2nd Antag Contest

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The 2nd Antag Spy Contest is a mini-game provided to Aurora Players that uses antagonist actions on the station to advance an ongoing plot. Several spy agencies are competing to determine the fate of Synthetics in Tau Ceti, most notably IPC's. More information can be found on the forums here: http://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6553#p65024

If pro-synthetic factions win:

   1) IPC's can enter all command roles except captain.
   2) IPC's are covered under regulations same as humans; it is murder instead of sabotage because they are legally sentient.
   3) IPC's will be allowed to self-repair.

If the anti-synthetic factions win:

   1) IPC's will be barred from all command roles.
   2) Harming/destroying an IPC will only be considered sabotage under regulations.
   3) All IPC's will be tagged and collared, which will be done IC and constantly be visible through examining them.

The Contest is overseen by the Loremaster Jackboot and Head Developer Skull132.

The Rules

While the events are canon within the lore of the Aurora universe, your character does not continue to be an agent during rounds where they have not been selected as an antag and opted into the Contest. Even if you were an operative that murdered several synthetics the round prior that does not go to the next round outside special consideration.

The NSS Aurora is currently the only available setting available for players. But because events in this contest are canon, the NSS Aurora can't be the target of spies and terrorists every day. Because of this, the actions of antagonists on the Aurora will impact Tau Ceti as a whole in alternate locations. For example, a kidnapping and bombing during a nuclear round would be written as if it happened to another location. The names of those involved (if not agent identities which allow disassociation from the character outside antag rounds) are also changed, unless all involved parties agree to keep it canon. This has serious repercussions and most often means the permadeath of the character and must be discussed with the loremaster.

The Agencies

Hegemon Shadow Service

Tup Commandos Division

Biesel Intelligence Service

Alliance Strategic Intelligence

People's Strategic Intelligence Service

Synthetic Liberation Front