Kaltir Law Academy

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Founded in 1802 CE, the Kaltir Law Academy is considered one of the most traditional learning centers in the region of Northern Harr'masir. The initial purpose of the college was to educate the regional nobility in the field of jurisdiction, since the law system was considered to be extreme complex at the time. More courses were created with later expansions, permitting the training in the field of criminal justice, administration and other related sciences.

After the occupation of the Kingdom of Kaltir by the republic the administration of the university was replaced by one more oriented to the ideals of the Hadii’s administration, but less experienced and educated than the older one, however, many teachers were allowed to keep their positions, as long they did not show any opposition to the regime. The disciplines were also adapted to prepare the new Tajaran generation to the reality of NanoTrasen and their situation at the galactic community. The first royalists circles, that wanted the return of the Azunja dynasty to power, emerged among the schoolman and students that were not content with the changes.

Under the administration of the New Kingdom, the Kaltir law academy still keeps an important role in the formation of profissional in the areas of criminal justice, administration, law, political sciences, philosophy and international relations studies. While the college is the destination for many nobles seeking to study those fields, commoners are also accepted and represent an active role in the academic field of the New Kingdom.

Relevant Jobs

You could leave the university as a qualified Head of Personnel, NanoTrasen Liaison, Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Forensic Technician or Security Officer.

Famous Graduates

King Vahzirthaamro Azunja, the current ruler of the New Kingdom of Adhomai.