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ATLAS, also known as the Sol National Union, is a nationalist, humanity-first party founded in the 25th century, after Bluespace revolutionized space travel. Originally a grassroots movements originating from the outer systems, their strength, mission and platform have all slowly evolved. Now the mandate of ATLAS is a "human first" policy, stressing the importance of human supremacy in the galaxy for the greater prosperity and safety of mankind. They have strong grassroots support in the outer and inner colonies, and their coalition with GAIA in the legislative of the Alliance has given them a very strong voice in the federal government. ATLAS itself is a Sol Alliance political party however it is known to be active in almost all regions of human space barring the Frontier Union where it is highly suppressed. They are known to regularly violently clash with Free Assembly group members.

File:Atlas flag.jpg
The banner of ATLAS.

Senator Michael Watkins was the most senior ATLAS politician and the leader of the ATLAS party for SolGov. In Janurary of 2461 he died of liver failure after the pardoning of Admiral Frost. Admiral Frost shortly after rose to the top of a brief power struggle and is now the leader of the party.


ATLAS has historically been a champion for the lower classes of the Alliance. ATLAS funded initiatives inject cash and resources into start-up colonies to help them develop. The party tends to strongly emphasize the need for employment and prosperity for all humans. The party is immensely popular at the system and planet level in the outer colonies due to ATLAS funding being responsible for subsidizing healthcare and education in lower income systems, as well as pushing to expand the Bluespace Gate network to the outer colonies to connect them to the more prosperous inner and core colonies.

The party heavily funds charity organizations and are a major source of income for the Interstellar Aid Corps. Party officials often host lavish charity fundraisers to help construct additional schools or hospitals in struggling colonies.

ATLAS believes that the Alliance works best with a very strong central government, and would expand the powers of SolGov at the expense of individual system rights. Vocal members of ATLAS have questioned the very sovereignty of human Frontier systems, believing that the Alliance should be the unified authority of all mankind.

ATLAS has many allies in the Alliance navy, as the party champions what they call the 'Backbone of the Alliance'. They consistently push legislation to provide more funding and manpower for the Navy and historically have sided with the Navy in disputes over civilian control over the military.

ATLAS is suspicious of the non-human races and believes that their literally alien customs and practices are harmful to humanity. The position of the party tends to swing between an outright expulsion of alien residents to closing the borders. ATLAS has long criticized the close relationship SolGov has with the Skrell, often lamenting that humanity did not keep the secrets of Bluespace to itself rather than allow it to be openly shared. ATLAS officials have often been quoted lamenting the fact that the Unathi and Tajara were not annexed upon being discovered, believing that the upheavals in each species' society after humanity contacted them is proof of their inferior culture.

ATLAS has denounced the runaway power of mega-corporations and has struggled to implement legislation to bring them to heel. ATLAS believes the government should have more say in how the trans-stellar corporations run in order to protect the workers and ensure the Corporations are held accountable. Some more radical elements of the party have often argued the merits of nationalizing the trans-stellar corporations and running them as wings of the government, but this is not a common position. These platforms put them at odds with the more moderate GAIA party, who favor investments in small business rather than trust-busting.


ATLAS is split into four key factions spread out across human space:


Based on Unity Station, the moderates embody the largest part of the Party, representing the average joe, and their drive for a united humanity. They support generally separate, but equal treatment of Aliens. They aim to promote Human culture to the perceived barbarity of the Unathi, especially regarding their cultures Sexism which the moderates are vehemently against, as well as the politically backwards Tajara. Extremists of this faction call for the immediate expulsion of all non-humans from what they consider human space.


Based in orbit around Biesel on the Liner PMV Diomedes, Technosyndicalists are a specialized form of National Syndicalists that wish to reorganize the economy in to planets that are self-sufficient and turn them into National communes as well as Nationalizing large corporations (especially NanoTrasen) whom they view with utter disgust in the way of Human dominance. Extremists of this faction call for the abolishment of any non-human Heads of Staff within NanoTrasen.

Mechanical Augmentalists

Based on Eridani I within the Eridani Federation, Mechanical Augmentalists are a group of the party who seek, to assist Humanity’s evolution through the use of machinery, especially with Implants at birth and mechanically enhanced features. They are strong proponents of trade with the Skrell to further Humanity’s technological advancement. Extremists of this faction call for technological suppression of all alien species.

Biological Augmentalists

Based on Dominia within the Empire of Dominia, these men and women are the more naturalist version of the Mechanical Augmentalists, instead of arguing for the Mechanical assisted evolution of Humanity, they advocate for investment into genetic science to perfect Humanities flawed genetics, and create a naturally superior "perfect human" that could increase Humanity’s standing in the galaxy. Extremists of this faction call for harvesting of lesser species as biomass to facilitate organ cloning and other genetic science.

The Artemis Initiative

ATLAS has courted controversy due to the party financing a paramilitary movement known as the Artemis Initiative. This organization has two roles: to provide private security for senior ATLAS officials as well as acting as a militia and police force for colonies unable to be officially protected by the Alliance Navy. Guardsmen and Security Officers are usually identified with a black armband with the ATLAS logo.

New recruits to the Initiative are called Initiates. For officers, upon completion of a 4 week training course they would be reassigned to become Security Officers. and equipped similar to NT security.

The Militia are trained in a similar 4 week course and boot camp before being sent back as Guardsmen. They are equipped with laser weapons. Artemis Commanders are usually dispatched to help organize a settlements defenses or to train and advise the local Guardsmen.

The Initiative's security and militia branches are two separate branches but both answer directly to the ATLAS leadership.

The Commandant of Internal Security is Freddie West. At 62 he has spent the last 18 years organizing the various security details for ATLAS.

Commandant John Brown is the most senior member of the Guardsmen and is often considered its ceremonial figurehead due to his extensive experience in fighting pirates and Unathi raiders.