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The Sol Alliance Standard Credit (电), or just The Credit, is the standardized unit of currency across known space, and which was adopted for the interstellar currency of the other major races. Its physical notes are often nicknamed "Creds".

Whereas most currencies are based on the worth of a specific mineral, such as gold, or silver, the Credit is based on energy: a single credit is backed by five hundred kilowatt-hours (KWh) of energy. Given the extreme dependency of electricity on most developed planets, and the absolute necessity of electricity in outer-space, this has proven to be the only method of backing a currency uniformly on the galactic stage. 1 Sol Alliance Credit (Cr/电) = 500 KWh of electric energy.

Credits are available in electronic, bank card and traditional note forms. They are available in one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, five hundred and one thousand credit notes. For values in between these, or for a more secure transfer, it is possible to obtain charge chips, which carry an exact value in credits.

For specific NanoTrasen employee salaries, see here.

A current list of average monthly expenses for different living standards are as follows (bear in mind everyone living in Tau Ceti, even those at the poorest end, would be able to aquire a Hand Terminal for personal use be it through purchase or at worst theft):

  • Where does your character live?
    • A luxurious private mansion. - 3,000 credits a week
    • An expensive suite. - 1,500 credits a week
    • A decent house. - 1,000 credits a week
    • A low-end house. - 750 credits a week
    • A low-end apartment. - 350 credits a week
    • NT provided Odin dorm room. - 20 credits a week
  • What does your character get around town?
    • A luxurious sports car. - 1,000 credits a week
    • A decent new car. - 800 credits a week
    • A used car. - 350 credits a week
    • Public transit. - 10 credits a week
  • How does your character try to live?
    • In the lap of luxury. - 1,000 credits a week
    • Very comfortably. - 900 credits a week
    • Comfortably - 800 credits a week
    • Affordable - 600 credits a week
    • Economical - 300 credits
    • Rock-bottom - 100 credits
  • Does your character pay taxes?
    • Yes - 200 credits a week
    • No - 0 credits a week

Conversion rate, adjusted for inflation, to the late 20th century USD ($) is 3 credits to 1 dollar. That means 3 credits in 2458 has the same buying power as $1 in 2016. Another way of thinking about it is, credits are 33 cents 2016 USD. Or, five-credit coffee is $1.66.