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Space-Capable Equipment are split into three categories: Softsuits, Voidsuits, and the more advanced Hardsuits. Voidsuits can protect you from a lack of pressure, temperature extremes (all suits protect up to 5000 Kelvin), radiation, and perhaps a few other dangers depending on the suit. Not wearing one of these out in space will almost definitely lead to your demise. There are several models designed for different departments, usually showing off the department colors if it isn't obvious. The Guide to EVA may be a good page to visit, or perhaps the Hardsuit page if you were looking for the control modules that go on your back.


Below are voidsuits that can be found at the start of each shift, as well as some additional basic info about each of them.

GreysuitFull.pngSpace Suit

Perhaps the most basic of all of the suits about to be mentioned here, this suit offers all you need to go out into space. Nothing more, nothing less. This actually isn't considered a voidsuit on account of the fact that it cannot be assembled. Found in EVA Storage, Telescience, and the Science Sublevel Airlock.

Captain VoidsuitFull.pngCaptain

A bulky suit with decent protection all around, though with a slight speed penalty. Found in the Captain's Quarters. Used by the Captain.

Engineering VoidsuitFull.pngEngineering

Probably the most iconic suit, this engineering voidsuit has decent radiation protection, though not complete immunity. Found in EVA Storage and Engineering Storage. Used by engineers.

Atmospherics VoidsuitFull.pngAtmospherics

A suit similar to the engineering voidsuit, but it can withstand an incredible 30000 Kelvin atmosphere, provided the user isn't on fire. Found in EVA Storage and Atmospherics. Used by atmos techs.

Mining VoidsuitFull.pngMining

A hardy suit for hardy labor, providing protection against melee and explosions. Found in Mining. Used by miners.

Medical VoidsuitFull.pngMedical

A white and blue suit for when medical inevitably gets breached by debris or something, nothing really notable about it. Found in EVA Storage. Used by medbay staff.

Security VoidsuitFull.pngSecurity

A black and blue suit to match the colors of the ISD, provides good melee and explosive protection. Found in EVA Storage. Used by officers.

Skrell Voidsuit.pngSkrell

A voidsuit fitted for Skrell users, providing good energy and explosive resistance. Much like the grey space suit, this cannot be assembled. Found in EVA Storage. Used by Skrell crew.


This section will cover how to maintain your voidsuit for optimal operation.


Assembly is done by taking a voidsuit component and clicking on the main suit with it. This will attach it to the suit, and will deploy once the main suit is equipped as long as nothing is in the way, shoes being an exception for magboots. To remove components, use a screwdriver on the suit. Assembly is optional but very much encouraged.

  • Medical Voidsuit Helmet.pngVoidsuit helmet: Occupies helmet slot. Removes the need for an oxygen mask as long as it's worn.
  • Medical Hardsuit.pngVoidsuit: Occupies exo slot.
  • Mashoe.pngMagboots: Occupies shoe slot. Will fit over any shoes you're already wearing.
  • Oxygen tank.pngOxygen tank: Occupies suit storage slot. Provides breathable oxygen. Can be ejected by right clicking the suit.
  • Suit cooler.pngSuit cooler: Occupies suit storage slot. Cools the internal atmosphere of the suit for synthetic users. Can be ejected by right clicking the suit.


Again, voidsuits are not suits of armor (at least most aren't). They can be damaged easily to the point that it is no longer able to protect the user from vacuum or other factors. Suits can become sub-optimal by two common forms of damage: punctures and scorches.

  • Punctures - These usually manifest from sources of blunt force, like axes, bullets, or simply being shoved around and crashing into walls from unstable atmosphere. These are fixed by using a welder on the suit.
  • Scorches - Burn marks usually mean the suit's been melted away by intense heat and that sort. These are fixed by using steel sheets on the suit.

Note: There can be multiple instances of damage on a suit. Be sure to examine the suit until all sources disappear.

Suit cycler.pngSuit Cycler

This large stationary machine refits voidsuits to a race's anatomy, particularly ones that are not human. There are different cyclers for different department voidsuits, all locked to prevent other departments from obtaining or impersonating another department's color. As long as you have access, you are able to lock and unlock a suit cycler.


A small window of options should appear once the cycler is unlocked. Options range from recoloring and refitting suits to sterilizing the voidsuit in UV light. To refit a suit, place the voidsuit and helmet inside the cycler, select the type of suit (which will just change the sprite, the suit will still have the same stats as before), and select your race. Click Begin Customization Routine and wait for around ten seconds until the cycler pings. Remove the voidsuit and helmet and ensure that they fit on your character.

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