Apex & Ft Sunder Joint Military Academies

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Founded in 2381 and dedicated to education, Station of the Eridani Federal Navy (SEN) Apex and Ft Sunder form the central pillars of military education for the Eridani Federal Military, with Fort Sunder training prospective officers and SEN Apex training future non-commissioned officers.

Fort Sunder was established on the outskirts of Oran, EE II, and is the second largest military base operated by the Eridani Federal Army, next to Fort Atrix (which is located smack dab in the center of Oran). It serves as a major training centre for primarily the FedArmy forces, however, under the Joint Military Academies initiative, the entirety of the introductory commissioned officer's school and related courses have been set up there. As such, prospective officers from the FedNavy, who are shipped there for the duration of their candidacy


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Famous Graduates

RIP.jpg, an emergent AI originating from training simulators at the college. He was the first ever IPC to graduate from a university in the system in 2431, and remains the only one to have done so. He is commissioned as a Captain in the FedNavy but has yet to receive command of any vessel.