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Founded in 2310 by Professor Dennis Goodley and dedicated to education, Solis Cognito University remains one of the most ambitious and expensive station building projects by the Alliance. It is a massive, sprawling space station that orbits the Sun between Mars and Earth. It is a federally funded institution, though much of the construction work was done by Hephaestus Industries contractors. Late-Soviet in design, it's often described as 'over-engineered'. It has since expanded to include an attached residential wing, and even a growing list of small businesses in a commercial sector. There is talk of the station becoming a Dependency of the Sol Alliance due to its permanent population reaching 8,900, but these proposals have not been seriously considered by the federal government.

Its current Dean is Bogdon Wernstrom. Deans for the University are short lived and periodically changed in a revolving door.


The university is focused on competing with the top Skrellian universities. Though it's rarely admitted, the faculty tend to hold the popular opinion that humanity - and specifically humans from the Sol system - are better than other people and races. It's no suprise, then, that graduates tend to hold a dismissive, or even condescending attitude towards other university graduates. This is often considered a reason for the popularity of ATLAS on the campus.

Despite the reputation of snobbery, the university creates prestigious graduates that tend to focus on the fields of Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

NanoTrasen competes with Einstein Engines and Hephaestus Industries to employ the top graduates.

Relevant Jobs

A roboticist from Solis Cognito would have reason to feel his creations are simply better than most other designs. The university also creates talented scientists and top picks for corporation Research Directors.

Famous Graduates

Bernardo Benedict, 39, who is responsible for cultivating over 37 Bespoke model AI personalities.