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| '''Terrorist Acts'''
| '''Terrorist Acts'''
| To engage in maliciously destructive actions, which seriously threaten the crew or station.
| To engage in maliciously destructive actions, which seriously threaten the crew or station.
| This includes deliberate arson, use of bombs, release of singularity, etc. Collateral damage or severe station damage has to be involved. For less disastrous actions, see sabotage.
| This includes deliberate arson, use of bombs, detonation of the Supermatter, etc. Collateral damage or severe station damage has to be involved. For less disastrous actions, see sabotage.
| Hold until transfer or cyborgification on majority command decision.
| Hold until transfer or cyborgification on majority command decision.

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Regulatory Information Corporate Regulations Guide to Station Procedure

Corporate Regulations

Corporate Regulations are penned regulations that all Nanotrasen employees have agreed to abide by in the signing of their employment contract. These regulations apply across the board on any Nanotrasen owned property, be it station, ship, or outpost.

Onboard each facility there will be a dedicated Security department in charge of making sure that all Nanotrasen employees follow these regulations.

  • Regulations protecting prisoners from mistreatment applies to even non-crew.
  • Executions are illegal and not allowed by regulations. Station security nor command should be doing any executions. The maximum possible penalty for major infractions is cyborgification.
  • The brig timer of a prisoner begins after processing. All prisoner processing is expected to be completed in a timely manner. Should a detainee's processing take an unreasonably long time, the personnel responsible for that processing may be liable for illegal detention.

Interpretation of the Regulations

Every person on the station should have a good knowledge of Corporate Regulations. Following them could mean the difference between having a peaceful day or paying 1000 credits for multiple infractions. Extensive knowledge of Corporate Regulations is required for such positions as the Warden, Head of Personnel, Captain, and the Head of Security.

For all incidents, the suspect's intent is very important. Some incidents are mutually exclusive.

A single incident has a single sentence, so if, for instance, the prisoner took 3 items off someone, this is a single count of pickpocketing.

Aiding and abetting a criminal makes you an accomplice; you can be charged with the same crime as the person you aided and abetted.

The charges “Battery”, “Attempted murder” and “Murder” do not apply to crimes committed against IPCs, whether they are free intelligences or owned by a person or company. Consult employment/security records to determine whether an IPC is owned or not.

Positronic intelligences are not protected by capital punishment laws. Those charged with red level infractions may be at risk of being dismantled or destroyed.


Captains and Authority

Captains are not above Corporate Regulations and can be arrested by Security for breaking them. However, this should only happen if active Heads of Staff agree in a unanimous decision to approve the arrest, or the arrest is ordered by Central Command. Captains should not be removed from their position in this way for anything but violations that would normally require holding until transfer. Lesser violations can and should be reported to Central Command, but are not generally severe enough to warrant this drastic action. If a Captain is arrested in this manner, an Acting Captain should be appointed immediately, and Central Command should be informed.

The station's assigned Captain has full and final authority over the operation of the station. They are authorized to issue direct orders to entire departments or specific crew members. They may take any actions or issue orders that violate regulations during non-standard situations. Generally, these orders must be carried out. Even if you feel an order from the Captain to be against regulation, your moral code, or generally detestable, you still have to follow it. You are entitled to begin a vote within Command (if you're part of Command) to have the Captain arrested if the order breaks a serious regulation, or fax Central Command (if you have access to a fax machine) to have them weigh in, but disobeying the order (if given to you) or obstructing it (if not given to you directly) is Failure to Execute an Order. This is upgraded to Sedition if you start encouraging others to refuse the Captain's orders.

If a crew member breaks regulations while following a direct order from the Captain, when there are other legal ways to carry it out, that crew member is generally considered at fault for the violation.

Pardons are only legitimate if they come from Central Command. Not even the Captain can deliver pardons, but they can grant parole with or without a tracking implant.


The Captain, Head of Security, and Internal Affairs Agents may issue injunctions to the crew if deemed necessary.

