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Among the most prestigious centers of learning in Skrell space is the Gliutip’lyaz University. Founded in 2350 CE, the establishment has been hailed as having the most diverse and strenuous coursework within the Jargon Federation. Although originally based on the surface of Qerr'Malic, the main campus of the university is now a ship capable of bluespace travel. When outside of the Nralakk system, the Gliutip’lyaz travels between multiple systems within Federation space, its destinations change depending on curriculum.

Alumni of the Gliutip’lyaz University have historically been incredibly driven with the majority of them taking their respective fields by storm. This trend of producing capable, well rounded graduates has earned the establishment a colloquial title as “The Grand University.”


Students of The Gliutip’lyaz University are subject to harsh testing and critique as their grades are periodically released to the public. Scoring under seventy percent on an applied knowledge exam, or any other graded activity, is grounds for prompt expulsion. Each year, only a hundred Jargon citizens are accepted by the school’s board. In order to graduate, a student must attend the university for 23 years. Each student is initially put into a variety of subjects and expected to quickly attain proficiency. Among the subjects taught aboard the Gliutip’lyaz are sciences such as biochemistry and anatomy, critical thinking and decision based courses such as historic arts and martial combat, as well as applied arts such as music and sculpting. New students are expected to have a working understanding of physics and chemistry before attending classes.

Famous Graduates

The most prominent example of the caliber of Skrell produced by the Gliutip’lyaz is Grand Councillor Weashbi Jrugl himself.

Research Department
Head of department Research Director
Personnel Roboticist - Scientist
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