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{{Navbox Lore}}
{{Navbox Lore}}
''"Welcome to NanoTrasen station Aurora. With our vision and your wealth of skills we will be able to achieve positive outcomes for our clients and stakeholders."''
''"Welcome to NanoTrasen station Aurora. With our vision and your wealth of skills we will be able to achieve positive outcomes for our clients and stakeholders."''

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"Welcome to NanoTrasen station Aurora. With our vision and your wealth of skills we will be able to achieve positive outcomes for our clients and stakeholders."


As a contractor you'll be working on the station as a temporarily hired worker belonging to another corporation that isn't NanoTrasen. You still fall under the corporate regulations in the same way any other standard employee would, however there are some basic roleplay expectations you'll be expected to follow based on your employer. You'll be expected to do your job with some sneaky acts on the side. This isn't a licence to self antag however, purely to drive a story. Loading up the research information from the R&D console onto disks to smuggle off station is fine; poisoning the captain's birthday cake, not so much. Use your common sense and if in doubt, ahelp before you carry out your action. You do not need to carry out any corporate espionage if you so wish. Contractors are unable to be Heads of Staff or Interns. Any job is available to a contractor so long as the concept makes sense. An Idris "Battle Chef" sounds hilarious but isn't an acceptable character concept. If you are concerned that a concept might be inappropriate please do speak with a member of server staff via ahelps in game, the forums or discord. Contracted employees on board Nanotrasen vessels are fully subject to the established Nanotrasen chain of command, station directives, notices and regulations. They are to clearly state the fact they are contracted as well as their parent company, in their security and employment records. Contractors are to wear their company uniforms in all fields in order to be distinguishable, and are not to hold any internship positions.

Security should be extra vigilant around contractors as they are not considered as trust worthy as actual employees. Searches during a round and prior to getting on the escape shuttle along with being more suspicious of contractors overall is expected. Then again your character may well be in bed with someone from these corporations, literally or figuratively. By an large use common sense leaning towards suspicion when dealing with contractors as security.

Each accepted contractor corporation is overseen in Tau Ceti by an individual sector manager. They have authority over their companies contractors and any character belonging to that company would not only know of them but would have met them personally.

A list below is the current accepted contractors and example concepts.

Accepted Companies

Hephaestus Industries

An industrial sector megacorp with holdings in countless factories and production facilities across known space. Contractors from Hephaestus tend to work in cargo as miners, engineering as structural engineers and science as roboticits. Some character examples are:

Hephaestus Senior Engineer: Hephaestus engineers are second to none when dealing with machine construction and maintenance and exceptional builders. As a Hephaestus engineer your customer service towards NT employees should be quite high. That being said you would be extremely keen to get hold of NTs secrets regarding construction materials and designs. Should a few phoron sheets or circuit boards find their way into your backpack when you hit the Odin, well, perhaps some credits might find their way into your account.

Cargo Specialist: In contrast to your engineer cousins your customer service level is subpar to be sure. You make up for it with your unshakable work ethic - no mining job too dangerous! You know that Hephaestus mining and logistics teams are superior to NanoTrasen's and in a perfect world the phoron reserves would belong to Hephaestus. Alas it isn't a perfect world. Perhaps that's a good thing, or people like you wouldn't exist. Getting hold of NanoTrasen's mech and mining research is key. How you go about this is up to you.

Idris Incorporated

The largest banking conglomerate in known space; Idris has it's fingers in many stellar pies with the majority of individuals across the galaxy holding loans and credit with the megacorp. Contractors from Idris tend to work as high class service professionals like master chefs or barmen, security or cargo as middle management quartermasters. Some character examples are:

Artisan Mixologist: Impeccable customer service is at the heart of Idris; some of the best Chefs and Mixologists in the galaxy are employed by the corporation and the gleaming marble interiors of their branch offices are always spotless. This naturally comes at a price and tips are expected, always. No tips? A grave insult indeed to someone of your calibre! Whilst you're working with NanoTrasen it is expected that you seek to boost our clients credit portfolio - we'll give credit to anyone after all. The more loans you can generate with NanoTrasen the better. Just think of that bonus.

Idris Reclamation Unit X3265FH: As a shell belonging to Idris you are not free. You are programmed to defer to NT security and the Head of Security. Your customer service skills are excellent however your notorious "strong arm" skills can be utilised the security team if authorised. Your default state is good customer service. That being said your programming prioritises the protection and safety of other Idris employees so long as this will not breach NT regulations. You are programmed to never strong arm an Idris employee. You may be on lease to NT but remember you still belong to a much more sophisticated and superior company - Idris.

