Dionae & Genetic Learning

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Dionae & Genetic Learning

Genetic memory is present in all species, imprinted into their DNA and believed to exist within the genetic “waste” that makes up a large portion of all known DNA. When processed by Dionae, genetic memory only provides information on repeated, strong experiences and sometimes vague, strong memories. It makes a useful tool for Dionae to get up to speed with a creature’s current culture and primary skills - possibly even very strong memories.

Complicated skills learned through genetic learning are incredibly rough and still require schooling. The sensation is similar to having something on the tip of the tongue that one can’t quite recall. A refresher course is required to bring one back up to speed. Currently, no regions of space make concessions for Dionae, thus they still need to study the expected number of years to achieve the qualifications a job requires.

Genetic Memory

Dionae can access genetic memory by processing the DNA in the biology of the ‘donor’. A side effect of this is the use of the chemical Aphrodite, believed to be a defence mechanism in which those bitten would be unable to respond, however, has begun to be used for nefarious reasonings - similar to narcotics. The mechanism for reading genetic memory involves a process that includes the chemical, however, due to the esoteric nature of the Dionae biology and a “missing link” the process has never been artificially replicated, though research is still ongoing.

Dionae scientists, primarily Eternal followers, believe that the process is more psychological than physical and though their organism allows them to access genetic memory from any creature, it is possible for any sapient species to access these memories through “deep meditation,” and not just vague or strong memories but potentially the full memories of the creature doing the meditation and their genetic ancestors.

Non-Sapient & Sapient Ingestion

DNA needs to be fresh, with blood being the best medium as a small amount can be extracted harmlessly. Theoretically any complete DNA can be used, therefore it is possible for a Dionae to eat the flesh of a creature to gain memories but this is rarely done and considered barbaric. Those who follow the Blood Eternal have no qualms with such, and routinely engage in the savage process of eating flesh.

Dionae tend to avoid eating the meat of sentient beings for biomass due to genetic memory, commercially slaughtered creatures who experience intense fear during the slaughtering process can result in an extremely unpleasant experience for the Dionae, leading many to feed on biomass gained through agricultural methods.

Deep Meditation

A state of hibernation a Dionae can enter, where they are capable of elevating their thought processes to compute huge amounts of information very quickly, akin to a biocomputer. The process uses great amounts of biological energy and as such tends to only be done in areas of intense light quality/radioactivity, for example in a blinding lightroom or basking in the glow of an active Supermatter crystal. Eternal Dionae believe that it is possible for a non-dionae to imbibe Aphrodite and, with enough training, enter this state to access their genetic memory.

Consequences of Genetic Learning

Sh’shu or “Bad Blooded” - Dionae who, usually via nurture, are not pacifistic. A very difficult state to instil in a Dionae but possible. These Dionae tend to be more aggressive than usual, but not to the point of endangering others. The followers of the Blood Eternal tend to be this but not all Sh’shu are followers of the Blood Eternal. An example of such would be Dionae from Titan Prime raised by criminals on Biesel. They can be taught to drop their aggressive ways, or their gestalt can split and the nymphs be individually absorbed into other gestalts to help overcome the Sh'shu state. The gestalt link is seen to be an easy to method to correct this behaviour. Sh’shu is considered a mental disorder by Dionae.