Trizar State Medical Academy

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Considered to be the oldest medical school on Adhomai, founded in 1778 CE, the Trizar Academy of Medicine was created by a group of students and physicians that wanted a center of research and learning to improve the rustic medicine of their time. Before the great revolution, it was a matter of pride for nobles to have professionals trained in the Trizar academy as their court doctors. The Academy was renamed to Trizar State Medical Academy after the annexation of southern Rasn'rr by the People's Republic of Adhomai.

The Trizar State Medical Academy was expanded greatly under the management of the Republic, mostly because of the medical boon resulted from the introduction of modern medicine and practices after the great revolution. The University employs several NanoTrasen contractors and trains many medical professionals, some that are employed outside of Adhomai. Transferred to the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai as the result of territorial changes caused by the Tajaran civil war, the Medical Academy maintained its operations and contributions to the Interstellar Aid Corps.

Relevant Jobs

You could leave the university as a qualified Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon, Virologist, Emergency Medical Physician, Psychologist, Paramedic, Chemist or Medical Resident.

Famous Graduates

Khazarir Hanar, the medical director of Klyuchevksy Medical Center.