Notable Dominians

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House Han'San

Kasz Han'San

Lord Noble Kasz Han'San, known for his devotion to the Imperial dream, is the hard-nosed leader of House Han'San. Having fought as a young soldier under Seryo, Kasz Han'San is a disciplinarian at heart. He has overseen the branching out of House Han'San from simple soldiers into skilled military engineers, armaments manufacturers, and officers. He dances a careful line on the topic of genetic modification, giving no official stance for the Han'San on the issue.

Eliza Han'San

The Chief Commissioner of the Imperial Military, Eliza Han'san is a firm proponent of modernization and reform in the Army and Navy. Known for coining the motto of "Imitate, Innovate, Improve," she has pushed for continuous development of tactics, equipment, and logistics, refining the efficiency of the armed forces. She is the main mediator in conflicts between the two branches, and is respected by service members and officers alike for her understanding of military matters despite having never served as a soldier.

House Volvalaad

Landi Volvalaad

Characterized as not just as a Lord Noble, but as a pursuant of the sciences and mother both, Landi Volvalaad has continued to shape House Volvalaad into some of the finest scientists, researchers, and diplomats in the Empire. Herself presiding over the Juro School, she has substantial influence in matters of civil education in the Empire. Her young son, Eri, is already being groomed into the future leader of House Volvalaad, being enrolled in academic programs since the age of eight.

House Kazkhz

Salak Kazkhz

The Lord Noble of House Kakzhz, Salak Kazkhz has been instrumental in bringing their pirate roots into the modern age, with professionally trained sailors, modern ships, and official tactics handbooks. While known for his opulent and extravagant life, he is a driven leader of the more traditional Unathi in the Empire. Under his guidance, House Kazkhz has transformed from a rag-tag association of raiders into a respected house whose influence in some areas is often sought out.

Diane and Zanza Kazhkz

Young adult daughters of two very prestigious Minor Lords of house Kazhkz, the singers human Diane and unathi Zanza are infamous across the Empire for their raunchy songs and extranet videos. Regularly seen consorting with pirates, these two beautiful ladies frequently make Imperial news as they push the boundaries of what is acceptable in Dominian society. Their lyrics tend to be highly sexualized and shocking with their extranet music videos usually featuring the scantily clad pair in various situations and scenarios considered to be poor taste by the Tribunal and traditional society. Privateers and many young teens love them however and many a Dominian vessel features their likeness painted on the side. Their most popular/infamous songs are "Tribune" for its religious imagery juxtaposed against sexual imagery and "Conquer Me", a song focused on either the various liberation wars or the loss of one's virginity, it's unclear which.

House Caladius

Marcus Caladius

The Lord Noble of House Caladius, Marcus Caladius is to outward appearances a simple, unassuming man, known for his austere mannerisms. Behind the scenes, however, he runs the vast bureaucracy of not only House Caladius, but much of the Empire. A genius at organization and efficiency, he is responsible for reforming the disparate governments of Moroz into a new Imperial bureaucracy in only a few short years. He is an apt judge of talent, seeking out competent individuals wherever they can be found, and turning House Caladius into one of the most meritocratic Houses in the empire.

House Zhao

Imeral Zhao

Imeral Zhao, nicknamed the Grand Engineer, deserves much of the credit for engineering prowess of House Zhao. A studious and devout man, often seen either in an engineering team's office or at a place of worship, Lord Noble Zhao is a forefront proponent of developing the Empire's architecture and infrastructure, often working alongside Lord Noble Caladius to this end. At House Zhao's internal College of Engineering Sciences, he can be found lecturing on a vast array of topics, leading some to see him as more of a professor who has found himself in command of a Great House.

Maxim Zhao

A naval officer and heir to house Zhao. Alongside being a first class officer Maxim is also known for his powerful love ballads. This alongside his handsome appearance has led him to be given the nickname "the warrior poet". Known for his heroics across multiple dominian 'liberation wars' his albums singles regularly top the the charts in the Empire.

Arabel Zhao

Famous across the Empire, Arabel Zhao is one of the most well-known engineers in the nation. Originally working in civilian sectors, she lead much of the design of government buildings in the capital of Nova Luxembourg before joining the Imperial Navy's design teams. Her ship designs are praised across the Navy for their utilitarian and efficient design, with a flair that harkens back to her civilian days.

Other Individuals

Maxillius Alze

The Colonel in Chief of the Special Operations Group, Maxillius Alze is a ten-medal immortal of the Tribunal Commandos. Alze personally controls the special forces of the Empire, from spies and commandos to other below-wraps operations. A close friend of Emperor Keeser, it is rumored their relationship goes back to before his ascension to the throne. He is responsible for the Emperor's internal security forces outside of the Imperial Guard, despite objections from the military and House Han'San in particular.