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The Skrell have had numerous religions and beliefs throughout the ages, all advocating different things. Presently there are two beliefs within the Federation with large followings, Qeblak and Weishii.


The most ancient of these religions and one with the largest following has a decentralized and less stringent system, although a deist one at its core, it lacks strict practices that other galactic religions have, instead it instills the sense of exploring the world as we know it, starting with their home planet and then beyond, and promoting the need to understand it all. From the most minute of particles to the largest galactic entities. This beliefs maintains that the existence of the universe was brought upon something, that while the process of how it came to be is understand, the catalyst of it all is sought, as all things require some measure of action.


A new belief within the Federation following the liberation from Glorsh instead focuses on a more spiritual understanding of the stars, that through understanding space, we gain purpose. This belief has no known structure to speak of, in fact, as it is a derivative-of Qeblak, there is enough common ground that it is possible for people of both beliefs to attend ceremonies at the Dome.

A dome is a structure that tends to exist in urban centers, with the Federation doing its best to ensure all Federation citizens have reasonable access to ones. Depending on size and technology sophistication, it hosts ceremonies under Star Keepers, the only form of religious figures for the Qeblak faith. Star Keepers act as counselors, advisors and community spiritual leaders. They ensure the maintenance of their assigned Dome and host events whereupon members of the community gather for an in-depth demonstration of a galactic entity, ranging from stars, planets, nebulas and so on, all using the latest available holographic projects, permitting attendees to experience what is being covered.

The role of a Star Keeper, while considered accessible to the general public is still highly respected. To be one, an applicant needs to be vetted by the Federation and to pass certain checks and balances. This minimizes the chance of subversive or unwanted individuals from acquiring the role.

Minor Beliefs

These beliefs were, until the rise and fall of Glorsh, mostly extinct, with the amount of followers being negligible to none. With the upheaval and separation of Skrellian society, these have gained traction and more followers. Due to the fact these beliefs go against the core values of the Federation, they are outright banned, and people discovered to adhere to them suffer extensive economic penalties.


While it is true that the Skrell society do not resort to violence and martial superiority unless necessary, there have been exceptions to this rule. This belief abhors what it views as the present complacency and docility of the Skrell, instead pushing for a more aggressive and brutal way of handling issues. It values strength and force as guiding principles for society. This belief has gained traction in the Traverse following the fall of Glorsh and by some Skrell living beyond the Federation. These followers within the Federation tend to be shunned.


Almost the opposite of Suur’ka, it is a belief that attempted to focus on the full individuality of a Skrell, suppressing the Wake as to not push people into thoughts that were not truly their own. This belief has mainly gained traction among the Skrell that live amongst alien dominant species, where the Federation fueled collective emphasis is not as prevalent.