Cargo Technician

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Cargo Technician
Cargo Technician
Access: Maint Tunnels, Mail Sorting, Cargo
Qualifications: At least 18 years of age.
Relevant Education: Nal'tor College of Career Excellence
Supervisors: Quartermaster, Head of Personnel
Duties: Handling of Cargo, Mailing, Distributing Items in Warehouse
Guides: Guide to Paperwork, Guide to Communication Devices

The Cargo Technician is the crewmember that is in charge of handling all cargo-related requests, mailing items, and sorting and then distributing the contents of the warehouse.


The Cargo Technician has three responsibilities:

  • Handle Cargo Orders
  • Manage the Disposals Mailing System
  • Sort, and then distribute the contents of the warehouse

You're also expected to keep in touch with requests from the crew. Link your PDA to the ringer terminal, and Requests Console to ensure you will be alerted to any demands, or needs.


Cargo Account

The Cargo Department has an account with 5000 credits in it. You must charge people to ensure that it isn't drained of all funds, or ship crates, phoron, and platinum in order to add to the funds. The phoron and platinum must be inside a crate, or it will be lost, and not contribute to the overall funds of the cargo account. Phoron, platinum, and crates are worth about 100 credits each.

Handling Orders

As the Cargo Technician, you will be expected to handle the ordering and distribution of ordered items, and to do your best to minimize the cost of the shuttle.

  1. Order: Somebody can place an order for equipment or materials for their department, using the Cargo Order program. They will sometimes have a choice between suppliers. Each supplier will have a fee for the shuttle to go to them. The amount ordered from them, however, will not affect this fee. So the best policy is to order more at once, and from the same/few suppliers. You can also adjust the Cargo Handling fee, to make up the difference, if needed.
  2. Approve/Reject: If an order has been placed, you can look at it in the Submitted section of the Cargo Control program. You will see the name of who has submitted it, and how much it costs. Clicking the Details option will allow you to see more information, such as what has been ordered, the reason for the order, and the individual prices of each ordered item. You may then Approve, or Reject the order, depending on who has ordered it, what has been ordered, and whether or not the funds for the order, either in the cargo account, or in their account, are available.
  3. Ship: Now that you have one or more Approved Orders waiting to be shipped, you may send the shuttle to go pick them up. First, ensure the shuttle is away. Then, call it back. Remember when sending the shuttle away to ask if anyone is on it at the moment, or in one of the airlocks, or they may be harmed. Again, as was stated in the Order section, the less individual suppliers, and the larger amount of items being shipped, the cheaper the fee per item. So it may be best to wait, and try to ship multiple items at once, rather than send and recall the shuttle for each and every order.
  4. Deliver/Pay: Now that the shuttle is docked, and the order(s) are here, it is time to deliver them, and obtain payment for them (Do note, you can accept payment before they're shipped, only if they've been approved). The easiest way is to call whoever ordered to Cargo, and open the Cargo Delivery program on a console or tablet, then open their order, and have them insert their ID and press the payment key. The funds will be added to the Cargo Account, and you can hand over their order. If the EFTPOS is set up by the HoP, you could charge them the amount needed with it, and then give them their order.

Sorting the Warehouse

Within cargo belongs a large warehouse full of crates with many items of varying usefulness and utility within. There is not any set-in-stone requirement to distribute these items to each department unless requested, but it is probably best to at least sort the warehouse first before any requests do come in. The following covers what items are best sent to which departments:

  • Security: Any contraband, weapons, or security equipment
  • Medical: Any chemicals, medical tools, or medical supplies
  • Research: Any advanced machine parts, robotic limbs, exosuit modules, steel, glass, phoron (unless you intend to ship it to the Odin for cargo funds), gold, silver, diamonds, uranium, and plasteel
  • Mining: Any mesons, mining tools, magboots, or lanterns
  • Engineering: Any EVA gear not given to mining, materials not given to research, tools, signs, and firefighting equipment (fire axes included)

Anything not mentioned here may be distributed as you feel is best, but should be done so reasonably.


It is unlikely that you will ever be asked to do so, but you may be asked to mail a package for someone. The methods of doing so will be explained in the Equipment section.


As a technician, you have a wide array of tools to help you supply the station, and distribute orders and warehouse goods.


The Autolathe can be supplied with glass and steel in order to produce tools, containers, radios, and other items which may be requested. There should be some glass and steel in the Cargo Office on a table, just so you can supply the Autolathe.


Are bugged, currently. Do not use.

Cargo Tug

A relatively complex machine to use - the cargo tug is essentially a small train to manually transport multiple crates. To link it up, drag the chain link from the unhooked wagon to the hooked wagon (or tug). Make sure that the chain link is in the right direction, however - that can be ensured by pushing the cart into the tug/train.

To activate the tug's engine, locate the keys and turn them in the ignition (do not lose these keys as they will render the tug inoperable).

To load the tug's platforms, simply place yourself firmly in front of the wagon and lift the crate onto it.

The cargo tug is ALSO electric - and as such the power cell needs to be replaced, as well. This model of cargo tug features a panel and a latch - undo the panel with a screwdriver, extract the power cell from the latch using a crowbar, insert a new power cell then secure the panel back into place with a screwdriver.

Mailing Room

Mailing will allow you to distribute packages through the disposals system. However, lockers, when mailed, will be flung from the disposals fairly violently, so take care. The process for mailing is as follows:

  • Using a roll of parcel paper, wrap your item/crate/locker.
  • Grab a Mail Tagging Tool (which looks like a red label maker) and set a destination.
  • Mark the parcel with the destination.
  • Put the item/crate/locker into the disposals receptacle, and take care not to fall into it yourself, or you will take a very brief, painful, and likely lethal ride to the Disposals Crusher.
  • Request your crate back from the department.

Cargo Feedback

Cargo Suggestion thread:

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