An injunction is a restriction on a crew member, meant to prohibit disruptive behavior that may not otherwise explicitly break regulations. Violating the terms of these injunctions is breaking regulations however, covered by i108 Violation of Injunction below. Examples of valid uses of injunctions include things like preventing two belligerent crew members from interacting with one another, or stopping someone from abusing alcohol at the bar. They are not meant to circumvent the chain of command, however, and efforts to resolve problems within that structure should be made first.

The Head of Security and Internal Affairs Agents may issue injunctions to any non-Command member of the crew. The Captain's orders may override these injunctions.

Only the Captain, Central Command itself, or every other member of Command acting as the Captain in a unanimous decision, may issue injunctions to a member of Command Staff.


Do NOT demand a tribunal for anything. You'll just be laughed at.

A Warrant must be provided for almost any search or arrest conducted under code green. Exceptions to this rule exist if an officer is a direct witness to a crime, or may reasonably conclude that failure to act will pose an immediate danger to the crew and/or station. Search warrants may also be circumvented if the Head of Staff over the employee being searched has given their direct consent.

Suspensions are used to temporarily suspend an employee from active duty, restricting them from holding any station rank. They are typically used in situations where an employee can no longer be trusted to continue their work.

Demotions are used to temporarily demote an employee to a rank below their previous occupation, allowing them to continue active duty under a position of less authority. They are typically reserved for situations in which the employee is still trusted to continue work, but may require additional training or oversight.

Drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, Ambrosia Deus, Ambrosia Vulgaris, etcetera are not covered by the Contraband regulation as these are legal under Tau Ceti law.

Low Level Infractions (Yellow Violations; i100's)

Regarding warnings

Officers are allowed to give out official warnings for first-time low level infractions. Any repeat offenders are to be sentenced.

Officers are not obligated to first issue out an official warning, but are encouraged to do so if the situation allows it.

