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Access: Science, Mining, EVA, Maintenence
Difficulty: Hard
Qualifications: Must be 25 years of age, have an Associates degree in the natural sciences, and passed a 4 week training course plus 4 weeks as a Scout Cadet.
Relevant Education: [Insert text here]
Supervisors: Scout Leader Research Director
Duties: Find resource deposits, mark locations of interest, explore the Romanovich Cloud, tame or cull wildlife, help scientists on expeditions to the great unknown, and appreciate the natural world.
Guides: [Insert text here]


The Tau Ceti Colonial Authority sends out these intrepid explorers to map the great unknown and uncover the secrets of space and place them on a map.

The T.C.C.A. has entered a contract with NanoTrasen, and now provides their services on the government's dime. A small crew of Scouts is now assigned to the NSS Aurora's Research and Supply departments, and falls under the authority of the Research Director.

There are five positions in this department; the Scout Leader, the Scouts, the Ranger, and the Scout Cadet.

There are no legal species restrictions to joining the TCS. However, the organization is predominately staffed by human, tajara, skrell, and Vaurca. Unathi make a smaller portion of Scouts, while Diona and IPC trail off; Diona due to their low speed and IPC's due to the difficulty (or impossibility) of maintaining or even charging themselves out in the field. That said, because of the nature of work and location of the Aurora, there is a chance that a Scout compliment can be made up of any set of species.

Tajara tend to make up a large portion of the Rangers, due to their natural endurance and high stamina and speed. They make ideal scouts, and are actively encouraged to join by the T.C.C.A.

The Positions

The Scout Leader is the overseer of the Scouts. It is the Leader's duty to oversee missions, conduct expeditions to explore and tame the wilderness, and protect scientists and colonists from outside threats. They answer to the Research Director and tends to go out with the Scouts in the field, and coordinating their efforts at the behest of the Director. They are not a Head; they are similar to the Quartermaster is to the Head of Personnel.

The two Scouts are a blend of park rangers, foresters, mountaineers, explorers, and couriers all wrapped into one. It is their duty to assist Mining find resource deposits, to explore the Cloud, and otherwise go out and map the great unknown. Scouts are adaptable and can always find a niche to fill. In the frontier where radio contact is sparse, they act as couriers, ferrying messages. They document and manage xeno wildlife, and assist in search and rescue for lost miners. In addition Scouts can serve botanist roles, or even construct small expedition outposts ahead of an arriving science team.

The literal "Lone Ranger" of the TCS. They are the ones brave enough to see the wild alien wilderness before them and not need a buddy. They operate for extended periods of time autonomously, isolated, and prefer it that way. Rangers perform similar duties to the Scouts, but are expected and eager to go even farther in their travels and be even more ambitious in their risks. The Rangers take great pride in being the first to enter an untrodden wilderness. Because of this, they have some special equipment to help them survive any hardships in isolated conditions.

The Scout Cadet is one who passed the basic training but who has no field experience yet. Scout Cadets tend to have backgrounds from Boy/Girl Scout clubs or backgrounds in the natural sciences or park services.

Your Equipment

The Scout Leader has the same equipment as the Scouts, with only a distinguishable marking on their uniform and voidsuit.

The Scouts have the following equipment that they either spawn with or have in their Ranger Cabin:

  • Scout / Leader uniform.
  • Scout Webbing.
  • Blaster pistol.
  • Binoculars.
  • Mobile ladder.
  • Scout Voidsuit
  • Portable Radio.
  • Gauze, ointment, and splints
  • Plant analyzer
  • Flares
  • Scout Beacons
  • GPS
  • Jetpacks

The Ranger has special equipment assigned to them:

  • Medkit.
  • Boot knife
  • Bottle of bicardine pills.
  • Sun-Lance rifle. Reverse-engineered from the Tajaran Ice-Lance model, this cheap, durable, easily produced laser rifle is recharged through its solar cells, but only holds 3 shots at a time. It does enough damage to 1-shot a carp, but due to its otherwise low damage output it does not see popular use.
  • Oxygen bubble
  • Ration packs
  • Scout Beacons
  • GPS

Overview of Jobs and Responsibilities

Away Missions and You

Text about away missions. Go with scientists. Poke around. Help scientists look at cool stuff. Emphasis on service to scientists. Btw you don't need an expedition waiver you can go by default its in your job description.

Expeditions and You

Talk about exploring the asteroid. Marking resources or locations of interest with beacons. Talk about helping mining.

Segway to flinging yourself to other Z-levels and hoping you land somewhere. Building an expedition camp there and making it safe for others to come poke around. Talk about the derelict. Talk about other stuff they could find. Paint it as exploring derelicts. Talk about buddying up with engineering.

The Station and You

Talk about what you can do inside the station. Talk about how it should seem a bit boring but generally you're happy to help out. Talk about ferrying cargo or messages during radio outages. Help supply carry crates around. Hang out with botany or the surface garden. Talk to engineering about building outposts elsewhere on the asteroid.

The Law and You

You can't arrest. Even though you're a government contractor your contract says to follow local regulations. You follow the station chain of command. Scout Leader, RD, Captain, then the Odin. The Tau Ceti Consular can't order you around because it's not even his department because he doesn't work for the T.C.C.A. and that would be like a diplomat bossing a park ranger around. That said the liason is still your advocate and you can complain to them about being mistreated just like any TC citizen//contractor with that same relationship.

You're a hunter, not a killer. Try to avoid fighting mercs. Rules of escalation apply. Shoot second, run away, and patch up a fallen foe are good rules of engagement.

Jobs on Aurora
Command Captain - Head of Personnel - Head of Security - Chief Engineer - Research Director - Chief Medical Officer
Security Security Officer - Warden - Detective - Forensic Technician
Engineering Station Engineer - Atmospheric Technician
Medical Medical Doctor - Paramedic - Psychologist - Pharmacist - Biochemist - Roboticist - Scientist
Research Roboticist - Scientist - Xenobiologist
Supply Quartermaster - Cargo Technician - Shaft Miner
Civilian NanoTrasen Liaison - Assistant - Bartender - Chef - Chaplain - Librarian - Janitor - Botanist
Non-human AI - Cyborg - Personal AI
Special Merchant - Emergency Response Team - Foreign Legion - Rat