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This section is for developers to discuss and keep track of duties.


  • Page for orderable items via Cargo. Started
    • With separate item descriptions if possible.
  • Guide for map(when available).
  • Add and refine banners.[Partially Done]
  • Make the Guide for the forensic update.

Lore Dev Team/Advisors

  • General Work
      • Timeline/Backstory foundation (short, sweet, to the point)
      • NT lore (done-ish)
      • Syndie Lore
      • Sol Alliance faction info
      • minor faction infos
    • NORMAL:
      • Fluff-filled backstory
      • Alien lores
      • Faction fluff (more detailed)
      • New bug race
  • Sammac
    • Fine-tuning NT lore (just about done...)
    • Navy things; fleet numbers, glorious fluff