Federation Enforcement

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Federation Enforcement

Enforcers, or Kala, are responsible for upholding the law within the Jargon Federation. Functioning in a strict hierarchy, the Kala are governed by a legislative body known as the Jargon Federation Security Council. Formed in 901 CE as a means to unify all enforcement branches after the unification of the Alliance of the Three, the Kala were regarded one of the most important bodies of the Jargon Federation, as Skrell who devote their lives to ensure the wellbeing of others and their society.

Their doctrines revolve around mobility, flexibility and precision. Whereas other units use a blunt approach, the Kala instead aim for the permanent neutralization of the situation - surgically striking to prevent it from growing out of control. Presently, the Kala maintain two core objectives. Firstly, ensuring the safety, security and cooperation of all systems under the Federation flag and protecting their borders. Secondly, reaching out to foreign communities outside their borders, be it within the Traverse or even the human Frontier. Representatives describe these operations as purely altruistic, aiding these communities both from a protection and economic point of view as part of the "Unity Initiative Project". One such example of these operations was the Jargon Federation’s involvement in the S'rend'marr Coalition. The Skrell civilians providing aid there suffered little casualties, with the advanced technology of their nlomkala protectors dissuading any ALA strikes.

The unique emblem of the Sromkala


"Prevent & Protect."

Sromkala, translating to Dream Enforcers, are Skrell selected to ensure that major planetary dreambubbles are safe from malicious lucidity. Agents are selected for their high psychic potential to oversee the Srom to ensure that no illegal or anti-Federation activities occur, particularly through the malicious use of Nlom-capable devices. They are commonly situated close to Nlom Relays - using the technology to amplify their capabilities tenfold. It is said that for every Nlom Relay across the Jargon Federation, there is a Sromkala nestled within a special cryogenic pod that allows for their body to be in suspended animation, but allows their minds to project and continue working within Srom.

The unique emblem of the Nlomkala.


"Service with Excellence."

Nlomkala, or Wake Enforcers, are often compared to police across alien space. The Nlomkala are expected to ensure the stability and safety of the Jargon Federation at a physical level; mostly pertaining to simple duties such as patrolling, executing warrants and responding to emergencies relayed by the Ruupkala. There are extensive requisites to join the Nlomkala - ranging from athletic ability, understanding of the law and mandatory public relation classes to ensure that those selected to join can respond to situations correctly. Nlomkala are also expected to operate both on land and beneath the waves of the various planets across the Jargon Federation.

The unique emblem of the Ruupkala.


"Always Vigilant."

Ruupkala - or Intelligence Enforcers - are the Federation's official security intelligence agency, designed around the need to maintain Skrell harmony as unobtrusively as possible and ensure a safe position in galactic politics. While one of the most respected Kala, their agents are often characterised as the least martially inclined of the enforcement branches, owing in part to Federation media's efforts to present them as dedicated and principled data gatherers. Similarly, the agency's role is declared strictly as internal and focused on counterintelligence; public Federation figures often praise the Ruupkala non-interventionist policy and dismiss accusations of espionage as ignorant of Jargon policy, or malicious.

The unique emblem of the Qukala.


"Perpetually primed."

Qukala, or Star Enforcers, function as the Navy of the Jargon Federation. Ranging from soldiers, to highly qualified personnel educated in engineering, or medical. Positions within the Qukala often require degrees from recognised universities across the Jargon Federation, meaning in only very rare circumstances will undereducated candidates be considered for the Qukala. A subbranch of the Qukala, termed Lukala is comprised of only Dionae and Vaurca, and operates directly beneath Qukala agents. Whilst it is possible that Lukala are just as qualified, many of those within the subbranch are assigned aboard a wide range of border patrols to counteract smuggling and piracy operations, as well as on transports and military freighters. Typically, they are ordered to avoid interfering in any important business.

The unique emblem of the Tupkala.


"Courage, bravery and dedication."

