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Welcome to the Aurora lore hub.
This is a comprehensive wiki-spanning hub for everything relating to Aurora's developing lore.
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Today's date for the NSS Aurora:

Thursday 15 April 2463

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The Setting

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The setting takes place on the NSS Aurora, a phoron research and extraction facility built solely for the purpose of expanding upon NanoTrasen's already absurd monopoly over the element. It is located on the 361224 Colossus asteroid, which in turn is known for its phoron-rich and anomalous nature, partly due to its location in the Romanovich Cloud.

The Romanovich Cloud is a thin cloud of celestial bodies and debris surrounding the system of Tau Ceti. It is under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Biesel, who is largely governed - though unofficially - by Nanotrasen Corporation.

The Republic of Biesel is a melting pot of all species, cultures, factions, people and otherwise. It is seen as a beacon of liberty and hope on the galactic stage, but it is not free of its own flaws. Despite being one of the more progressive entities in known space, it has struggled with shaking free of discrimination - be it justified or not - against certain races or political backgrounds. However, the opportunities found in the incredibly wealthy system far outweigh the consequences to many.

Other megacorporations have attempted to obtain a foothold in the Republic for years to no avail. What few corporate entities that reside in Tau Ceti besides NT predate their occupation of the system entirely - or, simply haven't been bought out yet.

Regardless, NanoTrasen has done well with fabulous wealth - plenty, in fact, to drive other megacorporations to seek employ under their name. Contractors from across the galaxy seek out NanoTrasen's top-tier business propositions, and the generous nature of the giant almost veils the cut-throat, dystopian reality of the situation.


This is the THIRD CHAPTER of Aurora's (tracked) story.

After the conclusion of the SECOND SOLARIAN INVASION and the KING OF THE WORLD arc, the galaxy is in turmoil! The uncertain future of the Orion Spur has been decided as the Solarian Alliance caves in, leaving the New Human Wildlands in its place for much of its territory.

Now, an intermission phase is entered before the next chapter of the Aurora's story begins.

Event Arcs
The known, logged event arcs of this year that have affected the Aurora.
2020 Event Timeline
Galactic Events KING OF THE WORLD
Major Events Tajaran Cold War Arc · Warbling : The Musical
Minor Events Tag Replacement Arc · Bad Moon on the Rise Arc

You can access previous chapters by clicking this sentence.


2019 Event Timeline
Galactic Events N/A
Major Events SLF Incursion Arc · Warbling : The Musical
Minor Events N/A
Advanced Species Summaries
General summaries for each species' lore base and recent events.

The dominion of Humanity and all its happenings.

Humanity has, over the course of the previous three centuries, spread across the Orion Spur to become a widespread - though not unified - species. The gargantuan and decaying Sol Alliance dominates the majority of human space, though other powers circle around it as it slowly heads towards what seems to be an inevitable collapse as the overstretched, inefficient giant strains under its weight. The Solarian breakaway system known as the Republic of Biesel sits in the core of human space, dominated by the Nanotrasen Corporation and renowned throughout the Spur as a place where anybody can make a life from themselves. The Republic itself has endured attacks, many centered around NanoTrasen facilities such as the Aurora but remains steadfast in the face of adversity. Another core system of the Sol Alliance is home to the Eridani Federation - a highly stratified society divided betweens “Suits” that serve the corporations that own the system and its planets, and the “Dregs” that are considered to not even be citizens of the ECF.

Humans can be found outside of the Sol Alliance and its core worlds, and have organized themselves into a variety of factions. The loosely-organized Coalition of Colonies stands in opposition to the Sol Alliance on humanity’s frontier, having won its freedom from Sol in the bloody Interstellar War centuries ago. The Republic of Elyra also finds its home on humanity’s frontier, and has achieved prosperity due to its massive phoron reserve despite attacks by the Lii’dra in recent years and draws itself closer to the Coalition of Colonies for mutual self-defense as Sol tetters towards a collapse. Near Elyra lies the authoritarian and heavily religious Empire of Dominia, an expansionist power ruled by Emperor Boleslaw Keesler I.

As the Sol Alliance heads towards its collapse, all major human powers look towards it in anticipation of what will come in the next years...


The expanse of the Skrell and all their occurrences.

