Tup Commandos Division

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The Jargon Federation created the Tup Commandos Division almost a hundred years ago. It is both a spy agency and a highly elite commando division. Selected from the purest breeds of Skrell, the Tup Commandos aren't trained; they're grown and bred to have incredible skill and fidelity. Given deep cover stories they can seamlessly blend into their chosen mission environment for years at a time. Despite the alliance between the Skrell and humanity, the Division and Alliance Strategic Intelligence has been fighting covert battles behind the scenes for years. The secrets of artificial intelligence were leaked to humanity years ago, and now the strides they are making in creating synthetic intelligence has terrified the Skrell species, which is still traumatized from the Three Incidents of AI singularities. With the fear of humanity's ambition creating a Fourth Incident, the Tups Commando Division have been given clearance to use any means at their disposal to destroy the progress of synthetic advancement in human space, with failure potentially bringing unthinkable consequences for the entire galaxy. . .

They were one of 5 participants in the 1st Antag Spy Contest and the 2nd Antag Contest.

Key Events

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