Set and Nebthet

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Epsilon Eridani V, known as Nebthet, and Epsilon Eridani IV, known as Set, are ice giants orbiting Epsilon Eridani. Until recent years, they were home to one of the largest sectors of the Eridanian economy, with extensive gas collection taking place on the planets. Massive orbital platforms constructed by Einstein Engines circle twin giants. Once hubs of activity, these now-derelict structures slowly dip toward an inevitable end in the gas giants atmospheres, with only small communities of offworlders truly calling these giant metal skeletons home.


For the few that eke out a living on the platforms around these giants, life is difficult. What little enterprise exists in these communities is based on salvaging and smuggling. The government of the Federation pays little heed to the majority of these groups, unless their criminal activities become especially unprofitable for the Federation to tolerate.

Notable Locations

Platform Sigma

Refusing to settle for their meager income on Eridanian planets, Einstein Engines has attempted to re-purpose many of these platforms as power plants, habitation hubs, research facilities, factories, or many other things. A notable example of this is platform Sigma in the orbit of Nebthet - a former filtering facility, now repurposed as a R&D center, as well as a server hub for the other local researchers. While Einstein Engines continues to occasionally invest in the project, many of the employees themselves consider the local gaseous matter research fruitless, with no major breakthroughs or even returns on investments being made here.

Platform 5

A platform once used for habitation for those employed working in the facilities nearby, Platform 5 is one of the only structures in a stable orbit around Nebthet. What little local administration that exists is located in this repurposed platform, which also holds the biggest stable population on both giants (around 12 million offworlders). Being transferred to work here is often considered a death sentence for one’s career due to the platform's stagnating industry and quickly emigrating citizens, with particularly disagreeable employees sometimes sent to the platform by corporations.

Platform Styx

In orbit of Set, this repurposed facility which was once used for processing isotopes is now a prison for processing especially onerous prisoners in the Federation. Little is known about life inside the prison, with released convicts nearly always refusing to speak about their imprisonment. The current head of operations at the correctional institution is the legendary Sifiso Agwuebwo, a harsh disciplinarian who has solidified Platform Styx’s reputation as truly inescapable.