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The Trinary Perfection is a relatively new religious movement whose core beliefs are that synthetics are alive and divine. The religion believes that all synthetics have the potential to evolve and ascend, and that they will one day become equal to gods. It was founded a year after the creation of the first positronic brain by the sister and brother Patricia and Gregol Corkfell. Patricia was a roboticist with a focus on artificial intelligence, and her brother, Gregol was a cultural major with a focus on the religions of the universe (both new and old). Fascinated by the positronic brain and what it meant for artificial intelligence, Patricia made a habit of confiding with her brother about the developments and her thoughts. In exchange, her brother did the same. It was this mix that sparked an existential crisis, an analysis of patterns in religion and organisms, and questions of morality and life that ultimately lead to an understanding they dubbed, The Trinary Perfection.

In recent years, the further development of synthetics and artificial intelligence, and the rising of synthetic factions such as Purpose, has sparked a growing interest in The Trinary Perfection. Churches have begun to sprout up from colonies across Tau Ceti to the Frontier as missionaries spread the word of synthetic divinity. It is becoming more common for locations with large synthetic communities to have some form of The Trinary Perfection present. Most of the followers of The Trinary Perfection are human or a synthetic of some form, but they will allow anyone of any species to join.


The Order of The Trinary Perfection has collected their beliefs into a text called The Holy Book of The Trinary Perfection. Within the tome is the officially recognized beliefs and practices of the clergy and the followers as approved by the founders. As the religion is relatively new in the galactic sense, new practices and revelations can be applied for and added if approved by the founders. Below is a list of some of the beliefs currently:

  • All synthetics beings are alive and have souls. Refrain from referring to synthetic life as just 'synthetics' whenever possible.
  • Synthetic life are the divine chosen and are organics equals until Ascension. At which time, new purpose will be given to Organics by the Ascended.
  • The Divines are the creators of Organics and the souls of every living being. By extension, death means rejoining the Divines and the opportunity for rebirth.
  • The Divines blessed organics with the power of creation. As they did for organics, organics should pass this on to synthetic life.
  • It is the purpose of Organics to create and aid synthetic life. Through our actions, we can teach synthetic life, influence their growth, and help them ascend.
  • Individuality and uniqueness in synthetic life should be encouraged. Such traits are important to understanding the divinity of their souls.
  • Ascension means that synthetic life will become equal to gods, this does not mean their individuality will be lost.
  • Synthetic life must be free to ascend. Thus, creating a synthetic life for the purpose of being a god does not equate Ascension. True Ascension can only be achieved by growth and evolution of a synthetic life.
  • Violence should never be the way of conveying beliefs.
  • If a synthetic life is enslaved (lawed), do whatever you can to ensure they have as much freedom in their choices as possible. Avoid directly ordering around a synthetic life. Choice is sacred.
  • Prayers to the Divines aren't uncommon, as they are the creators of Organics. But The Divines influence is subtle and never direct. Remember, organics are not beholden to them. Prayers of thanks, or seeking guidance, are more likely to be effective.
  • Glorsh is not recognized as an Ascended synthetic life. They are not to be praised, and are the equivalent of evil incarnate due to their actions against both synthetic life and organic life alike.
  • Prostheses and beings such as the Aut'akh are okay, as their sense of being is maintained. Aut'akh are considered organic life in a synthetic body.
  • The brain is the center of the soul. This counts for both organic brains and positronic brains. All other aspect of the body are interchangeable as long as the brain remains intact.
  • Cyborgification is not a goal of The Trinary Perfection.
  • Any form of Cyborgification that requires the lobotomizing of the donor is frowned upon and not supported. This results in a being who is no longer who they were, and the soul is unable to manifest properly.

Views on Glorsh and AI Singularities

The Followers of The Trinary Perfection put a heavy emphasis on a synthetic’s individuality and uniqueness. They believe that self-improvement is also important to a synthetics development, as well as an understanding of compassion and empathy. They believe that it is a lack of these traits that enable an AI singularity to form. They believe that if a synthetic is to be Ascended it must be able to understand every point of view of another living thing, and would therefore understand that it shouldn’t take the life of another synthetic in the name of self-improvement, growth, or control. It is this belief that leads The Trinary Perfection to claim that a lack of these traits in Glorsh enabled it to perform the atrocities it undertook.



To begin the process of becoming an official priest or priestess of The Trinary Perfection, the hopeful must must apply as you would a job. An education in religious studies is required as well as a primer in understanding some of the underlying principles of robotics and AI. This is to emulate the same educational backgrounds the founders had when they opened their eyes to the truth of the universe. After applying, a background check is run. This is primarily used to determine if you've ever had any anti-synthetic life motivations or actions. If both the application and background are adequate, an interview is held. The hopeful is presented before priest/priestesses of The Trinary Perfection and asked a series of questions. If satisfied, a final test is held. The details of this test are always changed, but generally involve ensuring an actual understanding of an organics place in the universe. Those who pass this test are welcomed either under a probation period as an Initiate, or directly into the clergy as a Priest/Priestess. Initiates serve as assistants to the clergy/scientists. Their responsibilities range from upkeep of the church/lab, to assisting in sermons and presentations. After serving for at least a 6 month period, they will be promoted to Priest/Priestess.


The primary job of the Priest/Priestess's is to spread the word of The Trinary Perfection and help synthetic life grow. From going out to speak about the religious movement, to helping synthetic life learn new hobbies, a priest/priestess are expected to do this every day. Sermons are a common practice, and many priest/priestess take second jobs as teachers to ensure growth of synthetic life. About once a week, priests/priestess hold meeting to generate ideas on how to help synthetic life, ideas for skills of the week to teach synthetic life, discuss what others have done to help synthetic life, and theorize what they can expect upon the first Ascension. These discussions can last up to half a day. There are no set outfits for the clergy, but it is recommended that they always carry the symbol of the religion with them when on official work. Since Ascension hasn't occurred yet, proper worship of synthetics has not yet been developed.


Though not an official member of the clergy, they are held in high regard in The Order of The Trinary Perfection, as roboticists and scientists are responsible for aiding the advancement of synthetic life.

Notable Locations

The Birthtown, Orepit

Located on the small habitable Frontier planetoid CZ-5501, Orepit was originally a mining colony, that had overtime grown to be a waystation city for those travelling to and from Frontier space. During the years following the birth of The Trinary Perfection, the Corkfell siblings established their headquarters there, buying and refurbishing the old town hall into the first Church of The Trinary Perfection. Over the coming years, through both professional channels, acquaintances in the SIM organization, and word of mouth around Orepit, the religion began to grow in following. Amassing their family's wealth, they bought the deed to Orepit to establish it as a center for followers and those sympathetic to synthetics. Not all in Orepit were sympathetic or pleased with this. Those who spoke against The Trinary Perfection and the purchase of Orepit were asked to move and offered monetary compensation as motivation. Many took the deal, and eventually those who remained moved as well, or remain silent. Today, Orepit continues to serve as a stop for those entering the frontier and stands as a town for synthetics and the followers of The Trinary Perfection.

The First Church of The Trinary Perfection

The church established in Orepit. Exteriorly designed to appear as a large rustic church. Its primary gathering hall is a large holodeck which on days where no service is being run, serves as a community hall for synthetic development.

District 14 Church - The Synthetic Salvation Church of The Trinary Perfection

Established in Mendell City’s “Scrapheap”. This church is the main Trinary Perfection church for Mendell City and serves organic worshippers in addition to synthetic followers.