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Located in the city of Olympia, Mars, Sol, Mars University is dedicated to education. It was founded in 2171 out of the one of the first research outposts which first dotted the planetary surface. It was unfortunately destroyed in the Martian World War in 2281, but rebuilt in 2289. During the widespread cyborgification and robotics boom on Mars, it became an accredited university for robotics and cyborg research, churning out the top minds in its field for a time. This continued until after cyborgification became taboo in the 2260s, and ended when the university was ultimately destroyed, and the new University taking on a new focus.

The current Dean is Daniel Hartsbury.


The rebuilt university shifted focus to the related field of Mechatronics, opting to build robotic constructs with human pilots which would sit better with public sensibilities. It also retained a sizeable bionics program as a specialization for prosthetics.

Its sports teams are known as "The Olympia Martians." And their mascot is "The little green man." Or "Greenman" for short

Relevant Jobs

You can leave this university a brilliant scientist. Given the Martian history with cyborgs and synthetic life you can also become an esteemed roboticist, if one with questionable moral outlooks on cyborgifying people.

Hephaestus Industries recruits from and contracts the university regularly, with the university being a favorite of the Corporation. NanoTrasen manages to snipe a few prestigious scientists with lucrative offers, however.

Famous Graduates

Jayce Gounaris and Gregori Dorokhin, project leaders who designed the Odysseus.

Research Department
Head of department Research Director
Personnel Roboticist - Scientist - Xenobiologist
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