No. Incident Description Notes Traditional Sentence Repeat Offense Fine
i101 Trespassing To be in an area which a person does not have access to. Remember that people can either break in, sneak in, or be let in. Always check that the suspect wasn't let in to do a job by someone with access, or were given access on their ID. Trespassing and theft often committed together; both sentences should be applied. Severity is increased if they refuse to leave the area peacefully, more so if they attempt to use important equipment there, so feel free to add other charges if they do. 3 minutes. Up to 10 minutes and/or demotion. 200 credits
i102 Petty Theft To take items from areas one does not have access to, or to take items belonging to others or the station as a whole. Includes theft of credits up to 500cr. For higher amounts see i220 - Fraud Keeping items which are in short supply where they belong is what is important here. A doctor who takes all the surgical tools and hides them still commits theft, even though he had access. Items can include anything in limited supply. Remember to take the items away from them and return them to where they stole them. 3 minutes, returning of stolen item to the owner or department. Up to 10 minutes and/or demotion. 150 credits
i103 Minor Assault To use, or threaten, physical force against someone, without intent to kill or seriously injure. To cause easily repairable damage to a free IPC chassis, up to and including the removal of limbs. If it causes minor damage and easily treatable damage, it's minor assault. Starting fights with other employees or punching fellow employees counts too, as well as seriously threatening them with it. Force-feeding someone is this unless it's poisonous or knocks them unconscious. 4 minutes. Up to 10 minutes and/or demotion. 400 credits
i104 Battery To have unwanted physical contact with someone, even where the contact is not violent. Bumping into someone in a corridor doesn't really count. Touching someone, when they have explicitly told you not to, does. 2 minutes. Up to 8 minutes and/or demotion. 200 credits
i105 Indecent Exposure or Hooliganism To be intentionally and publicly unclothed, yelling at people for no reason in public or on comms, throwing around stuff where it could hit someone, yelling about how terrible NanoTrasen is, etc. Running around the station naked or in underwear, or other such degrading activities. Drunks can be keep to sober up, but only if they are badly harassing other crew members. Regular drunks don't get arrested and if they are only a nuisance you keep them for the regular time. The mutual degradation of chasing a naked man down while he screams rape is only worth it on slow rounds. Skrell are required to be clothed just like anyone else. Tajaran can have rolled down jumpsuits unless ordered by their Head of Staff to keep it up. 5 minutes. Up to 8 minutes and/or demotion. 250 credits
i106 Misuse of Public Radio Channels To continually broadcast unimportant, untrue, or insignificant messages on the public radio frequency. This is really only for people who are constantly spamming the radio, such as 'DJs' or Chaplains reading their services over the comms. Screaming fake messages like "halp security is beating me" when they aren't also counts. Speaking excessively non basic on comms also falls under this, unless it is your departmental comms (at the head's discretion and on non emergencies) and on green and yellow alert codes. 3 minutes. Ban from using any radio equipment, which requires a filed injunction. 150 credits
i107 Violation of Injunction To violate the terms of an injunction made by Security or other legal professions. Injunctions can be filed for lots of different things, such as a ban on weapons carrying, or the above radio ban. They can be applied by the Head of Security, Captain, or equivalent. If they break the law in some other way, apply that sentence too. 5 minutes. Up to 10 minutes and/or demotion. N/A
i108 Slandering a Head of Staff To directly insult a Head of Staff with no valid complaints. This is most likely to happen when someone is being fired. The charge is only applicable when the statements are slanderous and untrue. 5 minutes. Up to 10 minutes and/or demotion. 250 credits
i109 Slander or Verbal Abuse To spread false rumors in order to damage someone's reputation, or to use racially offensive language. Lying about anything to make someone else look bad, or making use of obscene or offensive slurs against someone else. For example, a drunk assistant starts shouting racial slurs at xeno crew. Since this has to be proven, it's up to the appropriate officer to determine. You should also see if the insults were real, rather than friendly banter between two friends. 3 minutes. 5 minutes. 50 credits per applicable minute
