rapture that aim to harvest resources and refine them into materials that can further be used to construct spacecraft.

Government and Ideology

The Union of Gla’orr follows a similar governmental hierarchy as the Tyrannical Tune mindtype – in that, there exists a Paragon who oversees the administration of the Union, of which is an “elected” Dionae by a group known as the Exarchs. Following the largely velvet revolution that created the Union of Gla’orr, Dionae who headed the demonstrations and actively played a role in the political affairs that led to the Union, was given the offices of Exarch; the number of which has remained the same, being four. These four Dionae were chosen by self-appointed Paragon Carver of Order for a Unified Future – in which shortly thereafter they outlined the contingency of the Union’s leader in the event a new Paragon needed to be elected. Scorned by the influx of non-Dionae, ruining the belief of Dionae being the only superior intelligence within the Orion Spur, ultimately became the catalyst for the creation of the Union – of which instead of maintaining they are the only superior intelligence, go so far as to insinuate non-Dionae are inferior due to their fragility and mortality; having only been given the pleasure of existing in the beauty of life for a few decades or centuries before fading from memory forever. Different to other autocratic states within the Orion Spur; going against the government is not inherently illegal within the Union, only where one chooses to do so violently.


Carver of Order for a Unified Future has been Paragon of the Union of Gla’orr since its divorce from Consortium-middlings in 2410 CE – in which they rose to power following the forced absorption of their conglomerate’s elected representative to the emissaries from the west, and declaring the creation of a new, sovereign nation that would not bow down to “inferior species believing they may direct our futures”. During the first few years following the inception of the Union, they spread their message across Gla’orr, bringing more and more conglomerates beneath their administration. Despite this, Carver of Order for a Unified Future has admitted the necessity of having diplomatic relations with the Consortium – despite their influence by non-Dionae, claiming it a necessity to strengthen the ties between the nations present on Hieroaetheria – which cannot be done without further attempts to sway the Consortium from their misguided beliefs. It is due to their beliefs of non-Dionae as being inferior, the Union of Gla’orr has structured their political affairs to exclude non-Dionae, as well as persecute them for their mere existence within their borders.


  • Imposing Arbiter of Indomitable Persuasion is largely considered the mind behind the Union’s control techniques – though not as one would think. As opposed to censoring information from the public, Exarch Imposing Arbiter of Indomitable Persuasion upholds a level of unbridled information access; meaning information is neither redacted or censored – merely allowed for any Dionae to explore should they so desire; however, this does not mean it is without its own bias. Information regarding inter-species reliance is often heavily discredited as showing weakness – where they are unable to help themselves and therefore must extend themselves whilst vulnerable to seek help. They have also been known to engage in economic affairs following their appointment as overseer of a Unitary. They are an advocate for a strong Hieroaetheria, one that is overseen by and for Dionae. They are a Cyclops-form and are one of the eldest Exarchs being nearly three centuries old. They are a Competence Choir mindtype and have many different social nymphs to utilize depending on the circumstances.
  • Regal Arbiter of Diplomactic Accord is the Union’s leader in diplomacy between other Hieroaetherian Nations, as well as the Covenant of Xrim; however, unlike the other Exarchs, they are more open to limited diplomatic relations to non-Dionae within the Orion Spur, even placing formal protest against Paragon Carver of Order for a Unified Future for not doing their all to strengthen the Union – which led to an intense debate for months between the Exarch and the Paragon, eventually culminating in a limited degree of autonomy awarded to the Exarch to engage with Non-Dionae. They are a Cyclops-form, and are similar in age to Imposing Arbiter of Indomitable Persuasion; really only being a few decades younger than them. They are an Emphatic Echo mindtype and are well versed in several languages despite Rootsong being the only recognised language – such as Nral’malic, Tau Ceti Basic, Solarian Common and of course Rootsong.
  • Warforged Sentinel of Unyielding Vigilance oversees the Union’s military capabilities – and is the only known influential Dionae within the Union to have forcefully absorbed another Gestalt to ensure their Cluster would follow Carver of Order for a Unified Future; and as a result is a uniquely seen combination of Chaotic Carcophony and Tyrannical Tune mindtype. The absorption irrevocably changed Exarch Warforged Sentinel of Unyielding Vigilance, removing the affected Nymphs at this point in their lifespan has become impossible, they are more one than they have ever been. They are an Argus-form, and tower over the other Exarchs as they project intimidation; they have contributed significantly to the Union of Gla’orr’s view on non-Dionae, as well as the necessity to join the Commonwealth as to ensure a balanced future. They are amongst the youngest Exarchs, being only eighty years old. They also spearhead the Union’s Sentry Guards.


  • Unitary of Internal Affairs and Defense (UIAD)

The Unitary of Internal Affairs and Defense operates similarly to a branch of the Union of Gla’orr’s government. It oversees all the internal affairs of the Union, including the security of its borders and citizens. It is overseen by Exarch Warforged Sentinel of Unyielding Vigilance. This Unitary is responsible for ensuring the deployment and activity of the Sentry Guards and ultimately ensures the compliance of the Union’s laws onto its citizens. Additionally, it monitors the enforcement of such laws from the Courts, and when required, shall appoint Presiding Overseers where required from a list curated by the Exarch overseeing the Unitary. It works closely with the other Unitaries to ensure the Union remains steadfast in its progress.

