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These are the directives the crew should always adhere, barring code red emergencies.

Regarding Command Staff- Station Directive 1

To clarify the general capabilities of Command Staff, their relationship to the Captain, and between one-another.

During standard operation, all Departmental Heads of Staff are equal, under the command of the Captain present onboard the facility. Should a department find itself lacking a Head of Staff, the Captain is able to either assume direct supervision of the department or otherwise appoint a senior NanoTrasen member to fill the missing role.

During non-standard operation, a specific Departmental Head of Staff may be elevated above others, should the crisis situation fall under the responsibility of their department. At that point, other departments should act in a supporting role.

Regarding Acting Captain - Station Directive 2

To clarify the role of Acting Captain, when it is necessary, how to attain it, et cetera.

Should, during standard operation, the Command Staff be missing a Captain, then it is preferred that all members of the Command Staff present stay on equal terms and act as a singular commanding entity, thus negating the need to promote a specific person to the position of Acting Captain. Under such operations, the Command Staff as a whole carries the authority of the Captain, and can, together, conduct actions that would otherwise require the Captain's approval. In order for the Command Staff to make a Captain level decision, a unanimous vote in support will be required with at least two (2) able command staff. A single vote in the negative is all that is needed to veto a Captain level decision posed to the Command Staff, however, any Head of Staff may abstain from a vote if they so desire without affecting the outcome. Any votes taken against another Head of Staff will see the implicated party automatically abstained from voting. Additionally, Command Personnel who have been formally detained under orders of the Loyalty Implanted Head of Security will be unable to vote on any Command level decisions until they have have been released and allowed reassume their previous position.

Should the Command Staff decide that they would prefer an Acting Captain present, then they are free to select one from among themselves. There exists no preference towards anyone Department Head of Staff to attain the role before the others. Unlike a typical Command decision, the vote to appoint an Acting Captain does not have to be unanimous. Only a majority of votes is required to appoint a Head of Staff to Acting Captain and there is no minimum number of Command staff required for such a vote.

During non-standard operation, it is recommended that the Head of Staff most knowledgeable in the crisis be selected as Acting Captain and empowered to coordinate a solution to the crisis that has arisen.

Regarding Departmental Ranking - Station Directive 3

To clarify the initial status for some roles, and their position in the department Chain of Command.

Unless stated otherwise, all Departmental Staff are equal in rank, with differing responsibilities and assignments. The only exception being the Quartermaster, who can act as an authority over the Cargo Technicians and asteroid mining staff, however, this does not necessarily make him the preferred choice for promotion up the chain, nor does his authority extend anywhere beyond that. Below them are Departmental Assistants/Interns/Apprentices, and standard Assistants.

It is within the capacity of the Departmental Head of Staff to promote and designate senior leaders as he sees fit, within their own department.

Regarding Scientific Experimentation & Warehouse contents - Station Directive 4

To clarify the expectations of research and supply staff, and the proper usage of the equipment they are responsible for.

Qualified researchers in a given field of science are authorized to conduct experiments in any way they deem appropriate. However, unless authorization for their release is granted by command staff or an emergency situation requires it, the works and derivatives of the research department are to remain within their respective labs and testing areas.

The supply department is expected to store and distribute warehouse supplies to the station's departments as deemed appropriate. The stock of the station's warehouse is not to be regarded as contraband if it remains in the warehouse, or is being transported to an appropriate destination.

Regarding Modification, Optimization, and Upgrades of the station - Station Directive 5

To clarify the expectations and obligations of Engineering staff, to what extent they can modify or alter the station, and general expectations thereof.

All non-structural forms of modification, optimization, or upgrades to station equipment are permitted so long as the modifying engineer is qualified and has obtained written permission of all staff resident to the department in question. Large-scale structural modifications or additions require written and stamped consent from either the Chief Engineer, the Captain, or (in the absence of both) a delegated representative of Command staff.

Regarding Remodeling and Cosmetic Alterations - Station Directive 6

To clarify when, who, and how non-structural, non-atmospheric, non-electrical modifications to an area of the station may be performed.

Cosmetic remodeling of a department may be performed by any staff with written and signed consent of the department in question. Cosmetic alteration to general areas, such as hallways, arrivals, and departures, require consent from the Chief Engineer, The Captain, or (in the absence of both) Command as a whole.

