Shastar Technical University

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The Shastar Technical University was created under in 2437, with the cooperation of the Sol Alliance and NanoTrasen, to offer a better specialization to the local tajaran population in the field of engineering and mining. The college soon saw the development of a thriving academic community, resulted of the technological development and deals with alien corporations brought by the rule of the early people’s republic.

The new economic policies of Al'mari caused discontentment among the administration and students of Shastar University, that caused a drastic reduction of the school’s funding and less employment opportunities to the recently formed professionals. During the rebellion of Nated, many members of the college showed support to the rebels forces, even helping them to maintain and develop their mechanized and armored divisions. The Shastar Technical University also played an important role in planning the recent infrastructures expansions in the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai.

Besides offering courses in engineering, the college also has classes on construction, maintenance and operation of heavy machinery, focusing in the field of mining and automobiles

Relevant Jobs

You could leave the university as a qualified Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Engineering Apprentice or Shaft Miner.

Famous Graduates

Rajjurl Saif, the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai’s ministry of infrastructure and development.