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Located within the planetoid of Ceres, Sol, and dedicated to Education. Ceres University, known as Origin U due to it being within the first and primary complex of the Beltway Mining Corp, which is the corporation and de facto government of the small, glorified asteroid and its 150,000 inhabitants. It is the origin point of all later Ceres facilities that came after. It is the closest thing the small outpost has to a capital.


It was founded with the intent to support the local population that worked for the company in mining, refining, and prefabrication. While originally a nondescript public college designed to help the local mining communities become self-sufficient with local skills, it has grown to become a renowned institution accredited for the skilled miners, quartermasters, and engineers it sends out.

Most graduates end up working for the Beltway Mining Company directly. Many courses also give students on-site work experience towards the end of the education to ensure they walk into a job on the belt and stay there. Graduates aspiring for a life outside the self-contained wild-west of Ceres are valued for their extensive EVA knowledge and high mobility. They become highly contested assets for the Sol Navy, Einstein Engines, and Hephaestus Industries, though recently NanoTrasen has been 'sniping' graduates by offering seemingly lucrative employment contracts.

Relevant Jobs

You could leave the university a skilled Shaft Miner, Chief Engineer or a lesser Station Engineer or even Atmospheric Technician, Operations Manager, or a Paramedic. Attending this university also gives you training in EVA, no matter your certification.

Famous Graduates

Harold Lake, Lead engineer in the construction of NSS Baldr's framework, and later chief shipwright constructing many ships in Sol for the NanoTrasen Corporation.

Catherine Hill, Cheif Medical Officer of a field unit of mainly Ceres graduates for the IAC operating extensively in the Romanovich Cloud. Her and her team are credited with saving several smaller mining colonies suffering crisis'.