Regarding AI Upload Access - Station Directive 7

To clarify who, when and under what terms personnel may enter the AI upload.

In standard operation access to the upload requires one head of staff present with, approval of other members of the command staff. In non-standard operation access to the upload requires two present heads of staff. Approval of the other members of command is recommended.

A roboticist may accompany the head/s of staff if their technical skills are required.

Regarding Company-Approved External Business Partners - Station Directive 8

To clarify the expectations of employees interacting with visiting merchants and the handling of merchant wares.

Approved External Business Partners ("Merchants") with a NanoTrasen merchant pass possess docking authorization from Central Command, and are permitted to dock and conduct business with the station. Merchants are expected to comply with all station regulations and rules set by Command Staff while aboard the station. A merchant has direct authority over their own vessel, and may choose to provide or deny their services as they see fit. Merchants are authorized to carry a concealed weapon for purposes of personal defense while aboard the station, unless explicitly prohibited by Command Staff. Employees who purchase items from a merchant take full responsibility for the possession and legality of these purchases. The Internal Security Department is neither responsible for nor authorized to confiscate wares aboard a merchant's vessel, and may not charge or detain a merchant for the possession of wares that remain aboard that vessel. The Internal Security Department may not enforce regulations aboard a docked merchant vessel, except for issues that arise between NanoTrasen employees, or to neutralize an immediate hostile and violent threat to the station.

Regarding Visitors - Station Directive 9

To clarify the allowance of visitors to work aboard the station.

Visitors to the station are not contracted to work or otherwise assume the role of any of the employed crew. Even if they work for NanoTrasen, promotion of visitors to station ranks, except in the most dire of circumstances, will be regarded as neglect of duty and/or exceeding official powers. During these circumstances, volunteers will not be compensated in any fashion by NanoTrasen and will not be insured against any injuries they sustain. Without exception, visitors are not permitted to be promoted to command ranks.

Regarding Freedom of The Press - Station Directive 10

To clarify company policy supporting protections granted by federal law to freelance journalists.

Visiting and subcontracting ("freelance") journalists are not to be censored via a newschannel D-Notice, unless the facility's Captain (or Heads of Staff in an unanimous decision) determine that the content they publish directly endangers the safety of NanoTrasen employees. Command Staff choosing to apply a D-Notice in this manner are expected to immediately contact Central Command to report that it has been applied, and to await confirmation by Central Command that the application of such a notice is valid. The creator of the channel is also to be made aware of both the notice and the reasoning for its implementation.

Journalists directly employed by NanoTrasen voluntarily waive these protections, as per the terms of their employment contract.

Regarding Incident Management - Station Directive 11

To clarify the expectations of how emergency incidents are to be handled aboard the station.

During emergency incidents it is expected for departments to assist in the safe resolution of said incident and the recovery of standard operations. When it becomes clear that an significant incident is arising that could effect standard operations of the station or cause significant damange to crew or property, it is expected that (when possible) all on board personnel are provided with the following infomation:

- A brief description of the current incident.

- What steps have been taken so far to combat this incident.

- Suggested action for the crew to take.

- (If applicable) A brief description of the reasoning behind a change in alert level.

Exceptions to this include where the above information would compromise station security or safety. If this is the case it is expected that as much information as is safe to do so is dispensed for the crew.

Regarding Corporate Representatives and Consular Officers - Station Directive 12

To clarify the expectations of employees interacting with corporate and consular officers.

Command staff are expected to engage representatives through diplomacy and to consent to reasonable requests. The representative is not part of the station chain of command. The representative is granted special status in relation to corporate regulations;

- The representative does not serve brig time for low level infractions, the fine alternative can be used in those cases.

- The representative can be serve brig time for medium and high level infractions, with command staff being able to contact Central Command requesting the revocation of the representative's privileges.

- The representative should return to Odin using the bridge's shuttle if his privileges were revoked by central command.

- The representative's office offers immunity to the representative. Security may not enter to conduct arrests under normal circumstances. Entering or refusing to exit the office is considered trespassing.

- The office's immunity may be revoked by the captain or a captain level decision.

- Security is only able to conduct an arrest inside the representative's if the office's immunity was revoked or if there is clear evidence that a medium or high level infraction is happening inside the office.

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