i110 Failure to Execute an Order To ignore or disregard a superior's valid orders. If the order is stupid, or causes you to break a law (e.g. "Release the singularity!" or "Steal that RCD for me!") you can ignore it, and probably make a complaint. However, if it's perfectly doable, lawful, and in your job description, you better do it or resign. If not following an order caused severe damage or loss of life, see "Failure to Execute an Order with Serious Consequences". 5 minutes. Up to 15 minutes and/or Demotion. 500 credits
i111 Sexual Harassment To make unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks towards another employee. This is for VERY MINOR things the other person finds offensive that are sexually related. For anything more serious see "Sexual Assault". 5 minutes. Up to 15 minutes and/or Demotion. N/A
i112 Animal Cruelty To inflict unnecessary suffering or harm upon animals with malicious intent. Monkeys appropriately used for experiments or well-being (e.g Genetics, Virology, etc.) don't count, neither do the animals ordered from cargo. Shoving them in washing machines, or throwing them down disposals while still alive falls under this. Using them as food is a grey area, as long as they are not overtly caused pain in the process. 5 minutes Up to 10 minutes and/or Demotion. N/A
i113 Vandalism To deliberately damage or deface the station without malicious intent. To cause easily repairable damage to an owned IPC, up to and including disabling the chassis. This can range from disassembling furniture unnecessarily, to drawing on the floor with crayons or other substances outside the chapel. 3 minutes Up to 10 minutes in total and/or Demotion. 450 credits
i114 Threat of Murder or Serious Injury To threaten to kill or seriously injure an employee. The threat has to somewhat tangible. If it's just people arguing over the radio, it's probably not worth it. Someone shouting at someone else while chasing them with a fire extinguisher is more valid. 3 minutes and mandatory Tracking implant. Up to 10 minutes with psychiatric evaluation. 500 credits. Tracking implant.
i115 Disrespect to the Dead To abuse bodies of dead or previously dead employees. Examples include, the chef using bodies in the morgue as meat, Security beating on a prisoners corpse, or using someone's body for 'experimental surgery'. Preventing a body from being cloned or cyborged also falls under this. The Chaplain or medbay tended to corpses in preperation for autopsy or funeral does not fall under this unless they're doing something bizarre and unnecessary. 5 minutes 10 minutes per corpse. 400 credits
i116 Excessive use of force in detainment To use more than the required force to subdue a suspect. Repeatedly batoning a prisoner after they've been handcuffed, Using force against an unarmed and compliant suspect, and usage of lethal weapons in a non-lethal situation. 5 minutes and/or demotion to cadet. 10 minutes and demotion. 350 credits.
i117 Violation of privacy laws To intentionally leak private aspects of employee records or financial account information to unauthorized personnel. Janitors found reading records flushed down disposals would be charged with this as well. Command can discuss medical records with other command (or IAA and Detectives on request) if they have a good reason, and similar with employee and security records. Using a station announcement asking someone come pick up their hemorrhoid cream is also a no. The punishment goes to the source of the leak. Authorization for respective records goes to their respective heads of staff. (CMO, HoP, HoS, and the final say of Captain. Fine. Demotion and/or Suspension. 500 credits.
i118 Illegal search To preform a search of an employee or workplace without a search warrant, clearance, or probable cause. An extension of the Privacy Laws, crew members are entitled to the privacy against searches on green alert. Security is required to obtain a search warrant from either the Head of Security, Captain, or lacking either, a Warden. Searches of workplaces falls under this. Security can circumvent a search warrant requirement if they: have clearance from the respective head of staff, have directly witnessed a crime taking place, or feel there is a real and imminent danger to the safety of crew and/or station. This also does not apply to searches conducted after another, legitimate arrest. A written apology. Return of non-contraband goods and reduced brig time for victim. Demotion and/or Suspension. 500 credits.

