Nal'tor College of Career Excellence

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The Nal'tor College of Career Excellence is located in Nal'tor, Adhomai, and founded 2432 - seven months after the creation of the People's Republic of Adhomai NanoTrasen offered absurdly lucrative grants for the construction of the college, officially dedicated to the Education of Adhomai. After NanoTrasen's money got the campus built it's new (human and former NT Representative) Headmaster Jamison Knight, independently and of his own free will, decided to model the courses in a way that some have called 'heavily inspired' by NanoTrasen's own training and certification courses. Others have called it blatant copying.

Jamison has been Headmaster since the conception of the college. He's officially temporary until a proper Tajara Headmaster can be found, but a record number of mysterious clerical errors and unforeseen accidents has left a record of 23 year-long extensions in what was originally a 3-year term.

NanoTrasen remains the highest employer for post-graduates from the college. The courses tend to focus on degrees within the service industry as well as courses within supply, as well as business management. Over 90% of the college's post-graduates find employment with NanoTrasen, though others may find work across Adhomai or even in the PRA government itself.

Relevant Jobs

You could leave the university a qualified Bartender, Chef, Quartermaster, Librarian, Chaplain, Head of Personnel, or shoot lower for a Cargo Technician, Botanist, or Custodial degree.

Famous Graduates

Jahar Hirron, the first Tajaran Head of Personnel employed by NanoTrasen.