Off-Duty Crewman

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Off-Duty Crewmember
Off-Duty Crewmember
Access: Nothing
Qualifications: None
Employers: Idris Incorporated, Nanotrasen Corporation.
Supervisors: Everyone
Duties: Visit the ship. Socialize. Tell people that you have children.
Guides: No external guides.

This job has no access. You should never ask someone like Executive Officer give you access or a job so you can do something. You are at the ship to visit, not to work.


As an off-duty Crewmember, you'll get the opportunity to talk with people on an "extended break". You can visit the bar and take this opportunity to drink with people. Alternatively, you could also visit the kitchen and try one of the finest dining food abroad the SCCV Horizon. You should not be asking people to give you something to do as a visitor. You are NOT on a paid shift. You should not be assisting with emergencies nor assisting in hunting down antagonists. You should comply with the crew's instructions. You are there to visit. Any actions you take can result in administrative action. You are permitted to only act if the ship is FUBAR.


You could take advantage of your built relationship with the crew to get information resources and material to aid you in accomplishing your goals.

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