Medium Level Infractions (Amber Violations; i200's)

No. Infraction Description Notes Standard Sentence Repeat Offense
i201 Failure to Execute an Order with Serious Consequences To ignore or disregard a superior's valid orders, which then causes serious damage to property or life. Like the minor crime, except this one has caused serious damage to the station, or seriously injured someone. Examples are Medical Doctors ignoring the Chief Medical Officer while patients are piling up in medbay, or Engineers ignoring the Chief Engineer and then having the singularity eat part of the station. If this causes loss of life, refer to 302. 15 minutes and/or demotion Immediate suspension. Holding until transfer
i202 Resisting Arrest and/or Sparking a Manhunt To not cooperate with an officer who attempts a proper arrest, or to cause a manhunt by hiding from security. Refusing handcuffs is not resisting arrest. Pushing the officer trying to arrest you, or running away falls under this. 5 minutes. If they sparked a manhunt and did not surrender themselves, tracking implant Up to 15 minutes in addition to regular time
i203 Suicide Attempt To attempt or threaten to commit suicide. An employee trying or threatening to kill himself for any reason. This includes someone saying "AI OPEN THIS DOOR OR I KILL MYSELF". Compulsory psychiatric examination and tracking implant Demotion and isolation in solitary
i204 Abuse of Confiscated Equipment To take and use equipment confiscated as evidence. Security shouldn't be using evidence for anything but evidence. Taking "trophies" or using weapons and items seized from operatives counts as this. 10 minutes, re-confiscation of equipment Suspension or demotion
i205 Illegal Detention, Arrest, or Holding To arrest, brig, or punish an employee without proper cause or reason. This is mainly for Security Officers who believe THEY ARE THE LAW. 10 minutes and/or demotion to cadet 15 minutes and immediate suspension
i206 Neglect of Duty To fail to perform a job to a satisfactory standard. This can be due to honest or dishonest mistakes that the Head of the Department feels hampers Department productivity. Examples include scientists/engineers releasing phoron or causing a breach, doctors mixing up medicines that cause injury to patients, or the Warden not doing his job. Additionally, a member of Command may only be charged with Neglect of Duty with the agreement of the Captain, or through a Captain level decision passed by the Command Staff. 10 minutes 15 minutes and/or demotion
i207 Infiltration To attempt to, or successfully, enter a high-security area without authorization. This includes the Bridge, AI upload or core, Teleporter, vault, or EVA. Using AI or Cyborg help for infiltration purposes is also considered breaking and entering. 15 minutes and tracking implant Holding until transfer and/or demotion
i208 Assault To cause severe injury to another employee. To cause irreparable damage to the chassis of a free IPC. Anything beyond a few punches like in "Minor Assault". Also see "Attempted Murder" if the intent was to kill. This also includes poisoning with drugs, or using hallucinogens. 15 minutes and/or demotion Up to 30 minutes and suspension
i209 Escaping From Confinement To escape from confinement as someone who is serving a non-permanent sentence. See "Escaping From a Permanent Sentence" for those who do it with permanent sentences. 10 minutes added and tracking implant. The original time is not reset Up to 30 minutes and demotion
i210 Unlawful Modification of AI/Cyborg Laws To modify the laws of a cyborg or artificial intelligence, without need, proper access, or authority. An exception would be a law reset when obviously harmful laws have been uploaded. Only the Captain, Chief Engineer, Research Director, or Two other Heads of Staff can authorize a law change. 20 minutes and tracking implant Demotion. Holding until transfer
i211 Sedition To incite rebellion, or rally against the established chain of command. This includes attempting to make separate areas of the ship into "Nations", arresting a head of staff without cause, or generally conspiring against the chain of command. 15 minutes and/or demotion Suspension and holding until transfer
i212 Contraband To possess, use, or distribute contraband items, including drugs. For what does and does not count as contraband, see Guide to Contraband. 15 minutes and confiscation of said items 20 minutes and demotion
i213 Sabotage To hinder the efforts of the crew or station with malicious intent. To cause irreparable damage to the chassis or positronic brain of an owned IPC. This includes causing hull breaches, sabotaging air supplies, stealing vital equipment, etc. The intent is the most important bit here. 15 minutes and/or demotion 30 minutes, suspension and/or tracking implant
i214 Exceeding Official Powers To act beyond what is allowed by the Chain of Command. This is for any head of staff who abuses the power given to them, such as the Head of Personnel acting like a security officer in a non-emergency, the captain acting as if he is above the law, etc. Heads of Staff trying to order a different department or ignoring the captain also comes under this. Also covers anyone illegally promoting themselves, such as with a stolen ID. 15 minutes and/or demotion. Head demotions require Captain or majority Command approval 20 minutes and suspension
i215 Grand Theft To steal items that are dangerous, of a high value, or a sensitive nature. Applicable to the theft of an owned IPC. This means weapons, explosives or ammunition, and also includes items from the High-risk Items page. Security Officers stealing things from the armory is an example. 15 minutes, confiscation of stolen items Suspension, tracking implant and holding until Transfer
i216 Organising a Breakout To attempt, or succeed, in freeing criminals from the brig or other holding areas. Breaking brig windows 15 minutes and tracking implant 30 minutes
i217 Illegal Blocking of Areas To make an area inaccessible for those with appropriate access. Bolting doors in public hallways or to those of departments you don't have control over are examples of this. 10 minutes Up to 25 minutes and/or demotion
i218 Use of Excessive Force To put a victim in critical state in defense of yourself or others, or seriously injuring a suspect while attempting to detain them. This includes pulling them when they have open wounds. Severely injuring someone attacking you or others with no obvious threat to life, or panicking and shooting a suspect to near-death. 10 minutes and/or demotion to cadet 25 minutes and suspension
i219 Mistreatment of Prisoners To intentionally act, or cause an act that puts a non-hostile prisoner's well-being in danger. Preventing proper treatment from being given to a prisoner, abusing a prisoner, and preventing them from having access to a viable method of communication. This includes pulling them when they have open wounds counts as abuse. In the event that a prisoner dies because of mistreatment, the charge is immediately upgraded to either murder or manslaughter. 10 minutes and/or demotion to cadet 25 minute and suspension
i220 Fraud To steal or use deliberate deception in order to obtain credits from someone. Applies to amounts greater than 500 credits.

