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General Controls

These are a list of controls on Aurora Station.

Interface keys
Key Description
Tab Hotkey Toggle
F1 Adminhelp
F2 Talk in OOC
Shift+F2 Screenshot
F3 Say
F4 Me
F5 aSay (Admin only)
F6 Player panel view (Admin only)
F7 Admin-PM (Admin only)
F8 Invismin (Admin only)
F12 Hide inventory
Ctrl + Shift Show options
In-game keys
Key Description
↑ OR w Move north
↓ OR s Move south
→ OR d Move east
← OR a Move west
↑ + Ctrl Face north
↓ + Ctrl Face south
→ + Ctrl Face east
← + Ctrl Face west
J Toggle gun mode
H Holster
1 Help intent
2 Disarm intent
3 Grab intent
4 Harm intent
ctrl + Left click Drag object / mob
shift + Left click Examine object / mob
Left-click + Drag to a tile/table Crawl while on the floor and climb onto tables.


Key Shortcuts
Keys Description
Shift + Click Used to examine things when you are a mob. AI uses it to interact with some objects.
Alt + Click Used to check the things on a turf when you are a mob. AI uses it to shock doors.
Ctrl + Click Used to drag objects as a mob. AI uses it to bolt doors.
Middle Mouse Switches active hand.
Ctrl + Alt + Click Used to quickly interact with certain objects as a mob.
, . Go up and down Z-levels respectively.

Communication commands


To speak a language, prefix your message with ',' or '#' (by default, you can change this in global settings.) Then after that prefix, add a language key, and then your message. For example, if you wanted to say "Hello World!" in Freespeak, you'd say ",3 Hello World!" or "#3 Hello World!" It is also possible to whisper by typing 'Whisper "Hello."' or for short, say ":w Hello."

Key Description
,0 (Default) Ceti Basic
,1 Sol common
,2 Tradeband
,3 Freespeak
,4 Sign Language
,q Rootsong (Dionaea)
,o Sinta'Unathi (Unathi)
,p Sinta'Azaziba (Unathi)
,k Nral'malic (Skrellian)
,j Siik Maas (Tajaran)
,w Siik Tajr (Tajaran)
,i Nal'rasan (Tajaran)
,9 Hivenet (Vaurcae)
,6 Encoded Audio Language (All Synths)
,d Drone (Only Drones)
,b Robot Talk (Only Cyborgs & AI)
,5 Vox Pidgin (Antagonist, mostly)
,g Changeling (Antagonist)
,f Cult (Antagonist)
,x Cortical Link (Antagonist)
,a Hivemind (They do not exist,Xenomorph, Antagonist)
For more information on the many Aurora languages, go here.


To speak on a radio channel, type in the corresponding radio prefix, then your message. For example, to say "Help I'm being attacked!" on common, you'd type in ";Help I'm being attacked!" Likewise, if you wanted to say "Security to maint!" on the security channel, you'd say ":s Security to maint!"

You can also use voiced emotes or languages over the radio by placing the correct prefix or language key before the radio prefix. So ",1:c Hello World!" would say "Hello World!" over the Command channel, in the Sol Common language. Likewise, "!; screams!" would show "Urist McYourname screams!" over the common channel.

Prefix Description
,b Robot Talk (Private Station-bound Synth channel)
 :c Command
 :s Security
 :u Supply
 :e Engineering
 :m Medical
 :n Science
 :v Service
 :h Headset's Default Department
 ; General radio
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