Dionae Clusters

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Dionae Clusters are groups of Diona.

Diona who share similar ideals, emotions, or goals and have interacted socially at some point may be part of a Cluster. These clusters are grown from group identity, if a diona heavily agrees with one or multiple clusters they will say they are from those clusters. This means clusters are very loose most of the times, with some exceptions. Clusters do not have to be physically linked to exist.

Some clusters are inside or a part of other civilizations, and will require knowledge of those societies. Find one that interests you, you don't have to know them all, and you don't even have to be from any of them!

Dependent Clusters

The Overgrown Labs of Xrim - Jargon Federation (WIP)

The Dionae who live on the jungle planet of Xrim in the Jargon Federation. Currently, their labs house the largest amount of biodiversity in the Federation thanks to the rich amount of wildlife on Xrim, as well as the wildlife that was forced onto the planet from all across the Federation during a very troubling period in Skrell history, which included the first Diona that created this cluster! The primary home for these gestalts are actually multiple ruined labs across the planet, which they've rebuilt from their own bodies.

Not every diona agrees on every subject, and there is never consensus on whether Glorsh was a good or bad thing - Some idolize the synthetic for bringing them into civilization, and allowing them to form bonds with the Skrell, while others are disgusted by the atrocities the AI committed.

The Emperor's Royal Garden - Dominia(WIP)

The Emperor himself perceives the Diona as the perfect life form, and has a personal biodome behind connected to his palace to house his Royal Garden, where all his most loved children stay. When a nymph is grown in his garden, it is grown in the best imported soil, given imported comet-based water, and lavishly bathed in a golden tub of locally sourced blood. These diona nymphs are the perfect gift for The direct vassals, pets, children, and jesters to the high nobility of Dominia, these gestalts are perceived as displays of immense wealth for nobility. However, the cost for keeping a diona satisfied in the chilly system of Dominia is somehow so much higher than everywhere else - especially since they are one of the Emperor's most loved for beings.

The Pests of Titan Prime - Vaurca Hiveship

This cluster, who have for 500 years been hiding away on the Vaurcan Hiveship of Titan Prime, has constantly been in conflict with the bug-like Vaurca. The original gestalt was scooped up from a Gas Giant by the Vaurca on a routine fuel-refill for them, and it worked its way and grew on the outside of the ship like a barnacle. Eventually, the gestalt dug into the ship out of curiosity, causing a vaurca drone to be sent out to scrape off the biomass causing the damage thinking it's a routine acidic blob outbreak. Upon being attacked, the gestalt fought back, killing the drone and eating what it could of the corpse - but it didn't learn any languages, and couldn't communicate with the Vaurca in any way as their primary form of communication is telepathic, robotic, and foreign. More drones came upon the death of the first and were deadset in their orders to remove the dionae. This attack was more vicious and killed many of the nymphs, forcing the gestalt to deform.

After the first encounter, the nymphs escaped in different directions. They scurried through the strange, dark ship, barely surviving off the little heat and light they could find. Every nymph had to adapt to the different situations they were thrown in to in different ways, some resorting to mimicry and others using nymphs to scout areas ahead, with the rare gestalt wearing a Vaurca exoskeleton to blend in. Their main goal was survival now, and so they adapted to the confined spaces of the ship, hiding at moments of activity and scavenging off of the Vaurca. They would take advantage of any situation, and constantly have to split and reform to survive. This continued for 500 years, adaptation and adversity, death and loss - being treated like a pest.

Eventually, the hiveship found Tau Ceti. Now that there is a form of communication between the Vaurca and Diona, the Queens and Unbound of the Zo'ra Vaurcan hives have apologized and been welcoming - even offering a small greenhouse to live on at the top of the ship. Some diona have taken the deal, some have left to live with the other species. All of them have shared trauma of this experience.

The Spirits of the Oasis - Moghes Wasteland

The Spirits of the Oasis are a great example of a symbiotic relationship between species - Unathi and Diona. Originating from a simple friendship between a lost Diona tending to wounded animals and a wandering Wastelander unathi on the brink of exhaustion, the clans of the Spirits of the Oasis have truly begun to understood and seek out any Diona on Moghes to assist in survival.

The origins of this friendship stem from a tale - the tale of Walking Sands, Clan Mother Dorviza, and the Last Plains Tyrant.