For lesser amounts, see i102 - Petty Theft.

For items of equivalent value, see i215 - Grand Theft.

Emptying a station account for personal gain. Tricking someone into entrusting large amounts of money to another under false pretenses. 15 minutes and/or demotion 30 minutes and immediate suspension
i221 Gross Negligence To display a severe lack of diligence or disregard for safe conduct, which causes or will cause serious harm to people or property.

For instances of negligence that are not seriously and imminently harmful, see i206 Neglect of Duty.

For this charge to apply, the threat of harm must be both significant and obvious. A chemist accidentally releasing phoron gas into the station, security practicing with weapons while people are downrange, or a xenobiologist who lets slimes escape without malicious intent are eligible examples. When possible, defer to Command and the existing Neglect of Duty charge. This is more useful when the negligent crew member is acting unsupervised. 15 minutes 20 minutes and/or demotion
i222 Unregistered Positronic Machine To function as an untagged positronic machine within the Republic of Biesel, or to function as a positronic machine with a tag that has been tampered with or rendered inoperable. IPCs are required by Republic law to be electronically tagged. This tag is typically visible to an onlooker.

Those who assist affected synthetics in tampering with or removing their tags are considered to be aiding and abetting them in this violation, and are themselves liable for heavy fines or brig time where applicable. These accomplices do not need to be retagged (if synthetic) or implanted.

10 minutes, immediate retagging, tracking implant, 1000 credit fine. 30 minutes, immediate retagging, 5000 credit fine.
i223 Kidnapping of Free Intelligence To take away or transport a free positronic intelligence against its will. If the positronic intelligence is held for ransom or exchange, there is no difference in sentence. 15 Minutes Up to 25 Minutes

High Severity Infractions (Red Violations; i300's)

Regarding cyborgification

  • The NSS Aurora is in Tau Ceti space, which does not consider cyborgification capital punishment, making it an optional punishment. If Izweski or Jargon Federation citizens have a Do Not Borgify order in their records, their punishment becomes holding until transfer.
No. Crime Description Notes Sentence
i301 Murder To kill someone, or attempt to kill someone, with premeditated malicious intent. Also cover Attempted Murder. The premeditated and malicious bit is important here. Cyorgification or Holding Until Transfer on majority Command decision.
i302 Manslaughter To kill someone without malice or forethought. This includes causing death due to negligence or dereliction of duty. Can also be used for excessive self-defense. 20 minutes and/or demotion. Tracking implant.
i303 Mutiny To openly rebel against or attempt to remove command staff with violent intent. See "Sedition" for less violent mutineers. This generally means they use harm-intent or try to kill their superiors or advocate the same. Loyalty implant or cyborgification on majority Command decision.
i304 Kidnapping and Hostage taking To take away or transport a victim against the victim's will. If the person is held for ransom or exchange, then it is considered hostage taking, which is automatically a holding until transfer. Hold until transfer.
i305 Terrorist Acts To engage in maliciously destructive actions, which seriously threaten the crew or station. This includes deliberate arson, use of bombs, detonation of the Supermatter, etc. Collateral damage or severe station damage has to be involved. For less disastrous actions, see sabotage. Hold until transfer or cyborgification on majority command decision.
i306 Assaulting a Head of Staff To assault a Head of Staff, causing severe damage. Exactly like "Assault", but this time against a Head of Staff. 20 minutes and/or demotion. 40 minutes, suspension, and tracking implant.
i307 Escaping From Holding Until Transfer To escape, or attempt to escape, from the brig or other holding area when being held until transfer. They have to have been properly convicted for it to be a life sentence. Cyborgification or hold until transfer at majority command decision.
i308 Corporate Espionage To act as an agent of a terrorist or anti-Corporation group. Espionage, disclosure of corporate secrets, or any other assistance rendered to outside hostile organisations, or their representatives in hostile activities to the Corporation, committed by a employee of Corporation. Holding until transfer or cyborgification at majority command decision.
i309 Sexual Assault To assault, or attempt to assault, someone else sexually, including rape. ERP scenes, or erotic roleplay, is a permabannable offence. Adminhelp it if this happens to you; it's against server rules, not just station rules. 30 minutes, tracking implant. Holding until transfer.
i310 Automacide To willfully, unlawfully and permanently terminate a free positronic intelligence. Essentially the murder charge for free IPCs. Premeditation and malicious intent are still important here. 20 minutes, demotion Holding until transfer.

