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The Biesel Intelligence Service is the chief intelligence service of the Republic of Biesel. It was formed shortly after the independence of Tau Ceti in 2452. In the beginning the funding for the agency was generous, though with the level of influence Nanotrasen has in the Tau Ceti government, and the agency being a clear frustration to Nanotrasen interests, funding has slowly been dwindling. A few years ago, it began a quiet war to secure the independence of Tau Ceti. To do this, the Agency is currently fighting two battles. One to undermine Nanotrasen's massive influence in the politics of Biesel, which has a hand in all levels of government. The second is a battle behind the scenes with the Sol Alliance, which has grown increasingly envious at the wealth and success of a star system effectively stolen from them many years ago. With these threats surrounding it on all sides, the BIS is perhaps the only hope for the continued independence of this young Republic. . .

They were one of 5 participants in the 1st Antag Spy Contest and the 2nd Antag Contest.

Key Events

These events are player-caused. More information can be found on the Aurora forums.

Operation Proud Sun

Agent Jameson (Codename: Sullen Cross) provides documents to the B.I.S. detailing discontent and even outright dissent in the Nanotrasen workforce of Tau Ceti. Operation Proud Sun is drafted in response to this. It is a plan to embed agents in Nanotrasen stations and outposts, and if the Operation is launched, stage massive strikes or revolutions to shut down Nanotrasen operations on a large scale. The end goal would be the crippling of Nanotrasen in Tau Ceti. Further documents explore the possibility of tampering with Nanotrasen loyalty implants.

Exposure of Corruption among Biesel Government

Several representatives of the Biesel Congress are forced to resign after the surfacing of allegations of corruption strongly favoring NanoTrasen. Simultaneously, the B.I.S. begins to enlarge the scope of its operations, in the face of evidence that NanoTrasen might be planning to rig future Biesel elections.