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*[[File:Paper.png|link=Guide to Paperwork]] [[Guide to Paperwork]]
*[[File:Paper.png|link=Guide to Paperwork]] [[Guide to Paperwork]]
*[[File:Paper.png|link=Guide to Character Records]] [[Guide to Character Records]]
*[[File:Paper.png|link=Guide to Character Records]] [[Guide to Character Records]]
*[[File:SpaceLaw.png|link=Station Directives]][[Station Directives]]
*[[File:SpaceLaw.png|link=Guide to Station Procedure]][[Guide to Station Procedure]]
*[[File:SpaceLaw.png|link=Guide to Law]][[Guide to Law]]
*[[File:SpaceLaw.png|link=Guide to Law]][[Guide to Law]]
*[[File:SpaceLaw.png|link=Guide to Command]][[Guide to Command]]
*[[File:SpaceLaw.png|link=Guide to Command]][[Guide to Command]]

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Getting Started

  • If you're unsure of something, read the Server Rules
  • If you plan to edit the wiki, please see this guide: Guide to Editing
  • Remember the golden rule; when you're not sure if something is against the rules or not, Ahelp!

Quick Start

New to Aurora? Here's what you do!

  • Read our rules to avoid unnecessary banning from the server.
  • Browse our Lore. Aurora has it's own expanded lore maintained by a group of developers
  • Figure out how to make a character taking advantage of said lore
  • When you try out a new job, always look over the wiki page for that job. These are concentrated tips and how-to guides to get you started.

If you're still confused, feel free to ask in-game over the OOC channel, an adminhelp (F1), or by creating a thread on our forums, or joining the discord server for Aurora, while faster, you may receive more in depth and helpful answers on the forums.

Game Mechanics


For a more detailed explanation of all of the jobs available, see the job guides page.






Antagonist Guides

Gameplay Guides
Game Mechanics Guide to Controls, Guide to Combat, Guide to EVA, Guide to Voidsuits, Hardsuit Operation, Guide to Communication, Guide to Command, Guide to Paperwork, Guide to Station Procedure, Corporate Regulations
Civillian Guide to Food and Drinks, Guide to Hydroponics, Guide to Mining
Construction Guide to Construction, Guide to Advanced Construction, Guide to Construction Materials, Hacking
Engineering Guide to Atmospherics, Supermatter Engine, Setting up the Solar Array, Telecommunications, Shields
Science Guide to Research and Development, Guide to Toxins, Guide to Xenobiology, Guide to Xenobotany, Guide to Xenoarchaeology, Guide to Robotics, Guide to Telescience
Medical Guide to Medicine, Guide to Surgery, Guide to Chemistry, Guide to Cadavers
Security Guide to Security, Guide to Contraband, Corporate Regulations
Antagonists Wizard - Mercenary - Ninja - Changeling - Vampire - Raider - Revolutionary - Cultist
Special Guides
Community made guides Forensic Guide - Guide to Hydroponics - Guide to Mining - Guide to Robotics - Guide to Telescience - Guide to Integrated Electronics
Official Aurora guides Occupation Qualifications - Emergency Response Team