Modifiers & Special Situations

Situation Description Benefit
Surrender Coming to the brig, confessing what you've done and taking the punishment. Getting arrested without putting a fuss is not surrender. For this, you have to actually come to the brig yourself. Up to -25%, and should be taken into account when determining the severity of crimes.
Re-education Getting de-converted from revolutionary. Up to and including immediate release
Cooperation with prosecution or security Being helpful to the members of security, revealing things during questioning or providing names of head revolutionaries. Up to -25%. In the case of revealing a head revolutionary, up to -50%.
Immediate threat to the prisoner The singularity eats something near the brig, an explosion goes off, etc. Officer must relocate the prisoner(s) to a safe location. Otherwise, immediate release. Life sentences must be reapplied after danger has passed.
Medical reasons Prisoners are entitled to medical attention if sick or injured. Medical personnel can be called, or the prisoner can be escorted to the Medbay. The timer continues to run during this time.
Self Defence Assault and even homicide can be justified if it was necessary for prevention of loss of life. (Note that there are borders of acceptable self-defence, and killing a man who just punched you is subject to "Use of Excessive Force") Up to and including immediate release.


Parole is temporarily releasing a prisoner before their sentence has been fully completed on the promise of good behavior. Parole can be given for any number of reasons, including brig overcrowding, a reward for good behavior or confession, or if the prisoner's skills are in need by the station such as a doctor or engineer.

The Warden or Head of Security can choose to give prisoners parole. A tracking implant is recommended if the prisoner is a flight risk (IE an engineer going EVA, but it is up to the Warden/HoS to determine how much of a risk they are.) Tracking implants for minor crimes are not worth it.

On the completion of their time they are simply marked as released as normal.

If they commit any crimes their parole is ended and they must serve out the remainder of their time in the brig with the new crime's time added on.

Parole can be given immediately after initial processing; theoretically a prisoner can spend their entire sentence out of the brig.

Terminology and Clarifications

Cyborgification The removal of a person's brain for transplanting into a Cyborg Chassis. Often also known as Shackling.

Suspension: Changing ID title to "suspended", zero access.

Demotion: Can be done up to and including Assistant position, by Head of Personnel or Captain's decision.

Employee: Employee of NanoTrasen, as defined by the station's commanding officer. All non-employee subjects are still protected by these laws.

Empowering: Illegal acquiring (not via Head of Personnel or Captain) of access.

Head of Staff: Crew members occupying one of the following positions: Captain, Chief Engineer, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director.

HuT Holding until Transfer

Lethal Situation: A situation in which there is an apparent and real threat the the well-being of all those involved.

Repeat Offenders: For repeat offenders, use the "repeat offense" punishment.

Severe Injury: A state in which the victim is in a critical condition and is having difficulty maintaining consciousness.

Demotion and dismissal also require the removal of equipment from the previous job. E.g: Uniforms, weapons, bombs, PDA cartridges, etc.

For the purposes of Cyborg/AI laws, crewmembers that have been convicted, or are being held in detention, are considered to be below even the AI/Cyborgs in terms of rank.

In cases where the final sentence is more than 90 minutes, it is changed to HuT

The standard penalty can be applied without a tribunal by Security Officers.

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