Tupkala, usually shorted to Tup, are highly revered Skrell. Only those with a long, distinguished career are capable of being elevated to the position of a Tup; a position that encompasses increased security clearance - as well as minor Idol status. Tupkala are able to originate from all the other branches of the Kala, but are additionally trained and implanted to prevent any security breaches in the unlikely event that they are captured by enemies of the Jargon Federation. These Skrell are commonly in their advanced age, with the mean being that of 276 years. When a Tup dies, their name will be added to the Tupkala Wall hosted in the Grand Councillor's Chamber on Kal'lo.

Their main prerogative being that of securing prominent figures across the Jargon Federation; keeping them safe from internals and external threats. Utilizing various Tupkala from the various different branches, Skrell who have pledged their unquestioning loyalty to the Jargon Federation, aided by loyalty implants not different to the discontinued line released by NanoTrasen. The Tupkala also tend to keep tabs on the various Representatives throughout the Orion Spur, ensuring both their safety and that their work is satisfactory.


The act of spying, and gaining confidential information, is a long-held tradition for the Skrell. Throughout their existence as a species, remaining in the shadows and deploying operations from afar, has managed to take hold instead of large scale warfare. Across the Orion Spur the species remain feared for their exceptional espionage skills, and even better counterintelligence capacities. Equipped with stealth capabilities, various advanced technologies at their disposal, and backed by the Jargon Federation there is little that can stop the espionage agents distributed across the Spur.

Targets of Espionage

Specific agents will be tasked with different goals, and as such various categories have been developed in order to differentiate between the four categories; Bureaucracy, media, academia and militaries. Not all agents are designed to act in detriment of the state they observe, with some even implemented to ensure the success and growth; giving information back to the Jargon Federation in order for the Grand Council to best determine which ways to intervene.

  • Bureaucracy, the strategic identification and assessment of resources within a bureaucratic state. Usually implemented across the Jargon Federation's territories, some have speculated that they have even dispatched some to other states across the Orion Spur. It has seen some victories, however, there are just as many defeats occurring across the traverse, with spies quickly sniffed out and imprisoned on various false charged by the planetary councillors.
  • Media, the infiltration of the social network - be in locally or across the Orion spur. Usually subtle, employing the use of various journalists and postgraduate students to enact their plans on influencing social media to be more Jargon Federation compliant. This includes censoring articles through methods that make it hard to access, or by flooding various social networks with pro-skrellian propaganda. It is unknown how successful these operations are, or how spread out they are.
  • Academia, individuals placed to penetrate and invade the fields of research and education. One of the more elusive agents deployed by the Jargon Federation, they are typically comprised of educators, scientists and even physicians, who are tasked with ensuring skrellian dominance over technology across the Orion Spur. It is assumed that these operations are quite successful, evident by the Skrell maintaining an advanced technological state compared to the lesser-nations it considers its neighbours.
  • Militaries, is truly the most secretive and elusive field of skrellian espionage. Various techniques, and technologies, are used to gather information in regards to the military capabilities of a particular state. The Jargon Federation dedicates a massive effort to this sector of espionage, with thousands of different methods implemented to ensure that skrellian agents can intervene and decapitate any opposing force that attempts to enact warfare on the Jargon Federation. It is unknown how successful these operations are, or how deep it goes.

Technology and Techniques

The Jargon Federation utilizes a variety of different technologies and techniques to ensure their dominance of espionage across the Orion Spur. Whilst most of their methods are aimed to be used within skrellian space, a few have been altered to be useful within the lesser nation-states. Depending on their placed categories agents may using steganography, clandestine concealment and stealth technologies, applied surveillance sciences, memory-erasers and sabotage.

The introduction of alien species into the Jargon Federation, with unique biological and evolutionary advantages, the Skrell have managed to modernise their espionage tactics, doubling their effectiveness. These alien agents will undergo a variety of different treatments to ensure their loyalty to the Jargon Federation, with some even being implanted with loyalty implants to ensure it.

