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The Hegemon Shadow Agency is the chief intelligence service of the Unathi. More specifically, the Hegemony, which claims both half of the Unathi home planet, as well as the colony of Ouerea. It was founded shortly after the Contact War, and is very much catching up with the other, more established agencies of other space faring factions. With their home planet dying from the effects of a great atomic war, the hopes of the Unathi species has been determined to lie in the stars. But with all the nearby habitable worlds seized by the other species, and a severe gap in the technology between the Unathi and other races, it has become obvious that the Hegemony is caught in a crossroads. The Shadow Service will either be the instrument for the Hegemony expand across the stars and take its place as a proud Empire for the Unathi, or have their arrogance cost them everything. . .

They were one of 5 participants in the 1st Antag Spy Contest and the 2nd Antag Contest.

Key Events

These events are player-caused. More information can be found on the Aurora forums.

Theft of Bluespace and AI Technology

Bluespace technology stolen from Nanotrasen by Agent Shinjlekh Ukha. In addition, research on AI's is stolen, providing the very first laboratories on Moghes dedicated to AI research. These laboratories are understaffed, and the Hegemon Shadow Service is tasked with kidnapping or bribing human or skrell roboticists and scientists to help advance their research.

Reverse-Engineering of human technology

The NSS Xinjin has several engineers and scientists kidnapped by Shadow Service agents, as well as having many key technologies stolen. Hegemony scientists quickly begin reverse-engineering the stolen technology, radically advancing the pace of modernization on Moghes. Scientists on Moghes, with the help of the new technology and information from the kidnapped personnel, begin drawing up plans for a new, radical warship design. With this new ship, and the technology of their rivals reverse-engineered, there were whispers of a future Hegemony across the galaxy itself.


The stolen human technology and schematics from both Nanotrasen and other factions gives the Hegemony the ability to industrialize at a new, rapid pace. Terrestrial and orbital factories go online, and the first civilian and military ships begin to be churned out. On the surface, in the last fertile territories owned by the Hegemony, pollution spews into the sky as they churn out goods and tools. Industrial androids and refugees work in the factories, which are often dangerous, overcrowded, and all for low pay. With new industries available to them, the scientists of the Hegemony begin to consider a new, radical method of bringing power and strength to the Hegemony...

Development of first Unathi Exo-Suits

Seizure of human exo-suit components by Hegemony agents allowed for a crude reverse-engineering of exo-suit technology, permitting the creation of Moghes' first Durand-style models. Although inefficient and vastly inferior to the military counterparts of other races, these early Unathi exo-suits could provide a valuable bargain for mercenaries strapped for resources, and even be sold to the highest bidder.

Launch of the Superdreadnaught Project

The massive technological and industrial advances brought on by the work of the Shadow Service and ingenious Unathi scientists finally made permissible the creation of a massive orbital factory, destined to create a single supermassive ship: the Annihilator-Class Superdreadnaught. Upon completion, this 5-mile long behemoth, requiring a crew of 100 000 to man, would be expected to match the power of entire alliance fleets and grant the Hegemony a considerable boost of power in their struggle against other factions of the galaxy.