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The Imperial Navy

The Dominian navy exists on the following priniciples: Dominia is not powerful enough to directly face the navies of the Sol Alliance or Jargon Federation. However, the more minor Frontier alliances and Republics are ripe potential targets that are unlikely to be protected by the two largest powers of the galaxy. Therefore, the Dominian navy is best summed up by their current capital ships, the Talne-class battlecruiser, which take their name from the Vulgar Morozi word for ‘zealous.’ They are designed to be fast and maneuverable enough to escape any threat more powerful then them, while well-armed and armored enough to defeat any smaller threat, armed with powerful quadruple ‘super-lasers’ turrets and protected by thick plasteel plates which are more than adequate to defeat all but the largest weapons, in a traditional 'all-or-nothing' scheme. With the launch of the new Moroz class of superbattleship, some see a potential change in course being taken by the Imperial Navy.

Alongside this, the Dominian Admiralty is well aware of the other great issue facing them: that of bluespace technology. Bluespace technology is utilized by navies for faster-than-light travel. However, if one loses access to phoron, one’s operational capabilities are greatly diminished. Therefore, all new Dominian ships are equipped not only with modern bluespace technology, but with large fusion reactors and EM-Drive warp systems. While making their ships require bulkier engines and strengthened construction, this is considered a worthwhile trade for ensuring that the Dominian fleet cannot be crippled by a lack of phoron in time of conflict.

The main strength of the Dominian navy is in its cruisers: the Talne-class battlecruiser, the Imperus-class large cruiser, and the Marne-class light cruiser, with other types rumored to be under construction in the Navy's highly secretive dockyards. While the Navy does possess smaller craft such as the Hailstone-class destroyer leader, C-class destroyers, and corvettes, these ships are nominally left to planet defense and do not always possess warp drives. All cruisers in the Dominian navy are built on the planet’s surface and are capable of atmospheric operations: large blast shields extend over the ship’s windows when braking into a planet’s atmosphere, and when landing large feet are extended. Part of the thought behind this capability was rapid deployment of the Empire’s armies in time of war, as each ship is also equipped with much larger marine contingents than most other navies’ ships.

The Imperial Army

The Imperial Dominian Armed Services are the pride of Imperial society alongside the Imperial Navy. Serving in the Imperial Army is seen as a prestigious and honorable profession, with its distinguished and disciplined members exemplifying the Dominian ideals. Soldiers who retire from the Army with at least sixteen years of service are given a choice between a large sum of money or a sizable plot of land in one of the outer areas of the Empire.

Three branches compose the Imperial Army: The Imperial Dominian Ground Forces, which are the main terrestrial component, the Imperial Dominian Army Air Service, which handle nearly all atmospheric aviation duties for the professional and feudal armies, and the Special Army Taskforce Operations Group which includes the illustrious Task Unit Spear. The Imperial Ground Forces are organized in a traditional brigade/division/corps/army structure.

What This Means For The Player

For the average Dominian, some affiliation with the military service is not uncommon, thanks to many benefits of service and an expansive armament industry. However, combat experience of any kind is very rare. Dedicated career soldiers with combat experience are not people who would work for NanoTrasen. A ma'zal could have his or her debt forgiven after serving in the Imperial Army or Navy for a minimum of eight years.