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Regulatory Information Corporate Regulations Station Directives CCIA Notices

Captain Authority

The station's assigned Captain has full authority over the operation of the station. He or she is authorized to shut down departments at their discretion, reassign crew members, issue direct orders to all crew members on the station, and take actions within reason that may violate regulations in non-standard situations.

The Captain is loyalty implanted, and is therefore trusted to act in the best interests of the company, crew, and station he or she is assigned to. Any complaints or concerns over the Captain's decisions should be addressed after their orders have been carried out, and after the situation that prompted those orders has been resolved.

Warden Authority

The Warden's authority is limited to the brig and detainees, and does not extend to the Internal Security department or its personnel. Additionally, the Warden is not a de facto interim Head of Security in the absence of a Head of Security, unless promoted to that position by command staff.

With sufficient cause, the Warden is authorized to independently issue arrest and search warrants. This authority is subject to command staff review.

Processing Time Regulations

Personnel detained by Internal Security are expected to be processed in a timely manner. Because a detainee's brig sentence begins after processing is completed, excessive processing times may result in the Warden or handling Security Officers being liable for illegal detention.

Internal Affairs Authority

This is a reminder that Internal Affairs Agents are loyalty implanted liaisons of Central Command. They are trusted to advise the crew on proper conduct under regulation, forward any orders provided by Central Command, and conduct investigations into any misconduct which may lead to action being taken against any offenders.

Internal Affairs Agents may not authorize arrest or search warrants but may enact injunctions towards crew members, they may also advise Internal Security regarding procedure or paperwork.

Internal Affairs Investigations

Station personnel are expected to cooperate with Internal Affairs investigations, especially those ordered by command staff or Central Command. Anybody who impedes an Internal Affairs investigation, whether through action or inaction, will be penalized.

Incident Reports

Central Command Internal Affairs Bureau will only investigate workplace incidents that are reported in the form of an end-of-shift Incident Report.

If a crew member has complaints or issues with co-workers that cannot be resolved during the shift, he or she should file an NCF-0115 Incident Report with their facility's Internal Affairs Agent, or directly with the CCIA Bureau upon arrival at NTCC Odin.

Uniform Regulation

Personnel should be reminded that regulation requires uniform jumpsuits to be worn rolled up. Tajaran crew members are excepted from this requirement, but are required to wear a non-revealing undershirt or tank top that does not bare the chest.

Uniformed security employees are to wear only standard equipment provided by NanoTrasen. Security uniforms do not include personal clothing, or items that would significantly impact the crew's ability to immediately identify security personnel. Minor alterations to uniform equipment are permitted in order to accommodate non-human species.

Personnel failing to meet these requirements are in violation of regulations, and are subject to fines, detention, or other applicable penalties.

Avowal of Responsibility

Heads of Staff who intend to promote Vaurca personnel to positions of elevated responsibility are required to file the NCF-0114 Avowal of Responsibility in addition to standard promotion paperwork. Heads of Staff who submit this form agree to be held accountable for the conduct of the promoted crew member, as well as vouch for their suitability to work in an elevated position.

Completed forms are to be sent directly to the Central Command Internal Affairs Bureau, where they will be reviewed.

Vaurcae and Phoron

Vaurcae require phoron to breathe, either from their implanted internal tanks, or external tanks. To refill these internal tanks, Vaurcae must ingest liquid phoron, either in concentrated pill form or via k'ois fungus which naturally contains a small amount.

Personnel are required to take reasonable measures to supply Vaurca crew members with phoron, or to allow them to supply themselves. Failure to do so may result in charges of neglect of duty, manslaughter or homicide.

Do Not Clone Orders

Personnel with a Do Not Clone or Do Not Borgify order are NOT to be cloned or borgified, respectively. Failure to heed these orders is considered malpractice by law, and will be treated as such.

Slimes Experiments & Non-sapient Xenological Lifeforms

Slimes, non-sapient xenoforms, and the subjects of transformative xenobiological experiments are not classified as crew, members of humanity or affiliated alien races, but as test subjects and property of NanoTrasen.

Performing transformative xenobiological experiments on a co-worker is considered homicide, and is punishable by corporate regulations and by law.

Policy For Calling Emergency Response Teams

Emergency Response Teams should only be requested by two Heads of Staff who swipe their identification at their keycard authentication devices. In the event that there are no Heads of Staff aboard, an emergency message or fax to Central Command detailing the circumstances on the station is required.

In the event that Heads of Staff are aboard but incapacitated or unable to be located, any such emergency message or fax must also provide details regarding these circumstances.

Emergency Response Teams that are requested via means other than keycard authentication device may or may not be authorized at the discretion of Central Command.

Emergency Broadcast System Usage

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is for emergency use only. The system is a high-priority, direct channel of communication to NTCC Odin for all ships, stations, and shuttles in the Tau Ceti sector of operations. It is not to be used for reports or requests typically sent via fax.

Abuse of the EBS endangers others who may need direct and critical aid. Misuse of the system will result in fines, charges, or other corporate penalties.

Scientific Experimentation And Use of Prototype Technology

Per Station Directive four, the works and derivatives of the Research department, including prototypes, xenobotanical samples, experimental subjects and all related materials are to remain within their respective labs and testing areas.

Unless given approval by Command Staff, the transport or use of these works and derivatives outside of the Research department is not permitted.

Staff conducting self-experimentation are to be considered experimental subjects, until the effects of these experiments are confirmed to be reversed or nullified.

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