Skalamar University Of Medicine

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Located in Skalamar, Moghes, Uueoa-Esa, Skalamar University Of Medicine is dedicated to education. The University was founded in 1010 by the Azyi Medical Guild, and for most of its existence entry was restricted to family of the Azyi Clan or members of the Azyi Guild that could afford the entry fee. To be a Master Doctor from Skalamar University was an extremely prestigious title and its graduates became personal physicians for powerful Clans across Moghes.

The current Guildmaster is Aziya Azyi, who is also Clan Leader for the Azyi.


The University continued to remain a private, privileged institution for most of its existence until the Azyi were forced to open tuition to non-guild students following government reforms on education in the early 2100s. Now, in theory, any citizen of the Hegemony can attend the university. It is still heavily dominated by the Azyi family and its Guild, and tuition rates remain high. Despite this, almost all hopeful Unathi doctors dream of graduating as a Master from this university, which is the equivalent of a PhD.

In 2440 the University adopted its curriculum to meet NanoTrasen definitions for an accredited medical doctor.

Despite tensions with the local government, NanoTrasen continues to offer generous financial aid to Unathi students on the condition that they enter employment with the corporation.

Relevant Jobs

Unathi (or token humans) graduate this university as Master medical doctors, surgeons, Chief Medical Officers, or a scientist with a focus on biology or medical fields.

Famous Graduates

Yuaikrai Ikatyi, the 12th century doctor that founded the modern Moghean Germ Theory.

Viazarazi Vyiza, who in 1921 created the first known inoculation against Tar Lung, a common Moghean disease similar to pneumonia. She personally vaccinated the imperial family of the Sarakus Clan.

Akrazyi Azyi, the Master of Medicine who conducted the first ever successful heart transplant on Moghes in 2298.