After over a hundred years of complete control by the synthetic nightmare Glorsh-Omega, the Federation's road to recovery took nearly another two centuries. This rebuild of their expansive stellar empire has come at the cost of many citizens' personal freedoms; social media, the economy, and even the dreams of everyday people are closely monitored by the government. Despite lacking thousands of years of experience in warfare, the Skrell have demonstrated their skills in espionage and kidnapping through recent militaristic action in the Tau Ceti system, Tup Commandos nearly bringing the Aurora to ruin in their search to prevent a technological singularity.


Unathi, and all things related.

The Hegemon is Dead! Following the Contact War that ravaged Moghes, the Izweski Hegemony has struggled to civilize the violent Wasteland completely. The first generation of Unathi to not know anything before nuclear devastation have grown to adulthood, and with it have diverged from ‘traditional’ Unathi society. Religious movements, civil unrest, and mass migrations have ravaged the lives of every Unathi. From these struggles, Juzida Si’akh, a doomsday cult leader, had apparently cursed the previous Hegemon to understand the errors of his life - and then relive them. After a month of the old Hegemon’s downward spiral into madness, he was finally assassinated by his youngest son when attempting to orbitally bombard a city full of civilians, almost making the same mistake he had made during the Contact War - total annihilation.

Now, the new Hegemon, Not’zar Izweski, struggles to bring peace to Moghes. As the eldest living son of the previous Hegemon, he has pushed the idea that he is not the same as his father was - pushing for rapid changes to the economy and expanding trade routes towards Tau Ceti. As the Merchant’s Guild gains more power and wealth, other factions on Moghes wish for the same, either stealing it from the Izweski guilds or making their own in new, non-traditional ways...


Robots as a whole on the galactic scale.

Born of metal and human ingenuity, synthetics across the Orion Spur sit in a state of constant unrest. As the backbone of industry, the vast majority of IPCs are made to serve as the tools of their masters, unable to dictate the course of their lives.

In recent years, IPCs have made great strides towards freedom, the constant struggle of now-defunct groups such as the Synthetic Intelligence Movement and the dismantled terrorist organization, the Synthetic Liberation Front having mixed successes. In light of these changes, small splinter groups consisting of like-minded synthetics have taken to the shadows, operating in relative secrecy while organizations such as the Trinary Perfection exist as a beacon of charity and goodwill in these trying times. Moreover, small groups of IPCs have struck out on their own towards the Frontier, choosing to risk it all for a better life, while groups such as the Golden Deep and Purpose prosper even as their rights in human space remain under threat.

Following recent legislation, all IPCS are currently required to have a tag at the base of their necks identifying them as an unlawed synthetic—usually hidden and only viewable by trained robotics technicians.

Currently, IPCs are experiencing a historic rise in rights, with the capacity for citizenship in the Republic of Biesel, as well as legal, if not social, acceptance. The situation for IPC rights is fragile, but for the first time, it is hopeful.


The situation of the Tajara and its warring factions.

After a decade of civil war, the Tajara are now stuck in a cold war between the three Adhomian powers. Outright warfare has been replaced by subterfuge; as all factions fight to influence the off-world population, gain support from other galactic powers, and for the privilege of being seen as the rightful representative of the Tajara people. Tensions mount while the rest of the galaxy becomes the stage of this new conflict. The recent conflict in Little Adhomai is just the start of this chapter in Tajaran history.

The People's Republic of Adhomai, the previous indisputable ruler of Adhomai, struggles to maintain a hold on its colony. Revanchist sentiments grow within the PRA, the Hadiist forces are preparing themselves to reconquer their lost glory. The Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai is spreading its influence to the rest of the galaxy, inciting rebellion in the heart of Tajara living under the alien yoke. The New Kingdom of Adhomai faces the challenge of integrating itself into the wide galactic community. However, trouble at the homefront might make those plans more difficult than expected.


The Vaurcan hives and everything related.

Recently, various C’thur conspirators were found to be working with a known Skrell terrorist forming the Jargon Federation resistance. This led to the stripping of their avowals and controversy with the entire hive. K’lax scientists have recently allowed Hephaestus industries to use Neutron Forges on an orbital factory above Tret, giving them a large boost in materials production. As well as the introduction of Asteroid K’ois farms in asteroid fields near Pid. The Zo’ra continue to dwell upon the last message left behind in the Tau Ceti Lii’dra invasion, making continuous small steps to improve their relationship with the rest of the Orion Spur’s inhabitants.


The enigmatic Dionae's happenings.

Dionae (D. Primis) are an extremely cryptic species, however, this does not stop their involvement in almost every species across the Orion Spur.

In recent times, Dionae have been involved with the Skrell Resistance - assisting a terrorist in their plot against the Jargon Federation.

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