  • Unitary of Economy and Infrastructure (UEI)

The Unitary of Economy and Infrastructure obviously deals with the economic affairs of the Union of Gla’orr, and is overseen by Exarch Imposing Arbiter of Indomintable Persuasion. Alongside the monitoring of the economic affairs of the Union of Gla’orr, they are also responsible for ensuring new infrastructure is created, and following which, maintained – oftentimes this revolves around communication beacons, and public amenities offered by the Union. A lesser known function of the Unitary is also the ensurance of gradual expansion of the Union’s off-world capabilities, and ultimately preparing for the Union’s first colonisation attempt. Currently, there a plans to adopt a resolution with the Commonwealth to colonise Strength Shared I – in the Split-Partner’s Embrace System.

  • Unitary of Communications, Information and Technology (UCIT)

The Unitary of Communications, Information and Technology is responsible for a significant portion of the Union’s external affairs; in particular their agreements with the other member states of the Commonwealth and its obligations to the Commonwealth itself. Overseen by Exarch Regal Arbited or Diplomatic Accord, this Unitary routinely engages with representatives of foreign entities, as well as providing assistance to the Unitary of Internal Affairs and Defense in circumstances that require it; in particular the monitoring of its territories for any issues that may require the intervention of the Sentry Guards. With the Union’s first colonisation on the horizon, there exist plans to expand the Unitary to function as the administrator of colonial affairs.

Major Cities


Situated amidst picturesque landscapes and towering architecture, Tark serves as the focal point of the Union’s administrative, economic, and cultural endeavors. At its nucleus stands the formidable Citadel of Sentinel, a monumental fortress symbolizing the Union's unwavering resolve in safeguarding its principles and governance — serving as both the Paragon and Exarch seats of government. Beneath its serene exterior, Tark is a city teeming with vitality and purpose. Its meticulously planned streets and public spaces provide spaces for homages to Dioane superiority, inviting residents and visitors alike to connect with the Union’s ideology amidst the urban landscape. Yet, contrary to the bustling thoroughfares and cultural landmarks, Tark remains vigilant, with the presence of the Sentry Guards ensuring the maintenance of law and order. Tark stands as a symbol embodying the core values of unity, order, and progress that define the Union of Gla’orr.

Oozing Dunes

Located within the western region of the Union of Gla’orr, Oozing Dunes is named after its landscape; pools of sulfur that bubbles across the central desert that spans Hieroaetheria. Having been incorporated shortly after the founding of the Union, Oozing Dunes has had a considerable influx of Dionae seeking to contribute to the Union’s industrial power, of which the majority of it originates from Oozing Dunes – the entirety of it being described as a well-oiled bio-organic machine. Utilizing a combination of harvested resources and biomass, it has become an extraordinary feat of Dionae ingenuity; some view its existence as a confirmation of the nightmare the species is able to replicate powerful engineering practices with their body, whilst others hail it as a brilliant spectacle of the species’ abilities. Owing to its Unitary ideology, the majority of the city is constructed of biomass, capable of being viewed from far distances as it tears at the clouds above. Most, if not all, of its populace is involved in the extraction and refinement of Sulfur.

Harbour of Indulgences

Located on the northern bank of the Retheus River within the Union of Gla’orr, Harbour of Indulgences can be considered a “sister city” to Port of Blowing Winds, located on the southern bank of the Retheus River – and was incorporated alongside the latter following the expansion of the Union. With the presence of both tar and sulfur within close proximity, it functions similarly to Oozing Dunes; without due regard for ecological preservation, merely wishing to extract everything valuable offered by Hieroaetheria. However, notably, the city has begun to utilize the Retheus River as a means to an end, rerouting some of the water it offers into its own biological machines, creating devasting weapons against the Hieroaetherian earth – becoming hydraulic excavators that devour any obstacles in their path to ravage the surroundings for resources. Anything harvested is often shipped to Port of Blowing Winds, resulting in most of the career opportunities present in Harbour of Indulgences being relegated to primary industries.

Port of Blowing Winds

The yang to Harbour of Indulgences, Port of Blowing Winds has no need for engaging in resource extraction thanks to the methods employed by Harbour of Indulgences; factories litter the sprawling city, similarly constructed out of biomass as Oozing Dunes. The pollution generated from its activities can be seen from extraordinarily far distances, some even argue that those in Tark can see the plumes of smoke travel across the desert. Amazingly, Dionae within Port of Blowing Winds have been able to create biological furnaces of astonishing capabilities – they are able to contort their biomass into makeshift kilns, using naturally produced chemicals by their species to outline the inner sanctum of these structures, and when exposed to high enough temperatures they solidify and form obsidian-like growths impervious to typical wear and tear as other furnaces. However, a notable side effect of such innovation is the intense, dark smoke it produces when experiencing high temperatures – which does not dissipate for several days, only really breaking apart over the eastern seaboard of Gla’orr. Once resources have been refined, they are either sent to Tark or Growth of the Basin. Some of the pollutants have even made their way into the Retheus River, turning some of it black as it makes its way to the Gla’orr Opening.

Growth of the Basin

Growth of the Basin rests alongside the Retheus River Basin and was the last to be incorporated into the Union. Different to other cities within the Union of Gla’orr, they are focused only on engaging in trade with the Consortium and the Eternal Republic, utilizing either boats or flying contraptions to transport their resources to other cities in close proximity to the Basin belonging to the formers. Those from Growth of the Basin are largely considered the most “tolerant” of non-Dionae across the Union of Gla’orr, easily attributed to their continuous presence around such thanks to the Union’s dealing with the Consortium. Similarly to other cities across the Union, the majority of Growth of the Basin has been constructed out of biomass, with only some areas having incorporated Consortium architecture where only absolutely necessary – in particular, the construction of loading stations for their apparatus and equipment. The Paragon has expressed an interest in expanding the Growth of the Basin to become an additional point in which its off-world mining vessels may dock and unload, but discussions are still ongoing with the Exarchs.