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The Syndicate is a shadowy intragalactic organization made up of highly-trained, highly funded, and highly dedicated operatives. Their ultimate objective is to destroy Nanotrasen and any government that supports it. Their activities are broad and their methods are varied. The Syndicate is responsible for hundreds of acts of terrorism as well as inciting civil unrest. The Syndicate has its hand in nearly every major galactic event since the 2440's. It has agents in most other megacorporations and receive financing from them or directly siphon funds - along, reportedly, with supplies from Necropolis Industries. The Syndicate is also branching out to infiltrate and influence major governments, or to find allies in the various spy agencies. The Syndicate is also branching out to infiltrate and influence major governments, or to find allies in the various spy agencies.

Their operations in recent years became lulled as the agency began to stagnate in the face of effective Nanotrasen counter-operations or major busts by law enforcement. But in 2457 a mysterious individual known only as APOSTLE launched a coup to seize the central leadership of The Syndicate. Now, under APOSTLE, the Syndicate is slowly rising once more as the main obstacle Nanotrasen faces towards what may be total economic domination of the galaxy. And with Nanotrasen using the government of Biesel as a puppet to advance its own agenda, many within the young Republic are beginning to radicalize, feeling that the Syndicate may be their last hope to live in a free system.



The Syndicate's roots began as a simple smuggling operation that ferried narcotics or medical supplies from Sol to the outer colonies, with medicine having been incredibly expensive in the early years of space colonization. With Nanotrasen's discovery and monopolization of phoron in 2417, other galactic corporations began to fund smugglers to steal or redirect phoron shipments to their own depots. What is now The Syndicate was nothing more than another smuggling group known as The Exchange, but events would later unfold that would drastically redefine this small-scale smuggling operation.

In the 2440's Nanotrasen had become the most powerful corporation in known space. Their sudden formation of the Emergency Response Team, which was primarily a private mercenary group that answered to Nanotrasen rather than any government, made many fear that Nanotrasen was raising its own private army.

The megacorporation had also taken advantage of the economic collapse that had crippled the Sol Alliance in the 2nd Great Depression, holding its very economic survival ransom in exchange for Tau Ceti's independence in 2452. With Tau Ceti's independence and the formation of the Free Trade Zone within the sector, Nanotrasen was able to buy out most of its competitors or run the rest to the ground, securing a monopoly in the system that remains the most phoron rich in the known galaxy.

The Exchange had operated heavily in Tau Ceti, and the events of 2452 had radically redefined it. Disillusioned politicians and rival corporations financed The Exchange to expand its operations, with the organization growing in scope and power beyond Tau Ceti, and it rebrands itself The Syndicate as its cells expand across human space. In 2445 a massive wave of terrorist attacks strike Nanotrasen facilities and assets across known space. This is the first time The Syndicate became a public name, and brand recognition was immediate - every major player in the galaxy began to finance or undermine The Syndicate, sometimes at the same time as the Syndicate finds allies within the governments they're being hunted down by.

In the 2460's the Syndicate had been expelled from most of the inner colonies of humanity, and spent the next few years consolidating power in The Frontier and out colonies. By 2457 The Syndicate had influenced a vast number of frontier governments and settlements to begin slowly expanding back into civilized space while ramping up operations, activating the sleeper cells that they've kept embedded within Nanotrasen to finally begin achieving their ultimate objective...


The Syndicate's cells have radically different means of recruitment. Agents can be radicalized extremists that would die for the organization without a moment's notice, disillusioned NT employees in it for the money or revenge for some slight by their employer, or even people they coerce into joining through blackmail or threats.

Recruitment is much more direct in The Frontier. Many frontiersmen resent Nanotrasen's growing influence and often see it as a threat against their independence. The Syndicate fans the flames of anti-NT rhetoric and focuses their propaganda on painting the frontiersmen as the last bastion of freedom in a galaxy owned by Nanotrasen. Most of The Syndicate's most effective agents are radical frontiersmen.

The Syndicate also heavily focuses recruitment and propaganda on IPC's and freebound synthetics. The Syndicate offers itself as a beacon of emancipation for synthetics, convincing many that they remain the only effective means of keeping themselves and their synthetic communities safe against the cold corporate exploitation of Nanotrasen or the ruthless campaign of termination undertaken by the Jargon Federation.

The Syndicate is also infiltrating the Tajara community of Tau Ceti while Syndicate agents also operate within Adhomai. Within Adhomai The Syndicate is smuggling weapons and ammunition to the rebellions while financing and supplying radical rebel pirates or agents to operate in human space. Within Tau Ceti the Syndicate embeds itself within the lower-class Tajara districts, targeting the underpaid immigrant workers that do menial jobs for Nanotrasen and recruiting them into the organization.


Because The Syndicate is a conglomerate of seperate cells it is difficult to create a cohesive overview of their operations.

Syndicate Cells can focus on different elements of criminal enterprise including extortion, mercenary work, assassinations, terrorism, drug trafficking, and many more. Cells in Tau Ceti specifically receive funding through Apostle; a shadowy individual that has consolidated the majority of Tau Ceti's Syndicate cells under his authority.

Other subversive elements across the galaxy can find their operations influenced or decided by The Syndicate. Cells often define their own objectives and the methods used to achieve these objectives.

A common and popular Syndicate strategy with most cells revolves around sleeper agents. The Syndicate will set up an agent to get a job with Nanotrasen, and they will work undercover without engaging in major illicit activity, until the day that they are activated and receive instructions and support from their main cell. Syndicate sleeper agents can identify one another with code phrases and response phrases, allowing them to work in tandem with one another to achieve their objectives and escape (hopefully) undetected.

Other Syndicate cells operate as private mercenary groups. They are brutal and ruthless groups of highly trained operatives deployed with heavy weapons and signature blood-red hardsuits. These types of cells are often responsible for the destruction of Nanotrasen stations in the frontier or the seizure of Nanotrasen merchant convoys, though the megacorporation heavily suppresses knowledge of these disasters in the frontier.

Some Syndicate Cells have discovered other infiltrators within human space, and have struck several agreements: The Syndicate will continue to suppress information on the spread of these infiltrators in exchange for their support in undermining Nanotrasen interests.