Shungsta University of Agrarian Sciences

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Located in Shungsta, Adhomai, the Shungsta University of Agrarian Sciences was founded, two years after the end of the great revolution, with the purpose of aiding the republican administration in organizing the agrarian reform. While the early attempts in adapting Adhomai agriculture to more modern standards were less than successful, the Shungsta University played an important role in improving the farming techniques of the People’s Republic. The Shungsta university has expanded into the fields of biology, hydroponics, xenobotany and xenobiology. More recent projects include attempts of adapting, with the incentive from interstellar corporations, fauna and flora from other planets to Adhomai.

With the end of the second civil war and the acquisition of Shungsta by the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai, most of the research was destroyed or transfered to Nal'tor. The remaining staff now faces the challenge of recovering the damaged caused by the conflict.

Relevant Jobs

You could leave the university as a qualified Botanist, Scientist, Xenobotanist, Xenobiologist or Lab Assistant.

Famous Graduates

Agashka Rrhamrare, the People’s Republic of Adhomai Minister of Agriculture and Food.