Aliose University of Medical Sciences

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The Aliose University of Medical Sciences is a major university located on Jargon VI which specializes in genetic and biomechanical research.


The Aliose University of Medical Sciences (AUMS) was founded in 2100 by the Jargon Federation as a means to improve upon the species, infrastructure and to bolster the health services for the ever growing population within the system.

They stayed at the forefront of medical, biomechanical and genetics research in the Jargon Federation ever since it's conception - most of the procedures and technologies which grant the Skrell such a bountiful lifespan coming from it.

It was not, however, until 2350 that the AUMS was considered THE place to study in. After years of study, professors finally found a reliable method for cloning with very little issue. It was met with skepticism in the public, generally - but it is that technology that helped, by providing full-grown animals as test subjects, to develop a significant part of the Skrell's other medical technologies.

As such, the Aliose University of Medical Science was already very much a powerhouse when, in 2332, the Humans and Skrell met. Very quickly academic talks started - but most of them had a greedy, business-like approach that the current Head of the AUMS disagreed with. One company, however, stood out better than most: Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals, whose vision and drive impressed the staff of the AUMS - and as such, it is with them that a contract was drafted for genetics and cloning technology exchange was made.

Shortly thereafter, Zeng-Hu successfully completed a vision: the cloning technique was there, but the humans brought something new to the table: automation.

This product had two main major factors: it brought the AUMS to the forefront of medical research in the eyes of Human society, just like it had for the Skrell... and alien requests for attendance.

Modern AUMS

To this day, it is still at the forefront of the medical sciences research, being a major designer of synthetic organs and in organic augmentation. Despite it's desirable status - the AUMS is reluctant to allow alien species into it's halls - and as such, except for some especially brilliant minds, the university remains a Skrell-dominated facility.

Relevant Jobs

The best of the best Jargon Federation geneticists, biologists and biomechanical engineers graduate from here. Some leave their homeland to become Chief Medical Officers, Medical Doctors, Xenobiologists and Roboticists for corporations such as Nanotrasen.

Famous Graduates

Lori'Eldap Joolro'Loveq is the Grandcouncilor of the Teachers Council, and the longest living Skrell in the galaxy - having lived for a total of 559 years. They are treated hourly with chemicals - and have had several organ surgeries. Although weak physically, they are very strong mentally and teach telepathically in the Dream, in an aluminum classroom. She is capable of standing for a few minutes, and has famously met the oldest Human in existence several times - and still continues to meet the oldest human every time the current oldest dies.