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Unless otherwise stated, Dionae must also meet the requirements mentioned here to apply for citizenship in any of the mentioned nations.

Nymph Chipping

Due to the behaviour of Dionae merges and splitting, it can be quite difficult to regulate and keep track of Dionae, although some methods have been made to turn it from a bureaucratic nightmare to a somewhat managed administration system - which includes tagging Diona with a chip.

Dionae chips, usually referred to as Nymph Registration Chips, are small microchips installed into the back of a nymph that contains information related to the nymph, any gestalts the nymph was a part of, and some minor information on those gestalts. The chip costs roughly 30 credits to be installed, and can be updated remotely. Chips are generally recommended to be changed every ten years. The Solarian Alliance and Republic of Biesel both use the same type of chips, meaning Dionae travelling from one nation to the other will not need to be rechipped.

Republic Of Biesel

Dionae within the Republic of Biesel are treated mostly fair, suffering from only light discrimination, mostly in a lower wage compared to most other species for a majority of workplaces. Citizenship is registered in the gestalt’s name - however, at least half of the gestalt must agree on said name. A gestalt must contain at least two chipped nymphs as well as achieve a passing for the Standard Sentience Examination. Every three years a scan is required to ensure the Dionae has not illegally merged or split, however, some workplaces may insist on more frequent checkups. Unreported mergings/splitting can be met with a fine, and the Dionae’s place of work can terminate their contract.

Pre-Bill #41-2C

If a Dionae wishes to apply for Biesel Citizenship they will need a sponsorship of either a megacorporation directly or a current criminal record-free non-dionae citizen of Tau Ceti employed by a megacorporation in order to apply for citizenship. This sponsorship is not a guarantee but is needed to apply. One year of service in the Tau Ceti Foreign Legion is also an option for a Diona to pursue citizenship.

Post-Bill #41-2C

If Dionae, not born within the Republic of Biesel, wish to apply for Biesel Citizenship they will require a sponsorship of either a megacorporation directly or a current criminal record-free non-dionae citizen of Tau Ceti employed by a megacorporation in order to apply for citizenship.

If Dionae that were born within the Republic of Biesel's influence, and were chipped at birth, wish to apply for Biesel Citizenship they can easily do so through verifying their chip at the Biesel Department of Immigration. Once verified, the Dionae applying will be required to submit to a Sentience Examination, and upon passing, will be granted Citizenship.

Dionae wishing to apply for asylum will be required to be chipped, and serve within the TCFL for at least twelve months. After the duration of their enlistment, they will be allowed to apply for Citizenship within the Republic of Biesel. They will be required to undergo the same requirements required by Dionae not born within the Republic of Biesel i.e they will require a sponsorship.

Sol Alliance

Dionae within the Solarian Alliance are heavily oppressed. They suffer from extreme discrimination - being forced to work mostly as menial labour. Dionae from the Solarian Alliance are forced into a contract, in order to provide reparations for the damage done within the Rueltab Incident. This contract usually takes over a decade to complete, and upon completion, yields citizenship.

Citizenship can be gained after accruing sufficient credits - typically taking over a decade for most. Once citizenship is gained, the gestalt will be registered where each and every nymph is tagged, and once the tagging is complete they will then partake in the Standard Sentience Examination. The examination is graded incredibly harsh - resulting in many failures and forcing them to remain within the Solarian Alliance. Dionae that decide to not report their mergings/splittings will be met with an extension of their contract, and also being barred from emigration.

Jargon Federation

Dionae within the Jargon Federation are generally treated well, can experience issues within the Federation. Given their immunity to the Wake, Dionae have difficulty interacting with many aspects of Skrell life - such as shared dreamscapes and psionic links. Dionae are capable of holding plenty of positions inside the Federation - however, are barred from Law Enforcement positions. Dionae enjoy a great deal of respect within the Federation - assisting in both unskilled and skilled labour, however, this does not stop the Federation from observing them. Dionae are typically monitored directly - usually in the large spiral gardens where the majority of the Federation’s Dionae will inhabit.

Citizenship can be achieved within the Federation relatively easily, however, they restrict the number of nymphs that can be a part of the gestalt - which is twenty. The Dionae must first pass a series of tests created by the Federation before they are capable of emigrating - mental and physical.

Empire Of Dominia

Dionae from the Empire of Dominia are heavily oppressed are essentially treated as slaves. Emperor Boleslaw’s biodome hosts the majority found within the Empire and is also the main location where the Dionae are sorted into various groups; Servants, Priests, Diplomats and Harvests. The Dionae placed into these groups are typically made to pay their 'Imperial Debt' off - however, those that aren't grouped are called Harvests.

Harvests are given the utmost of care, treated akin to that of a noble After a period of time, usually a year or so, they will be slaughtered to provide for a feast. Harvests are not given citizenship, due to their inevitable death, but some have managed to escape with the assistance of some groups.

Dionae are not permitted Citizenship until their ‘Imperial Debt’ has been paid off - when this occurs, they will be given a necklace called a ‘Branched Blossom’. It is a necklace made of smaller interlocking loops called a ‘Branch’ which is engraved with the first word in a nymph’s name. If a nymph leaves or merges with a gestalt they are expected to bring their ‘Branch’ piece along with them. It is required to be worn in front of the Emperor, but otherwise, Dionae do not have to wear it consistently.

Izweski Hegemony

The Hegemony treats Dionae well, and with respect. The Dionae have assisted various tribes in reclaiming the Wasteland - and are hailed as gifts sent from the ancestors. The Sk’akh view Dionae as sacred, and possessing of a soul - further allowing them to be accepted within Unathi Clans.

Citizenship is granted to the Dionae automatically - similar to that of the Unathi. Dionae that find themselves as Guwan can expect to have their citizenship revoked, and be forced to wander the Wasteland.

Serene Republic of Elyra

Due to the current restrictions the Serene Republic of Elyra places on all foreigners, Dionae are generally shunned and are unable to obtain citizenship. Compounding this is the fact that many Dionae themselves do not have state affliations or passports of their own, native area. Diona part of Corporate or Diplomatic missions are welcomed however, but must leave when their mission departs.

Coalition of Colonies

There is no definitive answer for how well, or badly, treated a Dionae is within the Coalition of Colonies. There is no set legislation on how they are treated - so a Diona’s experience may be vastly different in terms of what system they are in, and which regions of the planet they are within.

The Coalition of Colonies grants Dionae automatic Citizenship - with little inspection in terms of their chips. Dionae are said to have incredible freedom within the Coalition, on some planets, but on others can expect to be hunted.