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

The largest producer of pharmaceuticals (next to NanoTrasen), the biggest manufacturer of beauty products in known space and a major genetics researcher. Contractors from Zeng-Hu tend to work as highly skilled medical professionals, bio-scientists and expert botanists. Some character examples are:

Senior Medical Doctor: Zeng-Hu has some of the best medical staff in the world and you are one of them. Highly trained and highly experienced you are better then the rest save your colleagues in Zeng-Hu. You expect to be heard and obeyed. Your bedside manner is impeccable and far out classes standard NT training and procedure. The only thing that NT might have that is potentially superior is their chemical recipes and medical equipment. The only way to know this for sure is if you bring some samples back with you - medical cocktails from the pharmacy or perhaps high tech surgical gear. Bring it back to the Odin so we might analyze and assess these NT products.

Geneticist: Our genetics and robotics research is leagues above the rest and you know. We do own the best premium augmentation subsidiary in the known galaxy - Bishop Cybernetics - after all. Unlike your medical cousins you are much more likely to generate a friendly working atmosphere with non Zeng-Hu colleagues, of course you would? How else would you be able to get your hands on the experimental technologies NT is cooking up on station? We need to know what sort of robotics technology or bio-tech NT are currently dealing with. How you go about this is up to you, so long as you don't comprise yourself or your Zeng-Hu colleagues.

Einstein Engines

The biggest manufacturer of space ships, ground vehicles and anything in-between. Contractors from EE tend to work as engine/power engineers, research and development scientists and cargo technicians. Some character examples are:

Power Supply Specialist: Known for your can do attitude, EE Engineers or "Triple E's" as you call yourselves are renowned for their friendliness and your knowledge of engine systems. There is no engine in the galaxy you can't build or set-up! That being said, NT does have some very exotic engine technologies which you and your colleagues would love to get your hands on. Equipment, circuit boards it's all interesting stuff! If you can get it off station for further study then all the better!

Senior Research & Development Scientist: Research and development are your bread and butter - you excel at it. Like your engineering triple-e cousins you tend to be extremely friendly and a joy to work with. Also like your triple-e cousins engine, power and the coveted blue space technologies interest you greatly. Working alongside your Einstein Engines colleagues you hope to "borrow" as much tech as you can, just out of professional interest of course. If you get a bonus out of this at the end of the day, well, a happy extra for you.

Necropolis Industries

An unscrupulous (by megacorporation standards) company that deals in weapons sales and genetics research. Contractors from Necropolis tend to work as expert fire arms science specialists, geneticists, biologists and security professionals. Sector Overseer Anton Ivanovich Volvalaad overseers all Necropolis contactors in Tau Ceti. Born within the Soviet Union on Earth and later adopted into a Dominian Great House, he personally carries out tertiary interviews on all contractor candidates from his office in Mendell City. He is known as a large, bearded, bald man and for his dark sense of humor and booming voice. Some character examples are:

Bio-technician : Unit to unit Necropolis ships the most firearms and weapons compared to any other corporation in the known galaxy and you're proud of it just as you take a vulgar pride in your known unscrupulous and slimy mannerisms, if only they knew the fools. Your genetics research has seen the advent of geneboosted sentients championed by the Dominian Empire, a civilization your company is very close to. The ethical concerns of both of those achievements are largely irrelevant compared to the general benefits and of course profits to be had. Your one rival in both these fields is NT whose cloning technologies and weapons technology outpaces all others. You need to get your hands on that tech without compromising Necropolises contract, and you think you might know how.

Personal Security Professional: Excellent customer service and client care is why Necropolis wins security contracts and you know this. A cut above the rest you are clear, calm, concise and polite when working. As a security force you were voted the top firm to employ and as such, NT ISD should really be referring to your better judgement with security issues as far as you're concerned. All crew are your customers and as such deserve a top notch customer experience.

Eridanian Private Military

Infamous across the galaxy for its brutal approach to crime yet famous for its impeccable understanding of contractual law, Eridanian Private Military contactors are actually made up of a series of smaller companies amalgamated into a larger, interstellar facing group. Contractors from EPM tend to work as expert private military security officers, detectives and CSIs. Some character examples are:

Eridanian Private Military Contractor: You are the law, civil disorder damages the bottom line. Everyone knew what they signed up for when they chose to be employed with NanoTrasen thus rule breakers are violating the NAP which you cannot abide. That being said you're here to make a profit and stuffing someone in a cell is a waste of human resources - think of the money lost in time! Abhorrent! The best thing to do is fine perpetrators and set them back to work. Remember your fine quota still applies, you don't want to miss out on your bonus because you didn't hit target after all, it is a substantial bonus.