The Resistance

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The Resistance

Historically, "The Resistance" or "Lyukal" within Jargon territory has always been defined by fringe groups concentrated in the rare few places where the Federation's control wasn't absolute. Kala, Nlom influence, censorship, and the Federation's encouragement of civilian informants make organised dissent in the modern era impossible at worst and a gruelling, major effort at best -- the latter on the fringes of the Traverse, where sluggish bureaucracy makes Jargon's panopticon ineffective towards craftier would-be dissidents.

The modern iterations of resistance movements, including the four largest cells, derive directly from Traverse independence movements of old and Glorsh-era dissidents who see the very same dangers of the despotic AI in the current government, and many of the same methods. First Contact has lent a massive opportunity to would-be opposition groups and insurrectionary cells to speak out and act against Jargon from relative safety in alien space, with many operating openly and vying for the aid of like-minded aliens, or simply seeking an audience for denouncing the Federation. Due to their common goal, the various cells will typically work alongside one another.


Raqa'Nuul (Cybers)

Leader: Ockq Oona

Mission Statement: Dedicated to change through the use of technology. The Raqa'Nuul pursue acts of cyber warfare on the Jargon Federation, be it through disabling a wide net of Nlom Relays or through implementing dormant viruses that destroy the very programme that they are a symbiote of. They see themselves as activists and protectors of Skrell, and tend to rise up most powerfully when they perceive a threat to themselves or other sub-factions.

Allegedly established in the northernmost segment of the Traverse decades ago, Raqa'Nuul has become one of the most infamous splinter groups. Augmented Skrell, usually through both illegal and legal means, that use a variety of cybercrime methods to repel the growing influence of the Jargon Federation. The Raqa'Nuul push their agenda through launching massive DDoS attacks on Nlom Relays, as well as by leaking viruses into essential equipment. They have since become a large thorn in the backside of the Federation, consistently making the work of the Ruupkala difficult.

Note: Whilst the act of being a member is not illegal, members of Raqa'Nuul will commonly find themselves preyed upon by the Jargon Federation. Bureaucratic processes that usually take moments suddenly find themselves lost within the system - taking weeks, months or even years to get completed. The result of this eventually pushed for many to either leave the Jargon Federation or simply go off-the-grid.

Oqolk-Kora (Peace-Mongers)

Leader: The Latent

Mission Statement: Oqolk-Kora are committed to liberating the Skrell through educating the masses. It is only through psionic wieldy, and suppression of the Nlom, that a Skrell can be who they truly are by expressing their individuality. Secrecy is the utmost of importance for the Oqolk-Kora, who usually use a variety of different cyphers to communicate with some forms even taking years to crack in order to prevent the Jargon Federation from intercepting their messages. Its leader, known as "The Latent", proclaims that the Oqolk-Kora can only achieve its goals peacefully and Skrell masquerading as a member whilst committing violent acts are unsanctioned by the group.

By all accounts founded within the most southern segments of the Traverse, Oqolk-Kora is yet another renowned splinter group of the Resistance. Emphasizing psionic wieldy, Oqolk-Kora believes that the Skrell can peacefully emancipate themselves from the gripping clutches of the Jargon Federation by shedding their reliance of government-sanctioned Nlom Relays. These techniques are commonly associated with Kir'gul, especially with the use of psionics to express individuality by suppressing Nlom - usually done by creating a psionic barrier around an individual Skrell to prevent external influences.

Note: Due to the illegality of Kir'gul, the Oqolk-Kore are branded as criminals by the Jargon Federation. Despite being peaceful, those that are found by the Jargon Federation will be sentenced to re-education, where they are usually converted into "perfect citizens". The Oqolk-Kora commonly practice in private, and communicate through the use of highly-encrypted ciphers in order to assure continuing their work.

Plurqh'Quq (Freedom Fighters)

Leader: Ju'qoli Yeeboq

Mission Statement: The Jargon Federation's rival, the Plurq'Quq are Skrell that use any means at their disposal to upheave any influence that the Federation may have. They have no preferred method to deal with the Jargon Federation, but usually launch small retaliations that have an overarching goal to a much larger insurrection force against the Federation. This is usually done through attacking Federation Fleets on the outskirts of the Traverse, essentially stealing the spacecraft and technology within to power their movement.

Originally, the Plurqh'Quq initiated their operations withing the easternmost segments of the Traverse - with the belief that the only way for the Skrell to be freed from the grasp of the Jargon Federation is to fight back, using techniques very similar to those of the Kala; decapitating the opponent's ability to fight through tactical decisions. They have since relocated their base of operations within the contested regions surrounding the Solarian Alliance. In recent times, they have begun isolating transports convoys guarded by the Lukala on the boundaries of the Jargon Federation - prompting an increase in Qukala, who have begun to intervene in the various border skirmishes in an attempt to keep the destabilized region from spilling over into the Jargon Federation.

Note: Plurqh'Quq is deemed a terrorist group by the Jargon Federation, and actively hunt those they suspect to be members. Those detained will eventually see themselves harshly sentenced, even disappearing and becoming lost in the cogs that keep the Jargon Federation running. Due to this, members of Plurqh'Quq will usually plot their escapades within other segments of the Orion Spur.

Qranqi (Subversives)

Leader: Psi

Mission Statement: Qranqi devotes itself to secrecy, confidentiality and being evasive. Steadfast in decreasing the power the Jargon Federation wields through moves that seem inconsequential and illogical at first - but later prove to have had profound effects. Not much else is known about Qranqi, except that they are guided by a seemingly all-knowing "Skrell".

Previously spread throughout the westernmost segments of the Traverse, Qranqi has since gone on to consider the region of space around Silversun their base of operations. The ever-popular tourist attraction for the Skrell has allowed many to cover their involvement in Qranqi through disguising their visit to the planet as a 'much-needed retreat'. One of the more elusive splinter groups, those belonging to the Qranqi can still often be found within the Federation - utilizing their supposed innocence to spread their agenda, gathering support from within shadows and planting seeds of rebellion within the Skrell. Rumours persist that the Jargon Federation fears the power held by the Qranqi, due to their numbers perpetually growing but also their elusive nature.

Note: Qranqi are not recognised by the Jargon Federation, with most of their actions being covered up and swept beneath the carpet. Its leader, Psi, is shrouded in controversy as it is believed to either be a powerful psionic entity capable of predicting far into the future or simply an artificial intelligence outfitted with advanced predictive algorithms.