Notable Dionae Locations

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Notable Systems

Epsilon Ursae Minoris

Epsilon Ursae Minoris is known across the Orion Spur, not only for its untouched wilderness, but also that it was discovered to have been harbouring a Dionae Colony. Incredibly resilient, and capable of adapting to new surroundings, the planet has managed to carve its own path within the Orion Spur.


The Rueltab System is currently where the now Dionae-infested SASV Ophion floats derelict. The Rueltab System is located within the Outer Ring of the Solarian Alliance. Majority of the Dionae in the Alliance originate from this System.

Notable Locations

The Eternal Temple

The Eternal Temple is a steel temple dedicated to the Divine Eternal. The outer shell of the building is made of green coloured steel sheeting, welded and formed into natural forms giving the temple an almost organic look. A central, smooth spire rises upwards towards the sky. Internally, the temple is much the same visually. It is extremely well lit and houses a Dionae community centre as well as a large hydroponics bay for the growth of new Dionae nymphs and the mesh weave factories. It can be located in District 11 of Mendell City.


The planetary capital of Epsilon Ursae Minoris, the settlement of Qerr'Naal is considered by many to be the first evidence of the ability for Dionae to be capable of achieving sentience without assistance from other sapient species. Whilst most have prompted for additional research to be done to investigate whether this is true, the colony continues to flourish without additional assistance from the vast intergalactic community.