In recent times, the Jargon Federation has been accused of altering their agents' appearance to infiltrate governmental positions; posing as other species. Whilst they claim that is it ludicrous; rumours continue to perpetuate that the combination of both skrellian and vaurcan technology and techniques, it is a genuine possibility that they may have managed to crack the secrets of mass genome tampering.


As one of the eldest civilisations spanning across thousands of star systems, it would be foolish to think the skrellian territories manage to stay free of criminals and illicit organisations. All across the territories, smuggling rings, extortion rackets, underground science labs engaged in gruesome experiments and organised crime can be found, operating behind the scenes. While the Skrell have at their disposal a very large network of relations and maintain several fragile alliances between various other established criminals throughout the Jargon Federation, their only loyalty residing in their own. They will temporarily hire anyone competent enough to fulfil their goals, wilfully or forcefully.

Consultant Agencies

The consultant agencies have existed for almost as long as the Skrell have. The primary focus of these agencies is to improve the image of artists, politicians, scientists and wealthy enough clients, through employing disciplines ranging from psychology and advertising to blackmail, bribes and the occasional psychic nudge. They have continued success over the last four millennia thanks to the Jargon Federation essentially turning a blind eye to their operations, sometimes even utilizing them for smear campaigns against politicians that go against the status quo.

Smuggling Operations

Smuggling operations are rampant throughout the Jargon Federation - with Skrell, and the odd non-Skrell, conducting clandestine missions to sneak a myriad of different items to the greater Orion Spur. Most continue successfully thanks to the presence of the Fleetrunners, who dominate these operations through the use of stealth and frequency-masking technologies. The discovery of humanity, and the subsequent unveiling of all the other species within the Orion Spur, has allowed these smuggling operations to experience exceptional profits which only continue to grow.

Narcotics Production

The narcotics industry within the Jargon Federation is a subtle enterprise. The production and distribution of these narcotics usually result in harsh punishments due to their illegality, however, demand still continues to exist and thus production of these narcotics remain. Whilst there are production sites within skrellian space, most stick to the Estuaries and sometimes the human frontier in order to continue production with lowered risk of the prying eyes of the Jargon Federation.

Uoo’qui Xuqi (Recollection Pills)

The base plant for Uoo’qui can be found within the swamps of Aweiji, a large nettle-like vine that produces bulbous flowers that can be crushed to produce the drug. In it’s distilled form, usually a pill, the drug allows a Skrell to vividly relive past memories. It seemingly makes use of the robust Skrell Brain to completely recreate the past, with all 5 senses in play. While the user is “reliving” the past, they enter a coma-like state, it is presumed they are not actually sleeping since they do not appear in the Srom. The state’s duration varies on the dosage, but on average lasted roughly six hours.

When it was first discovered and released, it caused a massive halt of operations across several planets, as many Skrell were desperate to relive their lives before the horrors of Glorsh-Omega. The Federation was quick to make the production and distribution of the drug illegal. Though demand has died down since then, it is still a widely popular drug for less-than-model citizens. Its side-effects include short-term memory loss, premature tear stains, and head-tail shortening. Uoo’qui Pills effect on non-skrell is negligible. Humans who have taken the drug fell into the coma, but could not recall anything when they awoke.

Co’qnixq Wuxi (Co’qnixq Nootropics)

Co’qnixq Wuxi has existed since pre-Glorsh, developed as a cognitive enhancer for Skrell developing dementia. When taken, one’s consciousness is heightened greatly alongside a mild energy boost. Many have reported feeling “vastly more mentally flexible” and “able to exert extreme focus” while high on the drug. One dose of Co’qnixq Nootropics lasts six hours.

It eventually was released to the civilian market by mistake, and exploded in popularity with scientists and doctors. Allowing them more focus in their mentally strenuous work. Due to its non-dangerous side effects and popularity, the Federation has been willing to turn a blind eye to its usage. Its side effects include quickened speech, impatience, and upon wearing off, strong lethargy. Effects on non-skrell are unchanged, but due to the differing sleep cycles of other species, the lethargy can be far more potent and potentially put them into comas that last for days.