Miran’mir Academy of Scientific Pursuits

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The Academy of Scientific Pursuits is a university located in the city of Miran'Mir, within the New Kingdom of Adhomai. It was founded in 2145 CE. Several blocks of the city were set aside for construction of a learning centre for nobles of the various kingdoms of Adhomai. The patrons who funded the Academy had hoped that in the Steeple Peace, technological and scientific advancement for the Njarir could advance at paces never seen before in history.

Before the first revolution the Academy was home to the largest archeological collection in Adhomai, housing hundreds of artifacts in its museum. During the invasion of the Kingdom of Kaltir by the Hadiist forces, most of the university and its inventory was destroyed by the rebels. What survived the war was hidden away by loyalists or looted. The college remained closed until the creation of the New Kingdom. King Azunja ordered the reopening of the Academy in 2450, inviting intellectuals and scientists residing in the New Kingdom to become part of its academic staff. While many relics were returned to the museum, several others are still scattered across the country. To aid in recovering and preserving the Tajaran past, a large team of archeologists, pathfinders and miners was assembled to find the remaining missing pieces; this crew was named “the Restorers.”

Despite having a chemistry and physics research department, archeology is the most developed and popular field of study. Since the end of the war, students and professionals have started to seek experience and knowledge with off-world opportunities and contractors.

Relevant Jobs

You could leave the university a qualified Research Director, Pharmacist, Scientist, Lab Assistant or Xenoarcheologist.

Famous Graduates

Kamyar Hourany, curator of the academy’s museum.