Clan Mother Dorviza was the eldest woman of her clan, and an avid Plains Tyrant tamer - knowing full well how to care for, feed, and tame one of these savage beasts. Walking Sands was a young and unknowing diona - born from the destruction of an Izweski laboratory in a nuclear blast. Both souls have learned something of the Wasteland, and in this tale their combined knowledge will allow the survival of several Wasteland clans.

Walking Sands wanders through the Wasteland and comes across a wounded and trapped Plains Tyrant - the last one to be seen in the wild naturally. Lacking the knowledge or understanding of what it is, they approach it and the Plains Tyrant slashes out defensively. Understanding that the Tyrant is wounded and stuck, Walking Sands continues to try and get closer to try and see if it can help and gets attacked again. This continues until the Tyrant becomes too exhausted to resist, and falls unconscious. The diona cannot help, yet still remains by its side for days growing shade and safety for the monstrous animal. Clan Mother Dorviza, knowledgable of traditional and ancient Plains Tyrants locations, comes to the scene after a scout from her clan reports a strange plant-like growth in a ruined temple.

Independent Clusters

The Viscerabelt - Tau Ceti Space


Located in the Romanovich Cloud around Tau Ceti, these violent and gluttonous gestalts make their home in a region of the cloud called the Viscerabelt. This area of space is littered with asteroids and carp nests, and is actually the most densely populated area of space carp in the known galaxy, making it one of the very dangerous part of natural space in Tau Ceti. Gore coats the asteroids where the carp nests the Viscerabelt dionae have made home, showcasing how violent these gestalts are in devouring their prey.

The Viscerabelt dionae are deep-set on their desire for blood, and although capable of communicating in Tau Ceti Basic, are strict in their demands for more. Very territorial, any stray miners that have come near their nests will often become prey for their space carp, and if not, the dionae themselves. Their area of space is technically under Nanotrasen control, and the company wants to find a way to make a use for this strange, violent cluster.

Occasionally, some Viscerabelt gestalts will leave the cluster's physical location in search of a new meal, whether it be in a raider party, mercenary group, or 5 star restaurant.

The Blossoms of the Great and Divine Eternal - Deep Space

"The Blessed Eternal is the perfect life form. It is the light in the cold and the dark and the ash. Its tendrils are bountiful and expanding and terrible in its fury. But it is a benevolent ruler. " - Birthing From The Womb Of Heavy Matter

An extreme in the ways Diona can naturally develop culture, the Blossoms of the Divine Eternal are a cluster based around their belief in The Eternal, a primordial entity which exists in Light, Energy, and Essence. The followers of the Eternal wish to create the densest materials in the universe by forging and reforging heavier and heavier elements - which they do so by devouring as much as they can and throwing themselves into stars once they reach a certain size - most likely the size of a Cetus form diona, large enough to be considered a stellar body. The gestalts of this cluster believe Diona are the embodiment of the Eternal in physical form, made to ensure all things born from stars return to stars ... eventually. This is the natural form of the universe.

The gestalts of the Divine Eternal appear seemingly randomly from deep space, located towards the center of the galaxy. They typically have stories and experiences of celestial events - stars falling into each other, planets crashing, near death experiences which they have lived through.

The Blossoms of the Divine Eternal are adamant in their encouragement of Diona to come together - literally. In times where a large Divine Eternal gestalt has come across a wild and 'unintelligent' diona gestalt, they have violently attacked and destroyed the creature and consumed its biomass for the expansion of their mindset and the Eternal's will.

The Wild Ones - All Space

"Back in the ol' daysss of Wild'un huntin', they'd pay thousssandsss if you brought back a Wild'un dead. I jusst wissh we didn' kill ssso many... ya never sssee 'em much anymore." - Captain Kash Lardback - 2460

Majestic and chaotic, Wild Ones fly through space with no knowledge of civilization or culture - only the desire to feed and grow. There aren't too many documented Wild Ones in space anymore due to over-hunting and the fact that many have been integrated into society to become intelligent, however, some are tagged and studied by researchers aiming to understand Diona's natural instincts better. They swim through space, only reacting when something gets close enough for them to detect the radiation of engines or the biomass of organisms. These "Wild Ones" are not legally allowed to be killed in Sol Alliance and Jargon Federation space unless they pose significant threat - but Frontier laws vary depending on system. Poachers will hunt these "Wild Ones" for 'ambergris', a solid amber-like substance that builds up in the center of larger Diona gestalts that is used as a luxury topping and spice when shaved onto meals.