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Access: Anywhere with a vent.
Qualifications: You were skillful enough to somehow get onto a space station.
Relevant Education: The School of Life
Supervisors: Giant Rat
Duties: Eat, drink, be a general nuisance and most important of all. SURVIVE!
Guides: No external guides.

Rats are large rodents that live on the Aurora. Because of their ability to squeeze into small places, mice have spread to infest nearly every habitable station.


The common rat (Rattus via lactea), also known as the tunnel/pipe rat, Satet rat, or shuttle rat, is the most common rat species in the galaxy as of 2461. If unmarred by genetic modification, specimens typically weigh anywhere from 4.9 grams to 2.5 kg, a head and body length of up to 30 inches where feeding permits. Thought to have originally evolved in the diverse landscapes of China, it has spread to nearly every single location that humans and other races now occupy. Whether through utility pipes, the ration compartments of shuttles, or needs for scientific test subjects, the common rat has made its presence known in the Orion Spur.

The common rat has also notably been seen as a companion, unwilling or otherwise, to populations of Offworlder Humans, subject to the same elongation as their bipedal ‘caregivers’. However, these nestings have adapted well to the microgravity conditions, navigating quite well with their long tails and dextrous limbs. An uptick in exercise has been noted in these conditions, entire groups of rats occasionally having hallways and tunnels vacated in their ‘jogging.’ Though nests and individuals typically meet their end by stray cosmic dust puncturing a hole in their corridors, some have been adopted as pets with oxygen intake masks and all. Their keen senses have lent well to uses of the more disenfranchised such as Eridanian tunnel runners, whether evading patrols, or in fighting rings with augments fitted to their anatomies.

The common rat also holds a few strange properties as a highly social animal. It is noted that their zona bovinae, found in most Orion Spur animals, particularly active in Skrell, are quite well developed, large nestings easily capable of communicating in a hybrid of Nlom psionic waves and standard squeaking in a method expansive as at least a city block. Although they are typically lacking in enough intellect and mental complexity to understand complex instructions, psychics have stated they are capable of understanding certain messaged intentions, at least enough to understand the feelings behind transmissions. It is also known that the common rat seems to have a deep anxiety centered around shades of purple, possibly shared psionic feelings about typical custodian gear, though it is scientifically unknown why this is. Rats exposed to purple tend to either scramble for any chance of escape, hiss, or even lash out at the item in question.

Playing a Rat

It is your sole purpose as a rat to survive. Literally everything on the station wants to kill you. You must remain hidden and try to eat food without being caught by anything bigger than you.

People may feel inclined to pick you up. This is horrifying, and you should do everything you can to escape, including nipping at their fingers.

Eating boxes as a rat is considered to be poor play. While not bannable, a lot of players and staff members consider it to be very annoying, especially if you eat boxes in important areas such as armory and medbay. You should not do it without a good reason (e.g. the box in question containing food) or ahelping beforehand.

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