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Welcome to the Aurora wiki!
Aurorastation is a Space Station 13 heavy roleplay server that takes place on the NSS Aurora. The setting features progressing canon and constant development.
Most content copied or edited gratefully from /tg/ station and Baystation 12. Join us at: byond://
Today's date for the NSS Aurora:
Monday 26 July 2463

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Player Resources

  • Aurora Lore
    New players are recommended to read the "Lore Summary," accessible to the left. Below this bar is a summary for the ongoing chapter.

    After the conclusion of the SECOND SOLARIAN INVASION and the KING OF THE WORLD arc, the galaxy is in turmoil! The uncertain future of the Orion Spur has been decided as the Solarian Alliance caves in, leaving the New Human Wildlands in its place for much of its territory.

    Now, an intermission phase is entered before the next chapter of the Aurora's story begins.

    This is the link to the chapter log! Click this to get up to date.

    Server Resources