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A list of random events that can happen during the round

Mudane Events:

Camera Damage: A random camera on the stations gets damaged and disabled.

Money Hacker: Random account gets targeted, if it succeeds the account will lose money.

Money Lotto: Random person gets 1000 - 1 000 000 credits.

Space Dust: Dust that damages windows and walls.

Wallrot: Fungus appears somewhere on the station and starts to spread. Wall breaks if you touch it. Can be removed with welders.

Vermin Infestation: Lizards or Rats appear in a random room.

Mundane News: "Important" news on the newscatser.

Trivial News: Less important news on the newscaster.

Economic News: Economic News.

Nothing: Literally nothing.

Lost Carp: roughly 10 carps spawn around the station and attack everyone they see.

APC Damage: APC gets damaged and gets a bluescreen.

PDA Spam: Spam gets sent to random PDAs every now and then.

Clogged Vents: Random chemical smoke comes from the vents.

Supply Drop: Crate with random loot spawns somewhere on the station.

False Alarm: Random event announcement.

Shipping Error: Random order on the cargo shuttle. Points won't be reduced.

Moderate Events

Appendicitis: Random person gets appendicitis.

Communication Blackout: Unable to use your headset till its over. Handheld radios work.

Electrical Storm: All lights break in a random area.

Gravity Failure: No gravity for a few minutes.

Grid Check: Total power loss for a few minutes.

Ion Storm: AI gets a random Ion law.

Meteor Shower: A few meteors will hit the station, station gets a warning 3 minutes before they arrive.

Prison Break: Cell timers get set to zero and a few security airlocks get bolted open.

Radiation Storm: Radiation Storm that will give everyone thats not in maintance or in the arrivals shuttle radiation.

Rogue Drones: A swarm of drones appear around the station. They have laser weaponry and a shield. They will attack everyone in range.

Viral Infection: 1 to 6 crewmembers get a random virus.

Carp School: Roughly 20-30 carps spawn around the station.

Major Vermin Infestation: Random critters spawn in random rooms around the station

Major Events

Carp Migration: Nearly 200 carps spawn around the station.

Space Vines: Vines spawn in a random location, they will spread very fast and trap crewmembers.

Meteor Wave: More meteors approach the station

Viral Infection: 1-6 random crewmembers get a more lethal virus

Blob: A blob spawns somewhere. It will spread and destroy everything. Doesn't harm you unless you are 2 or less tiles away from the code.

Bluespace Bears: Spawns 4-6 bluespace bears randomly in maintance. They have a short and long ranged teleport. Very strong.

Random Antagonist: Adds a random antagonist. Exceptions: Mercernaries, Heisters, Ninjas and Wizards.

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