Hadii Institute of Orbital Research

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The Hadii Institute of Orbital Research is a state-owned university based in the city of Al'mari. Established in 2457 by a decree by President Hadii, the college is focused in robotics, mechatronics, nuclear and engineering development. Through the funding of NanoTrasen, the People's Republic was able to outfit the Institute with fabricators, basic robots and foreign teachers as its staff. Most of the initial research was oriented towards the military field. Students and scientists work closely with the Grand People's Army and the Orbital Fleet.

The Institute of Orbital Research is responsible for the creation of several advanced weapons in the Republic arsenal. Tesla hardsuits and prosthesis are among its latest inventions. Republican guard experimental mechs and Orbital Defenses robots are frequently found in the workshops of the Institute. Maintenance of space ships is taught to engineering students, aiming to create professionals able to support the Republican fleet. A sector is also dedicated to nuclear physics, housing the minds behind the PRA atomic program.

Due to the presence of several technological secrets, admittance is only granted to students known to be loyal Hadiists. Because of NanoTrasen sponsorship, it is common for its members to leave Adhomai to work and study in human space stations and installations. After the Armistice, the Institute has started to work on improving the automation of the People’s Republic industry.

Relevant Jobs

You could leave the university a qualified Chief Engineer, Research Director, Roboticist, Scientist, Lab Assistant, Station Engineer or Engineering Apprentice.

Famous Graduates

Coman Yakub, ship captain in the Orbital Fleet.